WWE Smackdown Results (11/18/2011) - The Survivor Series Selling Show


Written by Guilherme Jaeger on Nov 18, 2011 - 5:27:20 PM

The show opens abruptly with World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry beating down Mr. Money in The Bank Daniel Bryan backstage, while yelling about Bryan disrespecting him. Mark beats Daniel Bryan all the way to the ring, where Bryan tries to react, but that is short lived as Henry puts him down again. Henry hits a giant knife edge chop, a World's Strongest Splash and the World's Strongest Slam. When the referees come to tell Mark to stop, he taunts them, picks Bryan up again and delivers another World's Strongest Slam. While the refs help Daniel Bryan to the back,Mark grabs a mic and says that that man is in pain, and he promises there will be more where that came from. He says Big Show felt the pain, but obviously what Henry did wasn't good enough, so Show came to get more. Henry promises that at Survivor Series, one of them will be carried out of the arena. It won't be him though, as he will leave as World Heavyweight Champion. After that, he leave the ring, stopping to once again taunt Bryan before he exits.

After the announcers talk about what just happened, they plug the main event for tonight, which is Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. After that, Sin Cara is out as he has a match next.


Back from the break, Vickie Guerrero introduces the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler, who will compete twice at Survivor Series again, and is already in the ring for his match, which is now.

US Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara - non-title match

They start circling each other. Ziggler turns a lock up into a waistlock takedown, followed by some slaps to the back Sin Cara's head. They stand up and Dolph sucker slaps Cara in the face. Cara chases Ziggler who goes to the ropes and the ref stops it. They circle each other again and lock up, with Ziggler getting the better of it, taking Cara down and locking a arm submission before he releases it and stomps Cara's ribs. Ziggler follows with a kick to the ribs and a elbow to the back of the head. Ziggler locks a side headlock, Cara pushes him, but Dolph comes right back with a shoulder block. Ziggler runs the ropes to get momentum, Cara leapfrogs him twice, but Dolph holds to the ropes to stop. They circle each other again, Ziggler goes to a hand lock with Cara, but kicks him in the ribs instead. He follows with a punch and a whip, but Cara comes back with a handspring elbow. After both stand up, Cara delivers a headscissors takedown that sends Ziggler outside, followed by a suicide dive. Cara plays to the crowd, and then places Ziggler back inside. Ziggler kicks Cara while he is entering the ring, sending Cara outside. Dolph places him back inside, delivers an jumping elbow drop, and then does a kip-up. He follows with another arm submission. After some time, Cara stands up and fights back with repeated kicks and then a cornerflip armdrag. Cara follows with his pattented kick to the temple from the apron spot. He goes top rope, his Swanton misses, he counters an incoming Ziggler with a roll-up, but Ziggler reverses into a roll-up of his own with a handful of tights for the three count.

Winner: US Champion Ziggler via pinfall

After the bout, Ziggler keeps taunting Sin Cara, who gets mad and attacks him. Swagger runs in, though, and the two beat down Sin Cara until Mason Ryan comes in for the save and cleans house. He has a match with Jack Swagger, and it's next.


Back from the break, Mason Ryan and Jack Swagger are in the ring.

Jack Swagger vs. Mason Ryan

We join the match when it's already in progress, with Mason Ryan pushing Swagger towards a corner. After the ref breaks up, Swagger uses the distraction to deliver some kicks and punches and ground Ryan with a waist lock. After some time, Ryan powers out with an arm drag and follows with a shoulder block. He takes Swagger to a corner, whips him and delivers a turnbuckle clothesline. He then uses a whip clothesline. Ryan goes for a running powerslam but Swagger escapes and pushes him to the turnbuckle, following by a leg chop that takes Ryan down. Swagger hits a running Vader Bomb for a two count. Swagger follows with some punches in the corner. After the ref breaks up, more punches, and then three turnbuckle clotheslines, followed by a underhook lock. After some time, Ryan stands up but Swagger cuts him short. When he goes for a suplex though, Ryan reverses into a suplex of his own. Ryan blocks an incoming punch, but eats a kick to the gut and several punches. Swagger runs the ropes, but is caught with a two clotheslines, a whip to the corner, a jumping knee and a big boot. Ryan follows with a scoop powerslam for a two count. Ryan goes for his Swinging Full Nelson Slam, but Swagger escapes, clips Ryan's leg again, and tries for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, which Ryan reverses into his Swinging Full Nelson Slam for the win.

