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WWE SmackDown Results (7/2/15) - Joey Mercury Meets The Lunatic Fringe

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WWE SmackDown Results (7/2/15)
Thursday, July 2, 2015
From the GIANT Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania
Report by CJ Blaze of

SmackDown starts with a video package. Seth Rollins and company took out Brock Lesnar last week on Raw. On Monday, Rollins awarded J&J Security with Apple Watches and a new Cadillac. Rollins gave Kane a trip to Hawaii. Later in the main event, Rollins and Kane beat Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a No Disqualification tag team match. Bray Wyatt attacked Reigns during the match. Wyatt then hit Reigns with Sister Abigail after the tag match.

Tom Phillips welcomes us to SmackDown as we prepare for July 4th weekend. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring with J&J Security at his side. Phillips introduces Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Uso, who are also on commentary.

Rollins has a mic. Rollins says everyone is in a hurry to get where they are going. It's a shame they can't get where they want in style. Rollins brings up the Cadillac. Rollins says the world is changing right before our eyes. He brings up reuniting The Authority and burning Suplex City to the ground. We see footage of Rollins, Kane, and Mercury taking out Lesnar on Raw last week.

Rollins says he conquered the conqueror. He took down the one in 21-1. He slayed the beast. This week on Raw, they did the same to Roman Reigns. Rollins brings up Noble having three broken ribs. The Authority knocked Roman down, but Bray Wyatt picked the bones the buzzard he is. Rollins announces Dean Ambrose will face Bray Wyatt tonight. Roman Reigns will face Seth Rollins in the main event. That is if Roman Reigns shows up tonight.

Dean Ambrose interrupts Rollins. Ambrose makes his way down the ramp before backing up and going backstage. Ambrose comes back out with a kendo stick. Mercury is sent out of the ring when Rollins catches Ambrose. Ambrose breaks free and swings the stick at them. Rollins tells Ambrose his match is happening right now.


Ambrose is waiting in the ring as we come back from the break. Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring. We are reminded Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt at WWE Battleground on July 19th.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Lock up, Wyatt takes Ambrose to the corner. Wyatt takes some punches and a low clothesline on the mat. Ambrose wraps Wyatt in the ropes and chops him. Wyatt fires back with a crossbody. Wyatt headbutts Ambrose before holding him in the ropes. Wyatt takes Ambrose to the corner. Wyatt suplexes Ambrose, quick cover. Wyatt applies a chinlock. Wyatt whips Ambrose, Dean counters with a couple clotheslines. Ambrose kicks Wyatt and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Ambrose heads up top but Wyatt rolls out of the ring. Ambrose gets out and dodges a clothesline outside the ring. Ambrose clotheslines Wyatt before we go to commercial.


We come back to see Ambrose is up top and leaps into a strike from Wyatt. Ambrose gets out of Sister Abigail for a school boy. Ambrose pulls the ropes down for Wyatt to fall out of the ring. Ambrose flies out on to Wyatt. Back in the ring, Ambrose with a running elbow in the corner. Ambrose connects with a tornado DDT from the top, cover. Ambrose gets Wyatt up, waist lock. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and runs into a clothesline. Senton from Wyatt, cover.

Wyatt hangs in the corner upside down. Wyatt crawls and points at Dean. Ambrose kicks Wyatt and hits an elbow in the corner. Ambrose catches Wyatt with a clothesline. Ambrose heads up top and hits a standing elbow drop on Bray. Wyatt rolls out of the ring again. Ambrose gets out and leaps off the announce table. Wyatt catches Ambrose and sends him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt - by pinfall (10:53)

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins is our main event tonight. Word is that Reigns isn't in the building yet. Ryback vs. Mark Henry will also take place tonight.

We come back from commercial to see Adam Rose and Rosa Mendes in the ring. Rose has a mic and says everyone is too jealous of them. R-Truth interrupts wearing a crafty crown and white cape. Truth cuts a pre-taped promo on July 4th.

