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WWE Smackdown Results (8/30/13) - Playing a Dangerous Game

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WWE Smackdown Results - (8/30/13)
Results by: Adam Wacker of

Welcome to this week's Smackdown!

The Miz is in the ring, and welcomes us to Miz TV. Miz says there is a lot to talk about, so introduces Big Show. After Big Show enters the ring, Dolph Ziggler is welcomed to the ring. Miz says on Raw, all three men stood on stage, when he points them to the Titantron. Miz, Dolph and Show all witnessed to Daniel Bryan being beaten down by the Shield and The Shield, while they weren't allowed to help. Miz brings up the fact that they would have been fired, should they have helped. Miz says it's time that they all feel about management in the WWE. Miz asks Show to start, as he says it was one of the toughest things he had to do in his whole career. Show tells him to ask Dolph, as Ziggler tells Show to finish his thoughts. Miz says he has always been outspoken, but Triple H interrupts. Triple H tells Miz to finish what he was going to say. Triple H says he happen to notice Miz is in his gear tonight, instead of his suit. Miz tells him that he never knows when a fight will break out. Miz wonders if he can ask Triple H a question, but he says no. Triple H goes on to tell them and say he doesn't know why they are making it personal. Triple H says it is strictly business. Triple H praises Randy Orton, saying he will be the future. Triple H takes shots at Big Show and Dolph Ziggler, saying he is big and definitely big enough. Triple H says it will make them all more money, in the long run. Triple H says he understands some frustration, like Miz knowing he has come no where near the WWE Championship, despite being a former champion. To Ziggler, Triple H says he will give Dolph revenge with the Shield, where he will face them all one-on-one. Triple H demands Big Show to come over there, as he says he will give him a favor. Big Show is given the night off, as he is told to just watch what happens at commentary. Triple H says he wants Show to watch, and do nothing about it. Show is told to go sit. Ziggler is then told to go to the back. Miz is told that his match is now, as Triple H introduces Randy Orton.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. The Miz

They lock up, as Miz backs Orton into the corner. Randy reverses, as he backs away. They lock up again, as Orton locks in a Side Headlock. Miz pushes him against the ropes, but is taken out with a shoulder. They lock up again, as Orton connects with knees to the gut. Miz is whipped into the corner, as does a Float Over and comes out with a Clothesline. Orton is taken down, as Miz connects with an Atomic Drop. Miz goes for a Figure Four, but is pushed away. They lock up, as Miz locks in a Side Headlock. Orton reverses, and follows with headbutts. Orton is hit with a Backbreaker, but Miz is pushed against the ropes. Orton connects with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Miz us thrown to the floor, as Orton follows. Orton connects with a Back Suplex to Miz against the barricade. Orton throws Miz back into the ring, and pins him. Kick out. Orton locks in a Rear Headlock, but Miz stands out. Orton is hit with fists, as he is backed into the corner. Miz connects with a Running Lariat. Miz goes to the top rope, but is hit in the gut with a kick. Orton puts Miz on the apron, but is thrown to the floor. The Shield interrupts, and makes their way to the ring.


Orton throws Miz into the barricade, and hits him with a Lariat. Orton rolls him back in the ring, and pins. Kick out. Orton throws fists into Miz's chest. Orton then connects with Garvin Stomps. Orton finishes with a Running Knee Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Miz is put in a Headlock, but stands out. Orton knees him, but Miz gets away. Miz gains some momentum. Miz grabs Orton with a Backbreaker and Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out. Miz goes for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Orton reverses. Miz is thrown to the apron, and planted with a Rope Hung DDT. Orton goes for an RKO, but Miz counters with a Backslide. Miz connects with a Dropkick to Orton's knee. Orton kicks Miz from the corner, but has his leg caught. Miz then connects with a Knee Breaker across his shoulder. Miz locks in the Figure Four, but Orton grabs the rope. Orton goes to the floor, and snaps Miz's neck against it. Orton is back in the ring, and connects with an RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

The Shield enter the ring, as they attack Miz. Daniel Bryan runs to the ring with a chair, as he swings away at Orton and The Shield. Show checks on Miz, as Daniel starts a yes chant.


Raw Rewind

Highlights from Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio are shown, as RVD picked up a victory.

RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez are in the ring. Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring. Sandow says what happens in Vegas will not stay here. Sandow says everyone make be content staying here, but he will spread worldwide. Sandow will be victorious until he becomes the World Heavyweight Champion. Sandow reminds everyone he is the uncrowned champion.

Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam

Van Dam connects with a kick to Sandow's face, as he pins. Kick out. Sandow is whipped into the ring, as he is hit with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Rob runs up the top rope, and connects with a Leg Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Sandow knees RVD in the gut, and throws him into the ring post. Sandow rolls him up, but a kick out. Sandow begins throwing knees to RVD. Sandow connects with a Russian Legsweep. Sandow follows with the Elbow of Distain. Pin, but a kick out. Sandow throws knees to RVD's back, and puts him in a Headlock. RVD stands out, and connects with a Frakensteiner. RVD runs, but is hit with a Big Boot. Sandow goes to throw RVD into the corner, but is kicked in the face. Van Dam sits Sandow on the ropes, and goes top rope. RVD connects with a Diving Superkick, as Sandow falls to the ring. RVD goes top rope, and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam via pinfall

Alberto Del Rio makes his way on the ramp with a mic. Del Rio says RVD is the #1 Contender, but only got that opportunity because Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto says he and his people were betrayed. Del Rio says RVD has his Rolling Thunder, but he will make it rain over his parade. At Night of Champions, everyone will see he is the real World Champion.


The Shield is in the ring. Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring.

3-on-1 Handicap Match: The Shield (United States Champion Dean Ambrose and WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler attacks Rollins, but is whipped. Dolph connects with a Crossbody, and throws some fists. Rollins takes out Ziggler, throwing him into the corner. Reigns is tagged, as he is thrown around. Roman charges at Dolph, but is hit with an Elbow. Roman connects with a Samoan Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Ambrose is tagged, as he throws a flurry of strikes. Dean drags his forearm in Ziggler's face. Ambrose whips him into the corner, as he falls to the mat. Dean chops Dolph, and whips him again. Ambrose gets in his face, but Ziggler slaps him. Ambrose is sent to the floor, after he charged to Ziggler. Rollins is tagged, but is rolled up. Kick out. Ziggler throws fists to Rollins, and whips him Rollins kicks a bowing Ziggler. Rollins runs to him, as Ziggler goes for a Fameasser. Rollins picks him up, and connects with a Bucklebomb. Roman then comes in the ring and connects with a Spear for the win.

Winners: The Shield via pinfall

The Shield then taunt the Big Show, daring him to come in the ring. The Shield finish off Ziggler with a Triple Powerbomb. Big Show sits in the chair, fuming.


Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel are welcomed to the ring. Axel says the WWE Universe witnessed his hero Paul Heyman perform one of the bravest things any man could do. A highlight from Raw is shown, where Heyman and Axel attack CM Punk. Heyman hits Punk with a Kendo Stick while he is handcuffed. Heyman gets on the mic, asking what everyone wants from him. Heyman says he will not seek forgiveness. Heyman says it was the people's fault for putting him in a fight with Punk. Heyman reminds everyone of CM Punk's 434 day WWE Championship reign. Everyone that stepped up, were put down like dogs because of him. Yet, when Heyman left, he is still standing despite being beaten by CM Punk. Heyman says it was because Punk always ends up down, everytime he faces Heyman. Paul says Punk should be worshiping him for the god he is. Heyman says at Night of Champions, he cannot escape. Heyman tells everyone he is afraid. However, his fear shall be CM Punk's worst enemy. Heyman says imagine what he does to Punk when it isn't to put Punk in his place. Heyman says at Night of Champions, Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman will own CM Punk.


Tons of Funk are in the ring. The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring.

Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai) w/ Cameron and Naomi vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

Harper and Tensai start off, as Luke attacks Tensai in the corner. Multiple European Uppercuts are thrown. Tensai whips Luke into the opposite corner, and takes him out with a Clothesline. Tensai then throws a cheap shot to Roawn. Clay takes out Erick, as Clay and Tensai squash Luke. Both go for a Splash, as Rowan drags Clay to the floor. Harper connects with a Big Boot, followed by a Discus Lariat. Rowan is tagged, as he connects with a Splash.

Winners: The Wyatt Family via pinfall

Bray Wyatt connects with a Sister Abigail to Tensai.


Daniel Bryan and Ryback are in the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback

Daniel Bryan attacks Ryback in the corner, but is pushed away. Daniel tries to fight it, but is thrown again. Ryback grabs Bryan, and connects with a Front Powerslam. Ryback throws Daniel into the corner, following with some elbows. Ryback whips Daniel into the opposite corner, as he charges into him shoulder first. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback kicks away at Bryan. Ryback goes for Daniel, but Bryan moves. Ryback hits his shoulder against the ring post. Danie connects with multiple Dropkicks to Ryback. Daniel the connects with a Suicide Dive to Ryback on the floor. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Ryback attacks Daniel from behind.


Daniel kicks away at Ryback, but is planted with a Spinebuster. Ryback connects with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback sits Daniel on the top rope, as he follows. Ryback is headbutt multiple times, as he falls off the top rope. Daniel connects with a Missile Dropkick. Daniel connects with kicks to the chest, and connects with a Roundhouse. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel locks in the Yes Lock, as Orton gets in the ring. Daniel locks in the Yes Lock to Orton. The Shield enter the ring attacking Bryan.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via disqualification

Big Show gets in the ring, and stands over Bryan. Triple H comes out, yelling at him to get out of the ring. Show does so. Triple H then yells at him to go. The assault continues, as The Shield plant Daniel with a Triple Powerbomb. Rollins hands Orton a can of spray paint, as he paints "NO" on him. Orton stands over him to end the show.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!-AW

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