Smackdown Results 1/10/14 - Big E Take An Eye Poke, & Gunn Takes A Spear


Smackdown Results January 10, 2014
From Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Smackdown Starts


Bray said that Bryan needed him, was lost. To video of The Wyatt Family taking out Bryan, bringing him in. "He only heard my truth. He has a home."

Usos vs Harper & Rowan

Usos out in red. Lights out, Harper and Rowan suddenly appear in the ring when lights come up. Bray and Bryan nowhere to be seen.

Harper quite dominant in the ring, working the Usos hard. Rowan keeps the ball going, and control with the heels.


Harper with his gator roll keeps the Usos under control. Rowan uses his, now becoming famous, fists to the Usos' head. JBL talks about how Slaughter used this move. Jey tags in and gains control of the match over Harper. Big Samoan drop. Rikishi's bum slam, but then Harper in control again. Back and forth between them until Harper out and Jey flies onto him. All four fight outside to double count out.

Double Count Out (9:52)

Harper and Rowan try to split up the Usos and take one apart, but the twin saved him. Usos on the ramp, but then Bray and Bryan are there. They beat down the Usos and return them to the ring. Bryan with his running finisher on an Uso. Bray all celebratory. Rowan and Harper hold the other Uso for Bray to pose in a corner, then his Sister Abigail. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" chants.

Backstage Segment

Orton in and demands to see Trip and Steph. Vickie is scared by Orton. Orton isn't happy and will give The Authority a piece of his mind because it's what's best for business.


Miz TV

Miz in a sexy suit for Miz TV, but the fans are not much behind him. Video recap of Henry going after Brock, but then his arm was 'broken.' Big Show came out and tossed Brock across the ring by his face as if he was a Ken doll.

Big Show to the ring, smiling. They shake and Miz talks about Big Show going after Brock, tossing him like a rag doll. Big Show says there's only so much a man can take. Heyman talks smack, then Brock breaks Henry's arm, that was enough. Big Show says he doesn't like Brock, didn't like him before, happy when he left, hates him more now. Everyone's afraid to confront Brock because they end up like Henry. Brock doesn't seem like the baddest man on the planet to Big Show any longer. Big Show challenges Brock to a fight.

Heyman out to canned heat. Heyman hypes a match, but then says Big Show doesn't get to face Brock when Big Show wants, but when Heyman wants. It will happen at the Royal Rumble. If Big Show wants to pick a fight with Brock before that, Brock won't be hard to find.



Batista promo.


Recap of the WWE Network announcement.

Rey & Sin Cara & Los Matadores vs RybAxel & The Real Americans

No ring entrances, and a lot of confusion at the start of the match. Back and forth work with Axel and Sin Cara. Rey tags in, as does Ryback, but Ryback flees when Rey gets the upper hand.


Back and forth work until all involved. The bull gets in the middle of the match. 619 on Swagger, but Swagger back for two. Sin Cara breaks the count. Rey sets up, another 619, then drops the dime on Swagger for three.

Winners – Rey & Sin Cara & Los Matadores (10:31)

They celebrate in the ring together with El Torito. Video recap of El Torito and Rey.


Recap of the feud leading up to the one WWE WHC.


Orton vs Big E

Orton to the ring before the commercial, Big E out after. Orton on Big E hard from the start, but Big E muscles back to give Orton a fight.


Back and forth work between the two men in this hard hitting match. Big E with clotheslines, a belly-to-belly, and big splash for a long two! Orton comes back with a thumb to Big E's eye, and his big moves for three.

Winner – Orton (14:32)

JBL talks about about the greatness we just witnessed.

Bray talks about the Usos being close, if one is hurt, does the other bleed? Living a lie! Bryan goes on about everything being lies until you just want to ram your head into a wall!


Fandango vs Woods

Fandango dances out with Summer Rae. Woods out with R-Truth and the Dactyls, R-Truth to announce.

Some lovely work from the start between Fandango and Woods. Woods quickly gets the three.

Winner – Woods (1:28)

Summer Rae in, Dactyls take her down, then out. Fandango on Woods, R-Truth in to take out Fandango. R-Truth, Woods and Dactyls dance in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Tom Phillips talk to the Usos backstage. They're in pain and pissed. Jimmy talks about what The Wyatt Family does – mind games, number games. They're going to take down Bryan and Bray, when their backs are against the walls, they stand up. (Solid mic work from Jimmy!)


RAW Rebound

Flash back to Old School RAW. The show started with Flair, then DDP, New Age Outlaws, IRS, Too Cool and Rikishi, Arnold, Piper, Backlund, Sgt. Slaughter, Volkoff, Mean Gene Okerland (mocking himself). Flair spoke some more, then the shocking appearance of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts with a new Damien.


Recap of RAW main event between Punk and Reigns. Reigns came out on top after issues outside the ring.

In Ring Segment

Reigns talks up Old School RAW and the Legends on the show. Nothing compares to Reigns pinning Punk and becoming Best In The World! Ambrose goes crazy talking about how he'd destroy that snake... Rollins took the mic and says that tonight is about the future, not the New Age Outlaws! Tonight they're putting Road Dogg and Billy Gunn out of their misery. And Punk, they will do what they do every time they step into the ring with him, they will break him. They are the future of this company and no one can stop us! Believe in The Shield.

Oh, you didn't know? They come out to the stage.


New Age Outlaws & Punk vs The Shield

Great back and forth work between both teams until The Shield started breaking rules, then all six into the ring, but only the faces left standing in the ring as they go to commercial.


Road Dogg in the ring for a big part of the match, taking the brunt of the work from The Shield. The Shield works through their members, but all in control of Road Dogg until a big DDT on Reigns! Both down, but Rollins tags in and takes out Billy. Punk gets the hot tag and all over Ambrose. 'Vintage' Punk with the high knee. Ambrose fights back until they hit double cross-bodies and both are down! Billy tags in, as does Reigns. Billy with a big boot on Reigns, then takes out Rollins. Reigns taken down for a long two as Ambrose breaks the count. Everyone in and out. Punk flies out on Rollins, and Billy setting up for a famouser on Ambrose, but Reigns with a spear and the three.

Winners – The Shield (14:34)

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