WWE Smackdown Results (2/5/15) - The Stooges vs. The Beard


WWE Smackdown Results (2/5/2015)
Thursday, February 15th, 2015
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Report by Zack Krasney of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of Thursday Night Smackdown! After the big news coming out of Monday Night that Reigns will defend his #1 Contender spot for a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, what will the fallout be on this weeks Smackdown?

WWE Smackdown

The show kicks off with The Miz, accompanied by his assistant Mizdow, on MizTV! Miz does what he can to discourage Mizdow. Miz sits Mizdow at ringside before getting started. Miz panders to the boos of the crowd. Heavy "we want Mizdow" chants start. Miz says they have Mizdow, sitting where he belongs, so shut up while he does MizTV. Miz welcomes Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes down doing his usual Yes! Chants. Miz starts to welcome Roman Reigns, but Reigns' music cuts him off. Reigns comes down through the crowd as per usual. Reigns punches Miz straight in the mouth! That was great! Reigns grabs a mic. He says, "you think you're just going to slide in and take my opportunity don't ya? Truth is I went through 29 other guys to get here. I have no problem going through one more. I am going to Wrestlemania to take on Brock Lesnar. I am going to win the WWE Championship. I'm going to beat you at Fast Lane." Mixed reactions. Reigns says he can see it in Bryan's eyes, he is getting impatient. Reigns says let's do it right here, right now. Reigns clears half the ring of MizTV stuff. Bryan's response is to clear the other chairs.
-Seth Rollins music hits-
"Gentleman I hate to be a party pooper, but it's my thing actually. I have a bone to pick with both of you. You see Daniel Bryan, you know as well as all of these people know, I was on the verge of beating you and heading to the main event of WrestleMania. But, I was not victorious, you know why? That jerk in the ring next to you, Roman Reigns, stuck his nose in my business! Roman you sucker punched me because you don't have the guts to face me one on one. If I were you I wouldn't want to face me either! I have been on a roll lately. I brought back the Authority, I almost slayed the Beast Brock Lesnar. It doesn't matter what happens at Fast Lane or Wrestlemania because I and I alone hold the future in my hands. *holds us MITB briefcase* While we're on the subject, Daniel, your future is in jeopardy. You have a match against J and J security....AND Mr. MITB Seth Rollins!"

Renne welcomes us, she straightened her shorter hair. Miz joins her, livid. He says that what happened is ridiculous and Reigns doesn't deserve the main event spot and he's going to prove it tonight!

Stardust and Goldust vs. Dolph Ziggler and Ryback

For what it's worth Ziggler and Ryback used Ziggler's music to come out, on Raw they used Ryback's. Stardust in purple and white. Stardust and Rhback lock up. Ryback puts Stardust in a headlock. He breaks out but is caught. Ziggler tags in! Ziggler twists the arm of Stardust and tags Ryback. Ryback up on the second rope with a big splash. He twist the arm, and tags Ziggler. A double high elbow. Stardust goes to the outside and regroups with Goldust. Ryback in the ring, I think technically Zigs in the legal man. Either I messed up or they did. Stardust tags out. Goldy in but gets a hip toss for it. Goldy with some stiff shots to Ryback, Stardust tags in. Stardust in the corner, Ryback for a big tackle, but Stardust slides out and Ryback goes shoulder first into the steel post.


We return to Goldust in control of Ryback, tag to Stardust. Stardust takes control of Ryback. Pin but 2. Big stomp on Ryback. Tag to Goldust. Ryback tries to fight out of a headlock, but Goldust hits some big knees to the midsection. Goldust goes for some running offense against the ropes but Ryback flips him over the ropes. Stardust goes to the top to attack Ryback but Ryback hits a big punch to the gut midair. Tag to Ziggler! Big slash on Stardust! He knocks of Goldust from the apron. Dolph goes for the fameasser, but misses. Dolph does hit the jumping DDT though! 2 count. Ziggler gets hit with a springboard kick. Stardust tags Goldust with a chop and leaves the ring angrily. Goldust calls out Stardust, Cody, Stardust! Tag to Ryback, who hits the Shellshocked. 1-2-3.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Ryback

WWE Honors Black History Month video for Ernie Big Cat.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring.


