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WWE Smackdown Results (4/25/14) - Believe in Revolution

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WWE Smackdown Results - (4/25/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

Vickie Guerrero opens the show, as she speaks of The Authority taking a well deserved night off. Guerrero follows by announcing the main event, in which The Shield will face 11 other superstars. Guerrero then introduces two podiums in the ring, in which Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger stand on one side while Paul Heyman and Cesaro stand on the other.

Colter says they will debate the events that occurred on Wrestlemania and the Raw after, for Heyman and Cesaro going behind their backs. Colter says before Cesaro was with the Real Americans, no one knew his name. Colter says he nurtured Cesaro to becoming a Real American, and blames Heyman, wondering why he did what he did. Heyman begins saying it is important that Colter knows his client Brock Lesnar conquered the streak at Wrestlemania. Heyman repeats this until time runs out. Colter says he isn't talking about Brock Lesnar. Colter says Heyman is a liar, thief and a manipulator. Colter says Heyman would rather climb a tree and lie than stand on the ground and tell the truth. Colter wonders why Heyman did it. Heyman says he is the one behind the one in the 21-1. Heyman wonders why the last time a Zeb Colter guy won period. Heyman says the last time time that happened was when Cesaro won at Wrestlemania. Heyman begins repeating that his client Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Colter knew he wouldn't get the answers, so he pushes over the podium. Colter gets in Heyman says, while Paul says he would like to do this man to man, but hey are one man short. They start shoving each other, but are pulled apart by refs.


Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Swagger connects with a running knee to the gut of Cesaro. Swagger takes Cesaro into the corner, and connects with even more. Cesaro is whipped, but catches an attempted Leapfrog from Swagger, transitioning him into a Backbreaker. Cesaro throws Swagger into the corner, hitting multiple European Uppercuts. Pin, but a kick out. Swagger throws Cesaro out to the floor, and pushes him off the apron. Swagger goes for a Clothesline, but is hit with a European Uppercut. Swagger is thrown into the barricade and slapped around. Cesaro connects with a Big Boot, and rolls Swagger back into the ring. Cesaro connects with a Double Stomp and pins, but a kick out. Cesaro locks in a Rear Headlock, until Jack stands out of it. Swagger powers Cesaro into the corner, but Cesaro gets out with a sharp knee to the gut. Swagger connects with a Chop Block, taking Cesaro out from under the knee. Cesaro is hit with a Belly-to-belly and pinned. Kick out. Swagger locks in a Butterfly Lock, as Cesaro stands out with headbutts. Cesaro is whipped, as he connects with a beautiful Springboard Twisting European Uppercut. Swagger follows with a Gutwrench Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro is driven into the corner, and hit with a Swagger Bomb. Pin, but a kick out.Swagger and Cesaro trades punches, as Cesaro transitions into Euros. Swagger is drilled with a Big Boot, until both men are powered to the floor by momentum.


Swagger attempts a Superplex, but is hit off. Swagger runs at him, but is cut with a swift elbow to the face. Cesaro connects wit ha Diving European Uppercut. Pin, but a kick out. Swagger is in the corner, as he stops Cesaro with a Big Boot. Pin, but a kick out. Swagger goes for another Swagger Bomb, but Cesaro outs a foot up. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock, but Swagger is kicked away. Swagger hits another BtB, pin and a kick out. Cesaro connects with a Tiger Driver to an oncoming Swagger. Cesaro calls for the Cesaro Swing, and goes for about 10 rotations. Cesaro connects with the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro (Pinfall)

The Shield makes their way to the ring, and surround Jack Swagger in the ring. The three hit him with a Superman Punch and Triple Powerbomb. Dean repeats adapt or perish, while Rollins says Swagger failed to adapt. Reigns says they are just getting started and to believe that.


A Paige video package was shown.

Tamina Snuka vs. Natalya

Natalya gets a Waist Lock, rolling into a Front Face Lock. Snuka throws Natalya away, but is locked in a Leg Lock. Natalya twists Snuka around, connecting with a Headlock Takeover. Natalya connects with a Dropkick, as Tamina rolls to the floor. Tamina grabs Natalya from the floor, and drags her out. Tamina then hits Natalya with her jacket. Tamina gets Natalya back into the ring, connecting with a Rear Chinlock. Tamina throws and elbow and pins. Kick out. Natalya runs the ropes, but is hit with a Samoan Drop. Tamina goes to the top rope, as she goes for a Superfly Splash. Natalya goes for a roll up, but a kick out. Natalya connects with some strikes, but Tamina is rolled into a Sharpshooter. Tamina kicks away, but is hit with a Discus Lariat. Pin, but a kick out. Natalya goes for a Float Over out of the corner, but is caught. Tamina catches her, but Natalya gets away. Tamina then connects with a Superkick for the win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka (Pinfall)

A Shield vs. Evolution video package is shown.

The Shield are back stage, taking out 3MB.Reigns stares at Slater, as Jinder and Drew are beaten down. Heath says he doesn't have to do this, but is taken out with a Superman Punch.

Also, Vickie Guerrero was told by Triple H to take the rest of the night off over the phone. Maddox said he would take care of the Shield.

Curtis Axel vs. Jey Uso

Axel takes control early with a couple Backbreakers. Axel connects with an Elbow Drop off the ropes, for a two count. Kick out. Uso connects with a Superkick, but Ryback causes a distraction on the floor. Axel takes advantage, connecting with a Hangman's Facebuster for the win.

