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WWE SummerSlam 2020 Betting Odds Breakdown

The biggest party of the summer is right around the corner, as one of WWE's four major events takes stage August 23 with SummerSlam. Considered a 'major' event for WWE, this show usually sees an expanded betting market as 2020 is no different. 

888sport has released a variety of odds for WWE bettors to enjoy, as we break them all down below. Keep in mind that there is still a week of storytelling left, so odds will change between now and next weekend.

Another friendly reminder, that WWE betting is only legal in the U.K. but still fun to discuss for Americans. Also, DraftKings typically releases a free game for WWE fans (Americans included) to make picks and win prizes - so be on the lookout.

Asuka SummerSlam Betting Odds

The Empress of Tomorrow finds herself in two championship matches for SummerSlam, after winning a Battle Royal on SmackDown as a heavy underdog (+800). With Asuka given the opportunity to take home two belts, there are various prop bets surrounding the charismatic warrior. 

  • Asuka Wins Both Belts? Yes (+200) No (-295)
  • Asuka Wins First Match? Yes (-118) No (-118)
  • Asuka Wins Second Match? Yes (-150) No (+108)

The odds are a bit telling, as the belief here is that Asuka will indeed beat both women. The first match is favored to be for the Raw Women's Championship at -139, which oddsmakers are a bit hesitant on picking a winner for. 

They are much more confident in Asuka winning her second match, which is favored to be for the SmackDown Women's Championship against Bayley. It seems unlikely that Sasha would leave SummerSlam with a belt and Bayley wouldn't, as Banks/Bayley leaving with both or neither of the belts seems more likely to occur.

Also, when diving into individual match betting, Asuka is the outright favorite for both matches. This makes the +200 parlay for Asuka to win both belts a very intriguing bet. It's cheap enough to afford a loss if she can't claim both belts, but it seems like a possibility within the odds and story being told. 

If Bayley and Banks were to both win at SummerSlam, why would WWE feed them the same opponent? There has to be some sort of big plan for Asuka, otherwise WWE could feed any of the other women to Bayley and/or Banks for an easy win.

Sasha Banks vs Asuka SummerSlam Betting Odds

As mentioned, Asuka is favored in each match she is in (which is why +200 to win both is worth the look). Here are the odds for Asuka's match against champion Sasha Banks.

  • Winner? Banks (+108) Asuka (-150)
  • Method? Pin (+110) Submission (+100) Other (+180)
  • Title Holder to End Event? Banks (-118) Asuka (-118)

If oddsmakers were sold on Asuka winning by disqualification or count-out, then the odds for Banks to end the event as the title holder would be higher than the current -118. Those could change, but Banks should be worried for her belt with the odds given for her match against Asuka. 

The method of victory is interesting, suggesting Banks taps to the Asuka Lock. It is very possible, but oddsmakers are playing to the side of caution since Banks has a submission move of her own. They are simply playing the numbers there. 

Despite value being in the method market, avoid it for now. Banks at plus-value is worth a bet, but again, there seems to be something WWE has planned for Asuka if they're willing to have her fight for both belts in one night.

Bayley vs Asuka SummerSlam Betting Odds

Bayley is also in trouble according to the oddsmakers, although not as much as Sasha. Bayley is the opening underdog, but her underdog odds are +100 which is 50% - making her a favorable underdog. 

  • Winner? Bayley (+100) Asuka (-139)
  • Method? Pin (-134) Submission (+134) Other (+200) 
  • Title Holder to End Event? Bayley (-118) Asuka (-118)

Much like the Raw Women's Championship match, this one sees similar 'title holder to end event' odds. When you look at all the odds above, between the three women, it does seem that WWE might be lining Asuka up to be the one to merge both belts together. 

This would not only accomplish the task of merging belts for WWE, this would also allow for Bayley vs Banks to finally begin its genesis in the story. If Bayley accidentally costs Banks the belt in match one, it seems justified to believe Banks will return the favor. Reading the 888sport lines, this is the situation odds are currently pointing at. 

