WWE Smackdown Results (7/11/14) - Fall of Roman


WWE Smackdown Results - (7/11/14)
Results by: Adam Wacker of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

Rusev, with Lana, make their way to the ring. Lana says like impotent leaders of the US and Canada are like Roman Reigns, all style and no substance. Lana says he is unworthy to be in the ring with Rusev, like everyone is unworthy of being in the era of Vladimir Putin. Lana says Rusev will crush. Roman Reigns interrupts.

Roman says he knows Lana would love to stare at him all night, but he has to get to the point. Roman says this is his ring, to Rusev. Roman says Rusev thinks he can beat him, but better think again. Roman says if Rusev makes one false move, he is getting a fist across the face. Lana says he should be careful, as Roman says she doesn't know how this goes. Roman says the only think missing is a ref, as he will put Rusev on his Putin lovin' ass. A ref stands between them, but Lana says not on his terms, as Rusev and Lana leave.


Diva's Champion AJ Lee vs. Cameron

Cameron puts on lip gloss, but then attacks AJ. Pin, but a kick out. Cameron sits on AJ, as she puts makeup on Lee. Cameron chokes AJ in the ropes, and then locks in a Butterfly Lock. Lee stands out, rolling her up, but a kick out. Cameron connects with a Dropkick, as she starts pushing AJ around. Lee throws Cameron into the ring by her hair, and then into the corner. Lee connects with a Neckbreaker. AJ skips around with Cameron by the hair, and connects with a Spinning Heel Kick. Pin, but a kick out. Cameron tries to leave, but Naomi throws her back into the ring. AJ connects with a Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee (Pinfall)

Renee Young interviews Randy Orton about Kane, as Orton says the best thing for business is having the title around his waist. Orton says with tonight facing Jericho, he will says Jericho is a legend, as Orton says he will introduce Chris to the Legend Killer.


Fandango w/ Layla vs. Adam Rose w/ Summer Rae

They lock up, as Rose is taken into the ropes. Rose jumps over Fandango, and hits him in the ass. Fandango attacks Rose, as Summer Rae and Layla begin fighting on the outside. Fandango gets between them, but is counted out as a result.

Winner: Adam Rose (Countout)

Fandango goes to attack Adam Rose, but is hit with a Party Foul.

Renee Young interviews Chris Jericho, as he speaks of facing Bray Wyatt at Battleground. Jericho says he is a 6-time World Champion, but will face the spider who takes people in his webs. Jericho says he will take action not only against Wyatt, but also Orton tonight. Jericho says he will crush the head of the serpent. Jericho says regarding spiders, he will squash them, like at Battleground.


Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) vs. Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil

Jimmy and Titus start off, as O'Neil takes Uso in the corner. Titus then connects with a Clothesline. Slater is tagged, as he throws punches. Uso runs the ropes, but is hit with a Calf Kick. Heath locks in a Headlock, but is hit with a Samoan Drop. Pin, but Titus breaks the pin. Jey connects with a Superkick to Titus. Heath goes off the ropes, but is hit with a Superkick. Jey is tagged, as he connects with a Superfly Splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos (Pinfall)

Byron Saxton interviews The Usos in the ring about their match at Battleground, as they say they have never been in a 2-out of 3 falls match. Jey says this is how it would go, as he mocks a commentator. Jey says and still champions, the Usos.


Bray Wyatt appears on the Titantron, starting off in song. Wyatt then tells Jericho to save himself.

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

They lock up, as Orton is thrown into the ropes. Orton takes Jericho out with a shoulder. Jericho connects with a Dropkick, as he takes Orton to the ropes. Orton rolls to the floor. Jericho connects with a Triangle Springboard Dropkick.


Orton takes Jericho to the corner, connecting with a Clothesline. Orton then chokes Jericho with his foot. Jericho connects with chops, and runs towards Orton, but is sent over the top rope. Jericho is thrown into the steel steps on the outside.Orton connects with a Backdrop onto the barricade. Orton pins, but a kick out. Orton poses, but Jericho rolls him up. Orton connects with a Clothesline, and locks in with a Headlock. Jericho is thrown into the mat, as Orton stomps on him. Pin, but a kick out. Orton locks in another Headlock, but Jericho reverses it into the a Belly-to-back. Jericho connects with more chops, following with shoulder tackles. Orton sends Jericho to the apron, as Jericho goes off the top rope with an Axe Handle. Jericho goes for the Walls, as Orton connects with a Scoop Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Jericho goes up and over, as he connects with an Enziguri. Pin, but a kick out. Jericho goes top rope, as Orton trips him up. Orton goes for a Superplex, but is hit with a Diving Crossbody. Pin, but another kick out. Jericho is hit with an Orton Backbreaker, after missing a Clothesline. Orton puts Jericho on the ropes, but is put in the Walls. Orton grabs the ropes, breaking it. Jericho is sent to the apron, as Orton connects with a Ropehung DDT. Orton goes for an RKO, but is thrown into the mat, as Jericho connects with a Lionsault. The Titantron glitches with the Wyatt's intro, as it distracts Jericho, and is hit with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton (Pinfall)


Summer Rae vs. Layla w/ Fandango Special Guest Referee

Fandango is kissed by Layla, as Summer Rae then kisses him. Layla runs to Summer, as Fandango holds her back. Fandango does the same to Summer. Fandango starts dancing, as both Layla and Summer attack Fandango. Layla and Summer have a dance off, but then dance together.

Curtis Axel w/ Ryback vs. Goldust w/ Stardust

They lock up, as Goldust connects with shoulders. Goldust ducks a Clothesline, as he takes Axel to the corner. Axel takes out Goldust and connects with a Dropkick. Goldust hits Axel, following with an Atomic Drop and Big Boot. Goldust is taken to the corner, but hits a Scoop Slam. Axel is hit with a Final Cut.

Winner: Goldust (Pinfall)

Ryback goes for a Shell Shock to Goldust, as Stardust blows gold sparkles into Ryback's face and throws him to the floor.


Handicap Match: Bo Dallas vs. Diego and El Torito

Diego works the arm of Dallas, but is taken to the corner with fists. Diego backflips over Dallas, but is hit with a Bodog after he gets Torito away form the ropes.

Winner: Bo Dallas (Pinfall)

Dallas throws Torito into the ring over the ropes. Dallas then connects with a Bodog to El Torito, and runs around the ring.


Roman Reigns vs. Rusev w/ Lana

They lock up, as Rusev throws kicks. Roman throws fists to Rusev into the corner. Reigns hits Rusev to the floor.


Roman runs the ropes, but is hit with a Spinning Heel Kick. Rusev connects with a Superkick. Rusev connects with a claw to Roman, and throws him to the mat. Rusev drops headbutts to Roman. Reigns is knees in the gut, and thrown into the corner. Rusev throws kicks to Roman's side as he tries to crawl up. Rusev grabs Roman, but is hit with a flurry of fists. Reigns comes out of the corner with a Clothesline. Roman connects with a Samoan Drop. Roman connects with a Running Dropkick from the floor, and calls for a Superman Punch. Reigns connects, as he goes for a Spear. Randy Orton attacks Reigns.

Winner: Roman Reigns (DQ)

Orton is on the apron, as Roman connects with a Superman Punch and Rusev with a Superkick. Lana calls for Rusev to leave with here, as Orton goes for Roman in the corner. Orton hits an RKO to Roman to end the show.

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