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WWE SummerSlam 2020 Early Betting Odds

Six odds have dropped for WWE SummerSlam, one of the four major company events. 888sport released odds for which superstars will leave the event as a champion. Breaking down the early odds, there is some betting advice to consider. 

Intercontinental Championship

A.J. Styles opens as the favorite to leave SummerSlam champion, although it's not by much. The Phenomenal One sees his opening odds at -150 against the Super King of Bros, Matt Riddle (+108). The implied odds suggest Riddle may actually leave with the belt, already beating Styles in a non-title match a few weeks ago. 

There is still over a month before the event is scheduled to take place (Aug. 23). With such close odds, there is a strong possibility Riddle sees himself favored to leave SummerSlam as the Intercontinental title holder. 

A case can be made for either superstar, so expect these odds to fluctuate the most leading up to SummerSlam. Stay away for now, but keep a close eye on these championship odds. 

Raw Women's Championship

Asuka opens with strong odds to win at -134, which is quite high for a field composed of four other women. Any bet featuring three or more superstars rarely sees the favorite with an implied probability over 50%.

Asuka's current odds give her an implied probability to leave SummerSlam with the belt at 57.3%. Charlotte Flair leads the field in odds at +134, followed by Sasha Banks (+500), Nia Jax (+1200) and Shayna Baszler (+1200).

Normally, anytime Baszler is offered odds to win at +1200 you would jump on them. Banks actually presents the best value for any early Boss bettors willing to take a risk.

It seems likely that Banks winning a belt would ignite the 'who's better?' story between herself and Bayley. That might be the split these characters have been foreshadowing for years. 

Flair offers solid value as well, but Asuka seems like a safe bet for now. Another one to stay away from and see how the story unfolds surrounding the championship. 

SmackDown Women's Championship

These odds are between two women, Bayley and Banks. Surprisingly, Banks is favored to leave SummerSlam with the SmackDown Women's Championship at -155. Bayley is the underdog with odds at +110. 

If Banks vs Bayley is the scheduled match, Banks might be the take here. If Banks competes for the Raw Women's Championship, Bayley presents tremendous odds for early bettors. 

Bayley is usually a -400 favorite or higher, so seeing her with underdog odds might be a bet to pounce on now. With over a month to go however, WWE may begin to plant the seeds for Banks vs Bayley at SummerSlam. If that occurs, Bayley may remain a justified underdog.

If Banks is announced as a competitor for the Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam, Bayley's odds to leave with the SmackDown Championship will jump through the roof. If you take this bet now, you are essentially betting on whether or not WWE will book Banks vs Bayley at SummerSlam.

United States Championship

Bobby Lashley (-139) is the favorite to leave SummerSlam with the U.S. Championship. These odds might be worth taking now. They are somewhat cheap odds, and Lashley defeating Apollo Crews seems reasonable to think will happen.

Crews is the slight underdog (+100) to leave SummerSlam with the belt he currently holds. This may be one to stay away from for now and see how the story plays out. Keep in mind that the odds will rise for one of these two as time progresses, so cheap bettors should feast on who they like now. If you're undecided, then stay away. 

Universal Championship

Bray Wyatt is the favorite here, given odds to leave SummerSlam as champion at -177. Much like Asuka, these are high odds with multiple superstars to bet on. Braun Strowman leads the field at +115, followed by Otis (+550), Brock Lesnar (+1500), Matt Riddle (+1700) and Roman Reigns (+1700).

It's safe to say Riddle and Reigns are unlikely to hit this wager for bettors, while Strowman at +115 is a bit expensive. Wyatt may actually take the belt from Braun before SummerSlam, which would be a waste of money for early Strowman bettors.

Otis at +550 presents intriguing value, meaning he would more than likely cash in his Money in the Bank contract that night. Wyatt is the safe bet for now, although a bit pricey. 

WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre is the favorite at -150, another expensive wager for a decent-sized field. Randy Orton leads the field with odds at +115, followed by Lesnar (+700), Otis (+1100) and Dolph Ziggler (+1500).

For Ziggler bets to hit, he would have to win at Extreme Rules and successfully defend the belt again at SummerSlam. Frankly, those odds should be closer to +5000. Otis again presents great value, and seems more likely to cash-in on McIntyre than Wyatt. 

There is a small possibility that Orton wins the belt, only to continue his feud with Edge. Orton vs Edge for the WWE Championship is possible down the road. Much like Strowman though, the odds are a bit expensive for something that specific to occur. 

Otis cashing in successfully on McIntyre for +1100 seems like it's worth an early risk, despite how fans feel about him winning the briefcase.

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