Adam Rose vs. R-Truth

Lock up, Truth gets wrapped up in an arm lock. Truth applies a headlock, followed by a shoulderblock. Rose and Truth dodge each other until Truth hits a back elbow, knocking Rose down. Truth hits a hip toss before flying into an empty corner. Rose kisses Rosa on the apron. Rose attacks Truth on the mat with elbow drops. Rose with a quick cover. Truth rolls Rose up, kickout. Truth blocks punches from Rose and hits the Lie Detector for the win.

Winner: R-Truth - by pinfall (2:00)

Truth puts his crown and cape on after the match. Phillips talks about The Rock making a surprise appearance at the WWE live event in Boston. We see footage of The Rock coming to the ring and attacking Bo Dallas.

The commentators discuss the John Cena/Kevin Owens rivalry. We see footage of Cesaro vs. Cena for the United States Championship on Raw. Owens interfered, leading to Cesaro winning by DQ. Owens will challenge Cena for the U.S. Title at WWE Battleground.

Ryback will defend the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz and Big Show at Battleground. In a Exclusive, Ryback says he will shell-shock Mark Henry on SmackDown as the fans chant Feed Me More.

Mark Henry is backstage with Rich Brennan. Henry says he's going to leave a bad taste in Ryback's mouth. Henry says Ryback bit off more than he can chew. Tonight, Ryback will get his hairline pushed back. Ryback will definitely be put in the Hall of Pain.

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. JoJo is handling announce duties tonight. Intercontinental Champion Ryback makes his way to the ring after the commercial break.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Lock up, Henry takes Ryback to the ropes. The ref separates them. Henry clotheslines Ryback out of the ring. Ryback gets back in and runs into punches from Henry. Henry throws Ryback across the ring. Henry runs into an empty corner. Ryback punches Henry repeatedly. Henry whips Ryback into the corner, Ryback counters with an elbow. They try lifting each other, but Henry gets to the ropes. Henry clotheslines Ryback. Henry kicks Ryback in the ribs while he's down. Henry stands on Ryback while holding the ropes. Ryback gets up and hits a shoulderblock and frog splash.

Ryback tries to get Henry up, but no luck. Henry strikes Ryback from behind. Henry holds Ryback in the ropes. Henry whips Ryback into the turnbuckle. Henry jumps on Ryback's back. Henry body slams Ryback. Henry gets Ryback in a bear hug. Ryback lifts Henry, but Mark falls on him. Henry and Ryback clothesline each other, leaving both men down. Ryback punches Henry into the corner a few times, followed by lots of kicks. Ryback manages to suplex Henry. Ryback sets up for the meat hook. Ryback connects with the big clothesline. Henry tries for the slam, Ryback gets out and hits a spinebuster.

Ryback takes the straps down and hits Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback - by pinfall (6:53)

Ryback celebrates in and out of the ring while holding his title.

Rollins and the Security are backstage looking at their Apple Watches.


Brie Bella makes her way to the ring with Alicia Fox at her side. Naomi is in the ring.

Brie Bella vs. Naomi

Lock up, Brie wraps up the left arm. Naomi works the left arm after a quick pin. Brie slaps Naomi. Fox clotheslines Naomi outside the ring. Brie sends Naomi back in the ring. Brie kicks Naomi. Naomi sends Brie into the corner. Brie with an elbow and missile dropkick from the top, cover. Naomi dropkicks Brie. Brie trips Naomi into the ropes. Brie hits a running knee in the ropes. Brie kicks Naomi in the corner. Brie nails a bulldog, cover. Brie applies a headlock. Naomi gets out and hits a dropkick. Naomi slaps Brie from the apron. Fox distracts Naomi while Brie talks to the ref. Brie hits the face buster on Naomi for the win.

Winner: Brie Bella - by pinfall (3:52)

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo from the shadows. Wyatt talks about "the real" Roman Reigns.

