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WWE Studios DVD Sales Numbers - Dead Man Down, The Call, 12 Rounds 2, The Marine 3

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WWE Studios

We have some WWE Studios DVD sales figures courtesy of our friend Wrestling Fan 23.

  • Dead Man Down sold 107,211 DVD units and 64,000 Blu-Ray units in its first week. According to analyst CJ Strowbridge, these numbers are better than expected. Since the movie flopped at the box office, this could soften the blow.
  • The Call moved 400,698 units in its first three weeks, topping the charts in its first week. Click here for more.
  • 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded has sold 61,226 as of July 21st and while that's decent for a straight-to-DVD film, it was easily eclipsed by The Marine 3, which sold 171,885 units. Regardless, both films only cost $1.5 million a piece to make and should end up profitable.

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