Winner: Mason Ryan via pinfall

After the match, we go backstage where Justin Gabriel and Alicia Fox are talking about South Africa until Zack Ryder comes by. He asks them to sign for his online petition for a US title match. Big Show comes by and says he didn't sign yet, so he will. After looking their expressions, Show asks them what happened and they tell him about Mark Henry's assault on Daniel Bryan earlier in the evening. Show asks where is Mark, they say they don't know, tell Bryan is being assisted, and Show storms off.


Back from break, Christian, with the help of a crutch comes to the entrance way to cut a promo. He says two weeks ago he was brutally Chokeslammed by Big Show for no reason, causing him a serious neck injury. But instead of taking Christian's claims seriously, Teddy Long forced him to compete against Sheamus last week. Chrisitan says he could have walked or ran away, but he's a man. He says he fought Sheamus tooth and nail all over Europe, and in doing so, he severely injured his ankle as well. He then shows a picture of the injury, which may keep him out of action for months or even keep him from being the same ever again. The matter of the fact is, he's no longer on Survivor Series. But he's a leader, a team player, and he's going to continue to inspire Team Barrett to the victory, because he's special, he inspires people. Normally he would come out and ask for one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship because everyone knows he deserves. But now all he dreams of is having one more match at all. And that dream was taken away from him by Teddy Long and his incompetence, and that's no surprise. What is surprising is the lack of respect showed by the WWE Universe. He asks the crowd if they even care that he's injured, they say no, and he says he is no piece of meat, he's an human being and has feelings. And for Long's lack of actions, there will be sever consequences. But more than Teddy Long, he's never been more embarassed by a collection of people than he is with the crowd right now. These people make him sick, he's ashamed of everyone of them and says good riddance to us all.

Backstage Bryan is checked by a doctor and AJ asks if he's better now, he says he is. Big Show enters and says it's his own fault, he should have stopped Mark Henry. Bryan tells Show that it isn't Show's fault. Show says he needs to find Mark now.


Back from break, Ted DiBiase comes to the ring, as he has a match next.

Ted DiBiase vs. Derrick Bateman w/Maxine

Ted starts with a waist into side headlock. Bateman pushes him but Ted reverses into a shoulder block, a hip toss, a dropkick and then a clothesline for a two count. Bateman rolls to the apron, DiBiase tries to catch him but Bateman hotshots and then clotheslines the Fortunate Son for a one count. Bateman hits a neckbreaker for a two count, and after he drives DiBiase to the corner where he hits some punches and kicks, before DiBiase counters and do the same, and then Bateman counters again, whips DiBiase hard to a corner and covers for another two. Bateman then locks a submission. After some time, DiBiase stands up and fights back with punches to the gut, a snapmare, a reverse atomic drop, a big punch to the face and a flying knee attack. He followed with a rebound clothesline. Bateman stands up and hits a gut kick, but when he tries a irish whip, Ted DiBiase reverses into DreamStreet, and it is all over.

Winner: Ted DiBiase via pinfall

After the match the announcers plug the main event and wr go for a break.


Back from the break, Big Show kicks Henry's locker room door and enters but he's not there. He walks off and looks at Jinder Mahal and Tyson Kidd. Mahal is smiling and Show asks if there's something funny. Tyson Kidd says that if Show is looking for Henry, he's long gone, he's left. Mahal speaks in Hindi to Big Show. Show asks him to repeat in English, Mahal says no, and Show knocks him out. Kidd slowly leaves the place with fear. Replays of Mark Henry's attack are shown.