Things might change in a week's time but for now, it appears the Banks-Bayley run is coming to an end sooner than we may have realized. If you are a believer against any of this, now is the time to bet Banks and/or Bayley or it will be too late.

Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins SummerSlam Betting Odds

Dominik took his WWE initiation beating on Monday Night Raw, destroyed with a kendo stick courtesy of Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. Will Dominik get revenge at SummerSlam, or will the Mysterio's continue to be punished?

  • Winner? Dominik (-177) Rollins (+125)

Personally, I'm always uneasy betting against Seth Rollins in any match. This seems justified though, as Rollins has been a walking nightmare for Rey Mysterio and his son. 

The story and odds point towards Dominik winning, which seems more true now that the match is a Street Fight. It's safe to expect Rey Mysterio and even Humberto Carillo (possibly Aleister Black) to interfere and help Dominik earn his first huge victory in WWE. 

Apollo Crews vs MVP SummerSlam Odds

Crews has seen his odds drop slightly, but still favored to successfully retain his championship. The issue betting this match is the same issue seen at Extreme Rules, in that MVP might not be the one actually competing here.

  • Winner? Crews (-190) vs MVP (+134)

After what happened at Extreme Rules, it seems WWE bettors might be hesitant going into this match. A push seems more likely to occur rather than Crews winning as the favorite. 

We saw this match on TV already, so it seems two things are likely to occur for SummerSlam. The first is that MVP actually pulls off the upset, winning thanks to the help of Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. The second is that MVP replaces himself with Lashley and/or Benjamin.

Despite high odds to win, it seems the only intrigue in betting this match is to go with MVP. Crews is too expensive and it's not worth the bet if MVP is going to pass the torch for another superstar to compete or win with help. 

Bettors should see this match in two ways, either pass or take MVP. Think of it this way, Crews will cost $200 to win back $100 in most cases. Crews can win yes, but there's better value on Sunday to spend money on. 

If MVP does pull the 'switch' too, then your bet is a push and you'll receive your money back. In layman's terms, it's simply not worth it and a waste of time to bet on. But if you're in love with MVP here (possibly winning with a dirty tactic), feel free to go for it. 

Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville Betting Odds 

These two are finally getting the match we have wanted, a climax to an overall solid rivalry. The announced stipulation for this is that the loser must cut her hair, so the drama for this one is much better than being advertised. 

Winner? Rose (-295) Deville (+200)

What's ironic here is that the loser may actually win. It does seem likely that Deville will be the one to cut her hair, but quite frankly either of these women cutting their hair will only make them more popular.

They are too talented to fail (proven time and time again), and can thrive with a short cut look. This makes betting the match very difficult, and is quite frankly closer than the implied odds given. 

Don't be fooled thinking that Mandy at -295 is a safe bet, because it's not. Deville is likely to lose but that doesn't mean she will. The value lies with Deville here and should be considered instead of Rose. This seems much more of a coin flip on paper, which is why it is a bit strange to see oddsmakers favor Rose so heavily.

Consider Deville or don't consider this at all.  

Street Profits vs Andrade & Angel Garza SummerSlam Betting Odds

The odds for this match continue to change, slowly creeping in favor of the challengers. As of today, Andrade and Garza have finally crossed over into minus-territory as the favorites. 

  • Winner? Street Profits (+125) Andrade/Garza (-177)
  • First Tag? Street Profits (+125) Andrade/Garza (-177)
  • Involved in Result? Andrade (-106) Garza (-134)
  • Title Holder to End Event? Street Profits (+120) Andrade/Garza (-167)

This isn't shocking, as Andrade and Garza started as underdogs but are now favorites. A few weeks back I liked them as a value bet, which is no longer the case. They saw great value in the 'title holder to end event' market, but those odds are gone as well. 

It's unlikely WWE bettors will see the kind odds return, while the prop bets surrounding this match are a bit too unpredictable to wager on. If you bet this match early, consider yourself a smart bettor and pat yourself on the back.

If not, pass and don't consider this match as -177 is too expensive. If you are fine with -177, more power to you - as the Street Profits also provide value for anyone who fancies the current champions. It seems the belts will be moved however, and the Andrade/Garza betting train has left the station.

