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WWE SummerSlam 2020 Betting Odds & Tips

SummerSlam 2020 has finally arrived, one of four (some will argue five) major WWE events on the calendar year. This year's event will take place from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida - better known as WWE's Thunderdome. 

There are a ton of odds available to bet on for tonight's event, thanks to the sportsbook 888sport. Let's break down all the betting odds to see if we can help people win money, while predicting outcomes for tonight's show.

A reminder that WWE/Pro Wrestling betting is only legal in Europe, but still fun to discuss for Americans. Please also visit DraftKings, who usually has a game for anyone to play for free by picking winners of matches to win cash prizes!

SummerSlam Prop Betting Odds

  • Title Changes: ⬇️ 3.5 (-139)
  • Asuka Wins Both Belts: No (-278)
  • Both Women's Championship Matches Go on 1st & 2nd: Yes (-150)
  • Asuka 23 Minutes Spent In Both Matches: ⬆️ 23 (-190)
  • Men's MITB Cashed-In Tonight: No (-625)
  • Main Event: Drew vs Randy (-770)

There are some fun prop bets to consider for tonight's show, starting with the number of title changes (not including the 24/7 Championship) we will see. There are six total championship matches scheduled for tonight, as sportsbooks are setting the line at 3.5.

The favorite is UNDER, which means three or fewer belts would have to change hands in order for bettors to hit. This is a complete toss up, as every single championship match (outside of the Raw Tag Team Championship) is a guess. Orton vs Drew, Bayley vs Asuka, Banks vs Asuka, Crews vs MVP and Bray vs Braun could almost go in any direction. 

With the uncertainty of who will win so many championship matches tonight, this is a market to avoid. Asuka is the favorite in both of her matches against Sasha Banks and Bayley, so there is some value in considering her to win both matches for solid value at +190. 

The odds that Bayley vs Asuka will go on first tonight, followed immediately by Banks vs Asuka, are surprising. There is a 60% chance the first two matches are for both women's championships, so for that sequence to fail at +108 is worth a shot. It's very unlikely Banks and Bayley will both go on first, and then be rarely used the rest of the show. 

The safest prop is without a doubt Orton vs Drew main eventing, but don't consider for -770. A better favorite to pick is Asuka seeing over 23 minutes of ring time between both matches for -190. Again, it's expensive but it's unlikely we see a squash in either match.

Betting Tip: Take 'No' (+108) that Bayley and Banks won't be the first two matches of the evening

Apollo Crews vs MVP Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Crews (-278)
  • Underdog: MVP (+190)
  • Time: ⬇️ 9 minutes (-134)

This is a very difficult match to pick, despite what oddsmakers think. Looking at the odds, it appears the belief is that Crews will win the match by pinning MVP. Pretty boring, right? Well this is SummerSlam, so for -278 for the simplest outcome there's probably better reasons to try MVP instead.

MVP has both Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley in his corner, added with interest from Cedric Alexander recently. Any of those men could cost Crews and help MVP pull off the upset. MVP might also replace himself in the match, which would see bettors PUSH - this means you get your money back.

We may also see a Hogan-Nash moment in which Crews allows MVP to win the belt and seemingly joins his stable. For the various amount of outcomes available in this match, it seems avoidable. If you want to bet however, MVP should be the only consideration here. You can also get him at +200 (better value) to leave with the belt, regardless who wins.

Betting Tip: Avoid Crews but if you like MVP then consider him at +200 - if he wins then you cash out, and if he gets replaced you get your money back

Raw Tag Team Championship Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Andrade & Angel Garza (-182)
  • Underdog: Street Profits (+130)
  • Time: ⬇️ 9 minutes (-139)
  • First Tag: Andrade & Garza (-230)
  • Involved in Result: Garza (-162)

The betting boat has sailed on Garza and Andrade, although their odds are becoming somewhat considerable as the event inches closer. Garza and Andrade opened as underdogs, which was the time to take them. They now see odds hovering -200, which are considerable for those who find it inexpensive.