Winner: Curtis Axel (Pinfall)


A Bo Dallas vignette is shown.

The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring. Bray is in the ring, surrounded by a cage. Wyatt says power in this world is surrounded by how much love there is in this world. Wyatt says love is a delectable experience. Wyatt says it is a fire with beautiful flames and a divine wine; it can't be defined. Wyatt says you have to live it. Wyatt wonders how it feels to have people rather see him suffer than smile. Wyatt says on Raw, Cena's people were given a choice. Wyatt says he could have been given a fair fight, but everyone through him to the wolves like a piece of meat. Wyatt wants Cena to stop underestimating him. Wyatt says he is the nagging conscious of a world that has thrown themselves to mortal monsters. Wyatt says his words are razor blades that cut deep and are working. Wyatt says at Extreme Rules, they have a date with destiny in a cage. Wyatt says they are modern day gladiators, as they fight for the people's appreciation. Wyatt says it is like they are a snake and a rat trapped in a box. Wyatt says Cena is the one who invited him here, and haven't removed the venom. Wyatt says he sees them in his dreams and one by one, they will all follow him. Wyatt climbs the cage, asking if they can here everyone singing with him. Wyatt starts a song, as the crowd follows along with "the whole world is in his hands."


Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) w/ Bray Wyatt vs. The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes and Goldust)

Rhodes goes for a Waist Lock, but is taken away, Rhodes is thrown into the corner, taking Harper out at the knee with a Springboard Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Rhodes connects with a Clothesline, as Rowan is tagged. Erick goes for a popup, but Rhodes tags Goldust. Goldust connects with a few shoulders, tagging Rhodes. Rhodes is whipped, but connects with an Uppercut. Rowan slams Rhodes to the mat, as Wyatt gets on the mic. Harper is tagged, as he connects with an Elbow Drop. Harper connects with a Catapult in the ropes. Rowan is tagged, as he knees Rhodes in the gut. Rhodes has his neck twists by Rowan, as Rhodes fights out with fists. Rhodes goes for a Crossbody, but is seated on the corner. Harper connects with multiple strikes. Harper does a Gator Roll into a Front Headlock. Rhodes gets out, but Harper attacks Goldust. Cody goes for the tag, but Goldust was on the floor. Cody is pulled away, but connects with a Disaster Kick. Goldust is tagged, as he cleans house. Goldust connects with a Twisting Crossbody to both members. Rowan is sent to the floor, as Harper is pinned. Erick breaks it, as Cody stops him by going to the top rope. Harper throws Goldust into Rhodes, as he falls into the barricade. Goldust is distracted, as Harper connects with a Discus Lariat for the win.

Winners: Wyatt Family (Pinfall)

Brad Maddox is backstage, as The Shield surround him. Maddox says they will get their chance against Evolution to prove their frustration. Reigns throws him into the wall, as Dean assaults him. They walk away, as Maddox lays on the floor.


Santino Marella and Emma make their way to the ring. Fandango and Layla make their way to the ring.

The Shield surround Fandango, attacking him on the ramp. The three pick him up, connecting with a Triple Powerbomb off the stage into a set of tables. The trio pose above him on the ramp.


Raw Rebound

The Shield makes their way to the ring.


The Shield (United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) vs. Bad News Barrett, Ryback, Damien Sandow, Titus O'Neil and Alberto Del Rio

Ryback and Rollins start off, as Seth is taken out with a Headlock Takeover.Seth whips Ryback, but is taken out with a shoulder.Rollins tags Reigns, as he powers Ryback into the corner. Dean is tagged, as he throws a flurry of attacks. Rollins is tagged, as he throws punches from the apron. Rollins goes for a Crossbody, but Ryback reverses into a Powerslam. Titus is tagged, as he misses with an Elbow Drop/ Dean is tagged, as he throws another flurry of strikes. Roman is tagged, as he continues the attack into a Clothesline. Pin, but a kick out. Dean is tagged, as he is powered into the corner. Barrett is tagged, as he goes for a Suplex. Dean tags Rollins, as they do a Double Suplex. The apron is cleared off, as the Shield stay in the ring.


Barrett has Dean in a Headlock, but Ambrose eats a Big Boot. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio is tagged, as he connects with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio has Ambrose in a Headlock, but puts him in the corner with an Enziguri. Del Rio throws Dean to the corner, as he falls to the floor. Del Rio tags Ryback, as he connects with a Diving Splash. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback chokes Dean out with a Headlock, as he struggles to get up. Ryback is smashed into the turnbuckle, as Dean is planted with a Spinebuster. Rollins attacks the other team, but is thrown to the floor. Ryback goes for a Clothesline, but is tripped. Del Rio goes for a Dropkick, but is sent to the floor. Roman is tagged, as he cleans house. Sandow is tagged, as Roman hits everyone. Roman hits a Moment of Silence, but there is a moment of chaos. Roman connects with a Running Dropkick to the apron to Sandow, and follows with slamming the mat. Del Rio and Barrett get in the ring, but walk away. Rollins dives on Ryback, as Dean and Seth dive on Titus and Sandow. Roman waits for Del Rio on the ramp, connecting with a Superman Punch. Barrett runs away. Sandow is throwed to the ring, as he is hit with a Dropkick and Spear.

Winners: The Shield (Pinfall)

Roman then Spears Titus and Ryback, and a Triple Powerbomb to Ryback. They pose to end the show.


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