After that, Big Show's music plays and he comes out to a promo. He says that it's too bad Henry left because they could have their match right here tonight. He then says the thing he has to keep focused on is to channel his anger or else he will get DQ'd at Survivor Series, and we don't want that. What we want is Big Show taking the title from Mark Henry. Show says he always carries a certain piece of footage with him wherever he goes. He asks us to take a look at his favourite footage. A replay of Mark Henry injuring Big Show's ankle at Money In The Bank PPV is shown. Show says that footage is a reminder of his goal, which is to take what Henry prizes the most from him, and that's the World Heavyweight Championship. Show heard Henry said that at Survivor Series, one of them is going to be carried out of the arena. After all the atrocities Mark's comitted, Mark is not gonna walk out of Survivor Series. Henry's gonna lose that championship, and he's gonna lose it to Big Show. Show asks Mark to look at his fist real close, because it's coming for him. Show poses and then fake punches the camera several times, saying he's gonna be all over Henry, and he can't run. Show then gets out of the ring jumping over the top rope. I'm not kidding.

Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring as he has a match with Hunico, in another Survivor Series preview. That match is next.


Back from the break, Hunico makes his entrance. He grabs a mic and says that we think we know about Mexican people, but we know nothing. Tonight we're going to know what Hunico is capable of.

WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Hunico

Kofi starts with a waist lock but Hunico reverses into arm lock. Kofi rolls and flips through to escape and lands two arm drags before going for a quick cover that gets only one. He transitions that into a armbar. Hunico quickly stands up and fights back with a forearm. Hunico knees Kofi on the gut. Kofi reverses his whip, ducks and leapfrogs, but when he tries a monkey flip Hunico nails him with a front dropkick to the gut. Hunico goes to work with a sitout gourdbuster. After that he almost locks a submission stretch but Kofi escapes. Kofi baseball slides and tries a roll-up, but Hunico kicks out at two and hits another dropkick to the gut. Hunico works the torso area with the assist of the ropes, some stomps and a elbow drop and gets a two count for his efforts. Hunico then locks another submission which Kofi quickly escapes of. Hunico cuts his momentum with a mat slam though. Hunico keeps kicking the gut section. Another cover but a two count. Kofi tries to fight back but Hunico is relentless. He hits his Olympic Slam variation, then goes for a Lionsault but Kofi rolls out of the way and hits a dropkick, then his karate chops, dropkick and jumping clothesline sequence. He goes for the boom drop and hits it. Kingston signals for Trouble in Paradise, Hunico ducks and hits Kingston. He whips Kofi to the corner, but Kingston uses a hanging overhead kick to counter. His top rope cross body is reversed, but Hunico only gets a near fall. Hunico kicks Kofi in the gut and argues with the ref about that fall. Kofi uses the distraction and hits S.O.S. for the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston via pinfall

After the match Kofi celebrates and Hunico argues with the ref. After a Ezekiel Jackson video package, the announcers plug the main event of Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton and Sheamus. We go for a break


Back from commercial, Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya come to the ring for a tag team Divas match.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya v.s AJ & Kaitlyn

Beth and Kaitlyn lock up to start for their teams. Beth pushes Kaitlyn who comes back with a forearm. She ducks Beth's clothesline attempt and hits a dropkick, sending Beth to the corner, where Kaitlyn hits with thighs and forearms. Beth pushes her off, tries a powerslam but Kaitlyn escapes and pushes Beth to the ropes. When Kaitlyn charges though, Beth flapjacks her on the ropes. Beth kicks and punches her repeatedly but only gets a two count. She tags Natalya in, and they hit a double wheelbarrow suplex for a two count. Natalya covers again, but again only two. Natalya kicks Kaitlyn in in the gut and stands her up to lock an abdominal stretch, all while taunting Kaitlyn, asking of she wants to cry. After some time Kaitlyn reverses with a hip toss, but Natalya gets right back at her. Natalya scoop slams Kaitlyn but misses a leg drop. Kaitlyn tags AJ who enters with a top rope crossbody. After that she hits some forearms and kicks. She tries a running roll up, but can't bring down Natalya. Natalya locks a Sharpshooter, extends the hold, and AJ has no choice but to tap.