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt SummerSlam Betting Odds

Bray is a heavy favorite here, but it's strange his odds to win aren't much higher. Futures market odds indicated Bray leaving SummerSlam with the Universal Championship at 83.3% just a few weeks ago.

  • Winner? Bray (-250) Strowman (+175)
  • Title Holder to End Event? Bray (-230) Strowman (+150) Otis (+1100)

So what's changed to slash Bray's odds to win? Honestly, not much - so it's unclear why those odds have changed. Perhaps Strowman's new demeanor is giving something for oddsmakers to consider?

Either way, Bray should leave SummerSlam as the new Universal champion but his odds are much too pricey. This is a match you should 'fade' if looking to bet because it's simply too expensive. Bray's odds slashing shouldn't worry Wyatt fans, but it does make one consider eyeing the underdog here. 

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton SummerSlam Betting Odds

It's unfortunate to say, but Drew McIntyre's time as WWE champion may finally be over. It seems Orton is the favorite to win this match, as there is an argument his favored odds actually provide value.

  • Winner? Drew (+110) vs RKO (-155)
  • Title Holder to End Event? Drew (+108) RKO (-150)
  • Drew '1-count' Kickouts? ⬆️4.5 (+150) ⬇️4.5 (-215)
  • Total Claymores? ⬆️1.5 (+190) ⬇️1.5 (-278)
  • Total RKOs? ⬆️1.5 (-118) ⬇️1.5 (-118)
  • First Move Landed? Glasgow Kiss (-167) Orton DDT (+120)

Orton at -155 is actually quite cheap for the realistic chance he has to win the match. The issue with Orton as a favorite is that he has built up a large list of enemies. Big Show, Edge and Ric Flair have all suffered a similar fate at the hands of Orton.

This makes the odds of someone coming in to interfere greater, but the odds and story point towards that occurring as a very rare instance. Feel safe to take Orton despite the minus-value in both markets to win.

The true value comes into play with prop bets surrounding this match. A week ago I was high on Drew's one-count kickout total under 4.5 at plus-value. One week later it is now the heavy favorite, so if you missed that bet the ship has sailed.

The ship has also sailed on over 1.5 RKOs, as the market is now split at -118. Although you're not getting the plus-value you might've gotten a week ago, -118 for two or more RKOs is still worth the risk to me. With Ric Flair now out of the equation, the Claymore total has become a concern. 

Flair being paired with Orton gave an opportunity for McIntyre bettors to take the over 1.5 Claymore total. Now, Orton is alone so it seems unlikely he will take two Claymores and still win the match. Yes, the referee could take one (along with Orton) and for +190 value that's not a bad bet. Again, that seems unlikely if Orton is to win.

The best bet for this match might be Orton's DDT's connecting before the Glasgow Kiss. The most likely sequence is Orton hitting his DDT to set up an RKO, only for Drew to reverse it into a Glasgow Kiss. Feel free to bet on that sequence at +120 for some solid value. 

SummerSlam Prop Betting Odds

There are only a few prop bets surrounding the event as a whole. More will surely drop as SummerSlam draws closer, which we will update here. As for the current prop odds, there are a few. 

As discussed earlier, Asuka has various prop bets surrounding her and which matches she will win. There is also a market for the main event, and which match will go on last. Those odds are below. 

  • McIntyre vs Orton (-150)
  • Strowman vs Wyatt (+275)
  • Banks vs Asuka (+325)
  • Bayley vs Asuka (+325)
  • Any Other Match (+1000)

It's safe to say Orton vs Drew will main event, refreshing to see the WWE Championship featured in a main event. That's not a lock however. It's unlikely Bray vs Braun goes on last, unless WWE is planning some insane ending in which The Fiend possesses Alexa Bliss or something crazy.

Either of the women's matches provides great value and has a good chance to main event as well. Between the two women, it would seem Bayley vs Asuka would go on second. Any other match going on last at +1000 provides terrific value for anyone who fancies Dominik vs Rollins main eventing. 

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