The best value in this match lies within the prop market, specifically the first tag. This is usually a complete toss up and the fact Andrade/Garza have such high odds might see Street Profits making the first tag as a valuable bet. For +160, that's the only real upset to consider here.

The involved in result market is a bit unpredictable too, as Andrade could just as easily win/lose the match as Garza can. The idea Andrade and Garza win is worth considering from a booking and betting standpoint, as it seems the time has finally come to officially accolade Zelina Vega's faction with serious merit.

Betting Tip: Take Andrade/Garza if -182 is not too expensive for you, or look for value in a toss up bet for the Street Profits making the first tag at +160.

Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Rose (-625)
  • Underdog: Deville (+350)
  • Time: ⬇️ 11 minutes (-139)

This is a pretty open-and-shut breakdown, don't bet this at all. Yes, Sonya could upset Rose and win but Mandy isn't going anywhere any time soon. Also, Deville is probably wanting time off after her real life scare. It seems the loser leaving WWE only solidified Deville's underdog odds even further.

There is a chance Mandy turns heel tonight, which would be fun. Her and Otis are tied up however, and Deville seems like she can return on a different brand (perhaps RAW Underground) when she is ready to come back. 

Betting Tip: Avoid this match

Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Rollins (-139)
  • Underdog: Mysterio (+100)
  • Time: ⬇️ 14 minutes (-134)

This is a very difficult match to bet on for a few reasons, so either stay away or go with your gut here. First, Dominik opened as the favorite. It wasn't until recently Seth Rollins became the favorite in this match, so if you like Rollins you may have missed the betting boat here.

-139 is still cheap for Seth Rollins to win any match, let alone a one-on-one. Rollins as the underdog I liked, and have also stated numerous times that betting against Rollins in any match is never smart. This is no different and I still back Seth at -139 to win. 

However, with all that said, there are reasons to like Dominik here. The value he is given at +100 isn't great, but it implies he has a 50% chance to actually win. Any underdog given a 50% chance or higher to win is worth consideration. Also, Rollins has a list of enemies that can interfere on Dominik's behalf - legally.

The street fight changes everything, as Carillo, Black and even Dominik's father could come in and help the young lad win. There is a rumor that Seth ruins Dominik tonight, which forces young Mysterio to return with his mask and father's mantle.

For the two directions this could go, not betting is a wise decision. If you must pick a winner however, go with your gut as the odds are low enough for a good miss. I fancy Seth but have no argument for those who wish to take Rey Jr. Bet with your heart here, or don't bet at all.

Betting Tip: Take who you like or avoid - pretty broad advice but you can't really go wrong

Asuka vs Bayley Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Asuka (-139)
  • Underdog: Bayley (+100)
  • Title Holder to End Event: Bayley (-139)
  • Time: ⬆️ 13 minutes (-125)
  • Method: Pin or Submission (+105)

The odds are very telling for what will likely occur here, and the fact Bayley goes on before Sasha adds merit to the theory. It seems Asuka is favored to win this match, and for -139 that is a good bet. Also good bets are Bayley to leave SummerSlam with the belt at -139 AND the method of victory being 'any other result' at +180.

For all three of those bets to hit, the end result must see Sasha Banks interfere on Bayley's behalf and attack Asuka. This would see Asuka win, Bayley retain and the method finish be anything other than a pinfall or submission.

The fact that both the pin or submission only have a 48.8% chance to occur also speaks volume for what might transpire. If you fancy Bayley winning with or without the help of Sasha Banks then take her straight at +100. There are multiple ways to bet this match but it's unlikely Asuka gets Bayley to tap or pins her. 