Winners: Natalya & Divas Champion Beth Phoenix via submission

After the match, Kaitlyn looks frustrated with AJ. We go for a break.


Back from the break we get the Raw Rebound of the night, focusing on the John Cena/The Rock dynamic with Survivor Series right around the corner. After that, we have our main event of the evening. But before that we go for another break.


Back from the break, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes make their entrances, and the match starts.

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes

Sheamus and Cody Rhodes start things off for their respective teams. They lock up, but Sheamus quickly overpowers. The ref breaks up when they go the ropes, and Cody tries to use the distraction, kicking Sheamus' leg and locking a front facelock, but Sheamus just lifts and drops him. Cody then backs up to his corner, and tags Wade Barrett in. Barrett enters and kicks Sheamus in the gut, following with a elbow to the back of the head, punches and elbows. Sheamus tries to fight back, reverses Barrett's whip and hits an elbow to the side of the head. Cover and a two count. Sheamus then goes for his 10 hammer clubs on the apron, and follows with a suplex for a one count. Sheamus tries a scoop powerslam but Wade escapes and hits a side kick to the gut. Barrett follows that with a running forearm attack for a one count. Barrett delivers knees to the back and clubs to the torso, followed by a stretch submission. Sheamus stands up and fights back, countering Barrett's hold. He then tags Orton in, who enters delivering his clotheslines and powerslam sequence. He goes for the apron DDT and hits it. He quickly signals for the RKO. Rhodes tries to interfere by using a top rope move, but Orton counters and hits a gutwrench elevated neckbreaker. The distraction is enough, though, as Barrett is able to hit a big boot to get back on track, as we go for a break.


Back from the break, Cody Rhodes dominates Randy Orton with stomps as Christian is looking on from ringside. Cody hits a gourdbuster for a two count. Barrett is tagged in and fires away at Orton as Rhodes holds his arms. After some abuse, Orton fights back and they exchange fists for a little. Orton runs the ropes but ends up eating a kitchen sink knee. Barrett tags Rhodes in, who stomps Orton's head. Cody follows with a butterfly lock as Christian applauds. Orton powers out and back body drops Rhodes, who tags Barrett in. Barrett enters and delivers a forearm that knocks Sheamus from the apron, not allowing Orton to tag him in. The ref has to restrain Sheamus from entering the ring and that distraction allows Rhodes to enter and he and Barrett stomp away at Orton for a short while. Barrett covers but only gets two. He stands Orton up and hits a swing neckbreaker followed by a knee drop for two. Barrett then locks a headlock. After some time, Orton stands up and fights back, dodging a clothesline and hitting his inverted facelock backbreaker. Both guys tag out, and Sheamus comes firing away at Rhodes with double-arm clotheslines and hammer clubs to the back. He hits a turnbuckle clothesline and a top rope shoulder block. Barrett tries to interfere but Sheamus throws him out of the ring. He signals for the Brogue Kick, but Christian gets his attention with one of his crutches. Sheamus comes close and Christian hits him with it, causing the DQ.

Winners: Sheamus and Randy Orton via disqualification

Immediately after the match ends, Rhodes hits the Beautiful Disaster kick on Sheamus. Orton tries to get Christian outside but Barrett jumps him from behind, slamming him against the barricade, and then he and Rhodes work on Sheamus. Barrett asks Christian for the crutch, gives it to Cody Rhodes, and goes to work on Orton. Rhodes though eats a Brogue Kick by Sheamus, who uses the crutch to beat down Barrett when he comes back to the ring. Orton enters the ring and delivers RKO on Wade Barrett. Sheamus then hits the Celtic Cross on Rhodes. Sheamus and Orton celebrate as the show ends.

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