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WWE Summerslam Recap & Review 8/23/20

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WWE Summerslam has come and gone and I'm not sure there has been a more anticipated week in WWE television this year. Two major moves happened for Raw and Smackdown this week, one is the debut of Keith Lee tonight on Monday Night Raw and the other is the return of Roman Reigns to Smackdown. Let's take at the show overall and where the highs and lows of the show were. 

Seth Rollins may have taken his place as the top heel in the company last night and put on yet another show stealing performance at Summerslam. Go back to his 2014 match with Ambrose, 2015 match with Cena, 2017 tag title match against Cesaro and Sheamus, 2018 IC title match with Ziggler and last year's match with Lesnar, Rollins have proven that he always brings his A game to the Summer time showcase. On the other hand Dominik Mysterio made one of the best in ring debuts in the history of WWE. Showcasing his abilities, his selling and his ability to tell a story in the ring. The WWE now has yet another young budding star to build. 

All doubts on if WWE likes or values Asuka went out the window last night, as did the narrative of WWE dropping the ball on her booking or not knowing how to book her. She stood in the ring with Sasha Banks and Bayley, in two different matches and delivered fantastic performances. The story of Bayley and Sasha's downfall has begun and Asuka once again reclaimed the Raw Women's Championship and grew her star last night as well. 

Sonya and Mandy had everything you wanted in a match. An emotional, passionate and intense long term feud with a great stipulation for a payoff. The match started quite a bit slow and some Mandy's inabilities shown through in the match. I think this was my least favorite match on the card but even with all that said, they still ended up delivering a well told story in the ring and did end the match way better than it began. 

Montez Ford absolutely pops off the screen everytime he is in the ring. He and Dawkins are the most valuable tag team for WWE in 2020 and are the most entertaining tag team since the Usos switch from the face paint. The tag title match with Andrade and Garza was very good, it continues the great title run of the Profits and also helped further the tension and potential break of Andrade and Garza. 

MVP and Apollo was on the kickoff show and the match did everything you want it to for Apollo. 2020 has been a great year for Apollo and he's taken every opportunity he's been given and he's run with it. He's always been very good on the mic, however he's now improved his promos and has shown more intensity in his actions. 

The two main Championship matches were a tale of two matches. The Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre match was more a traditional wrestling match which built up as the match went on. While The Fiend and Braun Strowman was a beautiful car crash from start to finish with each man speed even faster towards each other until it's inevitable conclusion. McIntyre winning the match by outsmarting Orton and not using a Claymore was a great way to continue the feud. This feud isn't over as I expect we see round two this coming Sunday at Payback. 

Braun Strowman and The Fiend just went out there to beat the hell out of each other and they accomplished this. Every moment that went by you felt both men turn up the dial of intensity needing something a little more crazy to finally put away their opponent. Strowman ripped the ring apart and The Fiend dropped the monster with his own plan. This in itself could have ended the show and everyone would have been happy. Instead as the WWE promoted, you won't see it coming, Roman Reigns returned with a new jacked look, new teeth and new intensity. Reigns not only dismantled the two beaten men but did so with a swagger we haven't seen yet from the former WWE Champion. 

So many questions are now left, how does Alexa Bliss feel about the situation with Braun and Bray? What is Retribution going to do this week after having an absence on Summerslam? Will a stipulation be added to Orton and McIntyre? Will we finally move towards a Lashley and MVP angle? What tag team will step up to the Street Profits next? How long can Banks and Bayley keep it together? Is Seth Rollins done with the Mysterio family and how will Keith Lee make his debut on Raw tonight? This show did everything you want a major event to do, it highlighted amazing talent, ended some feuds, continued some feuds and gave you massive intrigue for this week on television. I give this PPV an A+ grade and it is by far my favorite wrestling event as a whole in 2020.

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