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WWE Summerslam: WNW Staff Predictions

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This weekend's Summerslam will take place in the Amway Arena in Orlando, Fl. The show features 6 championship matches and two matches with stipulations tied to them. The event has the tagline "You'll Never See It Coming" and with Retribution looming, Otis having his briefcase still and multiple Superstars involved in many angles who knows what could happen. Let us know YOUR predictions down in the reply section or on Twitter!

Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville (Hair vs. Hair match)

Stephen (@view_raw): This match has all the right elements to make it exciting. Long build, emotion and a blow off stipulation at a big event. I expect Sonya to take the loss here and Mandy to set her sights on her next challenge. Winner: Mandy Rose

Colby (@WNWFaria): Mandy already cut her hair & they’re pushing out tons of new merch, dubbing Mandy the ‘hottest soccer mom’ around...Mandy wins this. Winner: Mandy Rose

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): Every time they have faced off in a one on one match or brawl Sonya seems to always stand tall. Mandy has already gotten her haircut now it's time for Mandy to get the all important win. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bald Sonya I think she can pull it off. Winner: Mandy Rose

Thom (@_TJKC_): I don't think there is a loser here, as both women have done very well with the story and growing their characters. That said, it seems the oddsmakers are leaning heavily with Mandy Rose. I rarely go against the odds, which are overwhelming in Rose's corner. Winner: Mandy Rose

David (@CresswellDJ): I have been longing for a Hair Vs. Hair match for a while now and this match is a great choice to include such a stipulation. This has been built over time as an extremely personal feud and following her beat down a few weeks ago I see Mandy getting revenge against her former friend and tag team partner. Plus Sonya will look even more badass with a shaved head. Winner: Mandy Rose

Apollo vs. MVP (United States Championship Match)

Stephen (@view_raw): MVP and Apollo is another long feud that has managed to keep our attention. Apollo has possibly been the "comeback Superstar of the year" in 2020. He's making the most of his opportunities and now will get a major win at Summerslam. Winner: Apollo

Colby (@WNWFaria): With the added stipulation of Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin being banned from ring-side, I think MVP wins with assistance from Cedric Alexander. Before the banning of Lashley & Shelton, I thought Apollo would retain & ‘overcome the odds’, so to speak, but having Cedric cost Apollo the title would add a nice little sprinkle and would add another dimension to ‘The Hurt Business’. Winner: MVP

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): MVP returned at the Rumble for what seemed like a one off appearance. Now he is running things with Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin in a faction known as The Hurt Business. They always seems to lose when it counts the most. I think MVP finally pulls out the win here with an assist from Cedric Alexander. Winner: MVP

Thom (@_TJKC_): It seems likely there will be a screwy aspect to this match, perhaps MVP replacing himself with Shelton Benjamin or Bobby Lashley? Give me Crews with his odds to win hovering around 65%, but don't be surprised to see MVP replace himself either. Winner: Apollo Crews

David (@CresswellDJ): With Apollo finally getting his chance I feel WWE must follow through and give him a big win on the big stage at Summerslam. After the match I can see a beat down from The Hurt Business leading to Lashley being Apollo's next challenger. Special mention to MVP who has been fantastic in his return to WWE. Winner: Apollo Crews

Street Profits vs. Andrade & Angel Garza (Raw Tag Title Match)

Stephen (@view_raw): This feud has many layers to it and that's exciting to see with the tag division. Garza and Andrade miscommunications, Zelina poisoning Ford without the others knowing and add in Bianca Belair and you have an interesting WWE tag title feud. Winners: Street Profits

Colby (@WNWFaria): Street Profits almost have to retain, but I’ll allow for the possibility that Garza & Andrade take the titles with some sort of dirty tactics but then the following week at Payback, they once again aren’t on the same page & the Profits take the titles back. However, I can’t assume all of that happens & either way, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins will end up with the titles. Winners: Street Profits

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): This match was supposed to happen at Wrestlemania and now we are finally getting it. The Street Profits haven't had the best regin and need a huge PPV win. Knowing WWE they could swerve us and put the titles on Garza/Andrade. I'm gonna go against the consensus and pick Andrade/Garza. Winners: Andrade & Garza

Thom (@_TJKC_): The match opened with Street Profits as the favorites to win, but they are now underdogs. The idea of Andrade and Garza as champions is worth trying out, and also adds merit to Zelina Vega's stable. Give me Andrade and Garza with odds to win right around 60%. Winners: Andrade & Garza

David (@CresswellDJ): I'm a huge fan of both these teams but if I had to chose I'd like to see Andrade & Garza become the new tag team champions. I believe they need the win more than the Street Profits and Zelina presenting her boys as the champs will inject some much needed interest into the division. Winners: Andrade & Garza

Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio (Street Fight)