Curtis Axel is in the ring "Don't change the channel, change the course of history. I was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble match! I should be headlining Wrestlemania! I want all of you join me in the movement #AxelMania!"

-Ambrose music hits-

Dean Ambrose vs. Curtis Axel

Axel with some quick fast shots to Ambrose getting him in the corner. Ambrose grabs him and reverses it with some fast shots of his own. Ambrose gets Axel in the corner and goes for an Irish whip but is reversed. Axel gets Ambrose hung up in the ropes/corner and hits some reverse clotheslines. The fight goes to the outside against the announce table. Ambrose hits a big clothesline when Axel is distracted. Curtis Axel goes for the Perfectplex, Ambrose fights out, bounces against the ropes and get the Dirty Deeds for a quick win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Up on the titantron BNB. Barrett is in the Bad News Zone or BNZ. Barrett says Ambrose is too much of a lunatic to received a title match. Ambrose looks angry inside the ring.


In the ring Fandango is dancing with Rosa. Adam Rose and the Rosebuds make their way out to the ring. No bunny, aw sad. Adam Rose goes for the trust fall, but the drop him. Kruger--er-- Rose attacks the Rosebuds one by one. Fandango pulls Rose into the ring.

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

Fandango is in control and lands some shots to Rose. Rose reverses an irish whip to take control. Rose hits an arm twist into a clothesline. They move to the outside of the apron. Adam Rose hits a back body drop onto the ring apron. Rose yells at the Rosebuds on the outside. Fandango with a small package, but only 2. Fandango hits a spinning heel kick. Fandango hits the Last Dance leg drop for the win. Some Rosebuds cheer some look scared.

Winner: Fandango


Miz vs. Roman Reigns

Miz has Mizdow hand him a mic. Miz says Reigns has embarrassed him on TV for the last time, if he wants to main event WrestleMania, he should come face someone who has actually done it. Reigns makes his way down to the ring, but Miz attacks him before he gets in the ring. Miz slams Reigns into the steel stairs. Reigns gets into the ring and the bell rings. Miz hits a big corner clothesline. Miz hits an Irish whip on Reigns, but Reigns bounces out and hits a big clothesline. Reigns takes control of this match with big offense. Miz goes for the clothesline, but it doesn't knock down Reigns. The offense goes on the outside and Reigns is dominant. They get back in the ring, Miz in the corner throws up his feet and stun Roman. Miz hits a big boot and takes control. Miz with some stiff punches on the mat. Miz gets a hold on Reigns from behind like a chin hold. Reigns fights out of it, but Miz hits the back breaker followed up by neck breaker. Miz for the pin but only gets 2. Miz puts a sleeper on Reigns. Reigns battles out, but when he tries to bounce off the ropes Miz hits a high knee to the gut. Roman gets up, though, and hits a big clothesline. He takes Miz to the corner and hits more clotheslines. Roman for the Samoan drop, but Miz hits some elbows to fight out. Miz tries for the kneeling DDT, but Reigns blocks. Reigns gets Miz up for a single man flapjack! Reigns hits the Superman Punch and the BIG spear! Win goes to Reigns.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Rusev vs. Erick Rowan

The boys throw punches right off the back. Rowan takes control and is BRINGING IT to Rusev. Rowan hits a BIG shoulder block and Rusev goes to the outside to get away. Rowan chases him and Rusev tries to get a quick kick on Rowan as he gets in but Rowan catches it. Rusev bounces off the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick. Rowan is put into the courner but fights out. Rowan puts Rusev in the corner and throws him out. Rowan goes to the second rope, and hits a jumping spinning elbow. Rowan puts Rusev in the corner and hits some standing punches in the corner. Rusev pushes Rowan out of the corner. Rusev manages to lock in the Accolade. Honestly, Rowan dominated through this whole match, it seems ridiculous that he won.

