WWE's Stock Shoots Up, Stabilizes After 1 Million Network Subscribers Announced


Since the WWE announced that they hit one million subscribers for the WWE Network, their stocks have been on a roller coaster ride. Prior to the announcement the stocks had been averaging about $10.20 - $10.55 a share, but on Wednesday, they shot up almost 25% to almost $13 a share. Though, by noon they'd dropped back to $11.75, and was at $12.09 for the closing bell.

It's interesting to look at the numbers. Since the end of the 3rd quarter, subscribers rose 37%. You have to remember that many people subscribed specifically for the Royal Rumble, and the Network is finally available in the UK. We know that the WWE was reaching for that one million mark, but had planned to do that domestically.

It really is amazing that the WWE Network was able to garner more than a million subscribers in under a year of service, but I have to wonder if there hadn't been so many issues. Between the problems too many users have had with the Network, the starts and stops getting it all going in various countries, and making their hard earned fans feel like idiots for paying full price for pay-per-views, even though some people cannot get the Network for a variety of reasons.

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