Betting Tip: Bayley to win +100 or Method 'any other' at +180

Asuka vs Sasha Banks Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Asuka (-177)
  • Underdog: Banks (+125)
  • Title Holder to End Event: Asuka (-155)
  • Time: ⬆️ 13 minutes (-134)
  • Method: Submission (-118)

Going back to the early prop bet of Asuka seeing 23 minutes or more in both matches, that is justified taking here. If you notice the time market for both women's matches, they are each favored to exceed 13 minutes. If that holds true, then the Asuka prop bet would be successful - so worth considering. The prop bet is also cheaper than taking two separate bets in the time market for each women's match.

Any time you can get Banks and Bayley for underdog value, take them. It's perfectly fine to take Banks here and lose the bet. Her odds are worth the risk, as WWE is notorious for failing to pull the trigger on tension between Banks and Bayley. WWE's way of booking to troll sometimes might play a factor here, in which case Banks is worth the bet.

However, Asuka being favored to leave the event with the belt (something she wasn't favored to do vs Bayley) leads me to believe Bayley will cost Banks by mistake. Personally, I would avoid this match and hope the time exceeds 13 minutes. If you fancy Banks then take her but personally I think Asuka is going to win.

Betting Tip: Take Asuka ⬆️ 23 minutes in the prop bet and don't consider anything else for this match (-190)

Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Wyatt (-215)
  • Underdog: Strowman (+150)
  • Otis Leaves With Belt: Yes (+467)
  • Time: Split at 14 minutes (-118)

For those who don't know what 'split' is, basically it's a draw. So there is a 54.1% chance the match goes over or under 14 minutes, so avoid that. Over 14 minutes might be likely, but gimmicky matches are tough to judge from a time perspective. 

Expect gimmicks here with The Fiend and whatever Alexa Bliss' role will be. The most concerning market is actually Otis leaving with the belt. His odds were +1000, and overnight have dropped to +467. That is very concerning for any Fiend fan out there but doesn't mean Fiend loses. 

His odds to win are very high, as his character doesn't need the belt as motivation for relevance. There is a reason to take Otis here as a top 'long shot' bet for the night, but he might also be too tied up with Mandy's story also.

This being a gimmick match, added with Otis' possibility of cashing in and The Fiend taking opponents to weird dimensions from time to time - stay away. There's too many unpredictable variabilities for this match to seriously consider putting money on.

Betting Tip: Avoid this match

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton Betting Odds

  • Favorite: Orton (-200)
  • Underdog: McIntyre (+140)
  • Title Holder to End Event: Orton (-134)
  • Time: ⬆️ 16 minutes (-250)
  • Drew '1-Count' Kick Outs: ⬇️ 4.5 (-345)
  • Claymore Total: ⬇️ 1.5 (-134)
  • RKO Total: ⬇️ 1.5 (-177)
  • First Move: Glasgow Kiss (-167)

You will easily have more fun betting this match than any other tonight. There are so many fun prop bets to consider, starting with the move market. I still believe the Orton DDT hitting before the Glasgow Kiss is worth the +120 value, and worth considering now. The idea Orton hits his DDT and calls for the RKO, only to be reversed into the Glasgow Kiss seems like it's worth betting on. 

The Claymore and RKO total can go in either direction, so maybe avoid for now. Orton does seem like the winner here, but it's not that simple. Orton's odds actually dropped over the last few days, but have gone back up today.

The theory I'm working with is that Shawn Michaels will come in to deliver a Sweet Chin Music to Randy Orton. He will miss, however, and hit Drew or the ref. This will make Drew look strong while also dropping the belt. For this reason, I think Orton leaving the event with the belt at -134 provides the best value in the 'winner' market. 

Be cautious though, as a Shawn Michaels interference could be spotted by an official. This would see Orton win the match but Drew retain the belt. For that sequence to occur, bettors should look at Drew's odds to leave with the belt at +110. That seems a bit unlikely though, as a disqualification finish ending a major event seems very unlikely.

There is reason to believe Drew can win this match, as Orton has built up a long list of enemies who can crash the party. The odds seem to indicate Orton still winning, even if someone tries to help Drew here. 

Betting Tip: Take Orton's DDT hitting first at +120 and consider Orton to leave SummerSlam with the belt at -134

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