Winner: Rusev

We see the clip of the Bella Twins spray painting Paige on Raw. Paige is backstage with Renee Young. Renee asks Paige what's going through her mind. Paige says she doesn't get embarrassed easily, but Monday she was embarrassed. She might be pale, she isn't cutesy or cookie cutter. At Fast Lane, she's going to beat Nikki for the Diva's Championship.


Paige vs. Alicia Fox

Paige with a lou thesz press on Fox. Fox picks up Paige and runs her through the middle ropes and drops her. An impressive move. The ref gets to an 8 count before she gets back in. Alicia hits the Nothern Lights suplex for a 2 count. Foxy puts the headlock on Paige. Paige fights out and hits 3 clotheslines back to back by holding on to Fox's arm. Paige throws on the PTO and Alicia taps out.

Winner: Paige

We set footage of Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, Natty, Naomi, and Jimmy out at dinner with Total Diva style drama. Kidd is running late for a nice double date dinner. He ends up bringing Cesaro for some reason, then being a jerk to Natty. It ends with Kidd attacking Jimmy with the dinner table, then Natty says that Jimmy and Naomi ruined this nice dinner.


Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on screen, "A man is defined by his actions, but I am no man. I am the reaper. Maybe you think there are no repercussions to your actions. But now the Devil is knocking on your door! He just wants you to come home. Just let him in, let him in. Let me in."


Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins and J and J Security in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match*

Joey Mercury starts things off with Bryan. The lock up, but Joey tries to drag Bryan to the corner, Bryan fights it off with a kick. Bryan with a big take down on Mercury. Joey tags in Noble. Yes chants are a constant in the background. Bryan brings Noble into the corner and hits some big kicks to the mid section. Bryan with a quick cover but only a 1 count. Bryan with an arm twist to bring Noble to the mat then stomps the twisted arm. Noble tags Rollins in. Rollins and Bryan lock up, Bryan gets behind Rollins but Rollins hits an elbow. He bounces off the ropes but is greeted with a dropkick. Rollins gets Bryan into the corner. Tag to Noble. Noble with a knee drop. Bryan takes control of noble with kicks and uppercuts. Bryan goes to hit his running body splash/kick but Rollins moves Noble. Noble tags out and Rollins is in. Rollins throws Bryan into the barricade on the outside.


Seth Rollins hits a big German Supplex on Bryan. Apparently Seth Rollins learned something from Lesnar. Rollins yells "You wanna fight Brock Lesnar?! This is what it feels like!" and hits another German. Noble is tagged in. Noble with some knee drops and poses like a boxer. Mercury tagged in, dropkick from Mercury. Rollins tagged in. Rollins is slow and methodical with Bryan. Rollins focuses on Bryan's neck with a submission. Bryan fights out with elbows and Bryan and Rollins both go for a running crossbody and they collide. Rollins gets control first and sends Bryan head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Rollins sets Bryan up for the 3 man powerbomb, but Bryan turns it into a hurricarana. Bryan starts flying all over the place and taking out everyone. Bryan hits a double dropkick from the top rop on J and J. Bryan with his patented chest kicks to J and J. Rollins in from behind with a German but Bryan reverses it! He sends Seth to the outside. Bryan gets the Yes lock on Mercury who is legal! Mercury taps!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Bryan at the top of the ramp leads the Yes! Chants, but he is blindsided by Kane from behind. It's a 4 on 1 beat down of Daniel Bryan. Kane hits a Chokeslam on Bryan. J and J set up Bryan for another Chokeslam. Seth has J and J set Bryan up for the Curbstomp The Authority stands tall over Bryan to close out the show.

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