The Ascension is in the ring. Prime Time Players make their way to the ring. O'Neil and Young will defend their Tag Team Titles against The New Day at WWE Battleground.

The Ascension vs. Prime Time Players

O'Neil and Viktor chop each other. O'Neil chops Viktor in the corner a couple times. Young gets the tag. Titus slams Young onto Viktor, cover. Viktor takes Young to the heel corner for a tag to Konnor. Young and Konnor trade shots. Shoulderblock from Konnor. Young throws a right hand. Konnor trips Young into the ropes. Young slams Viktor with a back drop on the apron. Young is sent into the ring post outside the ring.


We come back from break to see Viktor working on Young in the heel corner. Viktor chops Young. Konnor comes in with a leg drop, cover. Konnor applies a headlock on the mat. Young works out of it and tries striking Viktor on the apron. Viktor tags in and tags Konnor back in after a sunset flip attempt from Darren. They double team before tagging Viktor again. Viktor slams Young, headlock applied. Young flips Viktor out of the ring. Young tags Titus. Titus shoulderblocks Konnor. Titus catches Viktor and throws him.

Titus boots Konnor. Titus flies into the corner on Konnor, shoulderblock follows. Young and Viktor brawl out of the ring. Titus connects with Clash of the Titus for the win.

Winners: Prime Time Players - by pinfall (9:42)


Rusev makes his way to the ring with Summer Rae accompanying him. Rusev holds the mic for Summer. She apologizes for her actions on Raw. She should've never stooped down to Lana's level. Summer says Rusev is a good man with a great heart. Rusev kisses Summer's hand. Rusev calls Summer a real woman. Rusev says he never needed that blond-headed witch. Rusev says he has a better woman now. Dolph Ziggler now has a snake Lana in his head. Rusev said he lost everything, and Ziggler will soon learn how that feels.

Raw Rebound: Roman Reigns is clearing house when Bray Wyatt appears and attacks him during the Raw tag team main event. Rollins pins Reigns for the win. Reigns tries fighting back, but the numbers game catches up.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring with J&J at his side. Rollins will defend the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar at WWE Battleground.

Rollins grabs a mic. Seth really wants to see the Apple Watches in action while waiting for Reigns to show up. Rollins has the bell rang while Noble reaches the count of seven before Roman's music hits. Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns drives Rollins right into the corner. Reigns punches Rollins and whips him across the ring. Rollins is caught with a big right. Reigns grabs Mercury and is about to slam him when Rollins kicks Reigns in the gut. Rollins hits the buckle bomb, cover. Rollins stomps on Reigns before holding Roman in the ropes. Mercury slaps Roman while the ref is distracted. Rollins goes up top and connects with a stomp to the back, cover for two.

Rollins strikes Roman in the corner. Reigns punches Rollins, but Seth gains control once again with a body slam. Rollins goes up top again, but Roman slaps him as he comes down. Roman throws more right hands, Rollins with a spinning kick. Rollins flies into the corner, Reigns counters with a corner clothesline. Reigns fires back with more corner clotheslines. Roman punches Joey off the apron. Seth is tossed off Roman. Reigns hits a powerbomb.

Reigns gets fired up when Noble grabs his foot. Mercury hops in the ring for the DQ.

Winner: Roman Reigns - by DQ (4:37)

Rollins joins in on the attack. Noble kicks Roman until Ambrose runs down to the ring with a kendo stick. Ambrose strikes Mercury and then Rollins several times. Ambrose gets Noble once. Reigns superman punches Rollins before Seth can hit the pedigree on Ambrose. J&J pull Seth out of the ring. Ambrose sends Mercury back in the ring after Roman stopped him from leaving. Reigns and Ambrose surround him. Ambrose strikes him with the stick and Roman punches him. Ambrose continues to whack him with the kendo stick multiple times. Mercury gets up for a spear from Reigns.

Ambrose and Reigns stand tall in the ring to end SmackDown.

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