Stephen (@view_raw): I'm not sure there could have been a better first feud for Dominik’s career. He and Rollins have brought amazing emotion and intensity to this feud. This is a street fight and it has so many others involved, I'm guessing we see Black return and help Rollins win. Winner: Seth Rollins

Colby (@WNWFaria): Dominik Mysterio has shined in his first ever feud in WWE...he’s looked great & gotten progressively better on the mic each time he picks up the stick...but there’s either a Dominik turn on Rey or as Stephen alluded to, an Aleister Black return & heel-turn, either way, Rollins comes out on top. Winner: Seth Rollins

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): Dominik Mysterio has opened everyone's eyes in his first feud with a top star in Seth Rollins. Dominik just signed his official WWE contract and everyone assumes he will pick up the win. I think Rollins will pick up the win here thanks to a returning Aleister Black. Black has been teasing a heel turn on Instagram since he was taking out by Seth. Winner: Seth Rollins 

Thom (@_TJKC_): This is interesting, as Dominik opened as the odds-on favorite to win. As Seth Rollins was the underdog, my betting advice continued to be that Seth Rollins should never be bet against in any WWE match. This is no different. As of today, Seth Rollins is the current odds-on favorite to win. It's not by much, but any time Seth Rollins is the favorite entering a match I typically don't argue. Winner: Seth Rollins

David (@CresswellDJ): As impressive as Dominik has been throughout this feud the Monday Night Messiah can't afford to lose to a rookie. I've enjoyed this feud but feel it needs to end with a Rollins victory who can then move back towards the WWE title picture. Rollins to win while putting over Dominik in the process. Winner: Seth Rollins

Bayley vs. Asuka (Smackdown Women's Championship Match)

Stephen (@view_raw): It feels like we are about to see the decline of the Golden Role Models. It feels like Asuka will have an amazing night and become "Asuka Two Belts" and possibly Asuka Three Belts by Payback. I think Bayley finally drops the title and we begin the feud towards her and Banks. Winner: Asuka

Colby (@WNWFaria): Trying to keep my reasoning short & sweet, I think Bayley wins this with assistance from Sasha Banks...& since this title match has been announced as going before the Sasha-Asuka match, I think Sasha helping Bayley will tie-into Sasha’s match, later on in the evening. Winner: Bayley

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): Asuka won the triple brand battle royal this past Friday and will now face BOTH Sasha Banks and Bayley. I don't see Asuka losing clean here since she will be facing Sasha for the RAW Women's Championship. I see Sasha getting involved causing the DQ. Winner: Asuka

Thom (@_TJKC_): This is tough, as Asuka is the favorite. I'm actually going against the oddsmakers and hoping they shift in favor of Bayley come Sunday. The match going on before Sasha-Asuka is huge, and is likely going to see Bayley win. I strongly believe WWE wants the year-long champion run for Bayley, which would be September. Having the belt on either Sasha or Bayley, while there is tension between them, is also key to their story.  Winner: Bayley

David (@CresswellDJ): Thinking of how the expected Bayley versus Sasha feud will be triggered I still see Sasha fighting Bayley to break her epic title reign being the way to go. I predict Sasha will help Bayley to victory over Asuka in the expectation that Bayley will return the favour later on in the night. Winner: Bayley

Sasha Banks vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Championship Match

Stephen (@view_raw): Much of the above kind of says what I think happens in this match. I think Bayley and Banks may inadvertently cost each other their matches. Asuka will have a great night and again possibly a historic week. Winner: Asuka

Colby (@WNWFaria): As I previously stated, Sasha Banks would help Bayley retain her title, earlier in the night...which ties-into Bayley inadvertently costing Sasha this match & begins the downfall of their friendship, culminating with them losing their WWE Women’s Tag-Team Championships just one week later at Payback. Winner: Asuka

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): Time for Sasha and Bayley to drop some weight. We all knew Sasha wasn't meant to be a long-term champion. Either Asuka will win clean or Bayley will cost her the title. Payback is also a week later so they will be dropping the titles there. Winner: Asuka

Thom (@_TJKC_): Asuka should win this. She is the favorite with a 60.8% chance to win. Expect Bayley to cost Sasha the belt and cause the tension we've been waiting years for. Also, Sasha doesn't defend the belt well if past memory serves correctly. Too many trends favor Asuka here, or rather, work against Banks. Winner: Asuka

David (@CresswellDJ): Following my previous prediction and reasoning I'm predicting a new Raw Women's Champion in Asuka as Bayley fails to help/costs Sasha. This will lead to Sasha going after Bayley and the Smackdown Women's Championship in one of the most anticipated feuds in a long time, this could even main event Wrestlemania. Then bring on Asuka versus Shayna. Winner: Asuka

Braun Strowman vs. The Fiend (Universal Championship Match)

Stephen (@view_raw): The addition of Alexa to this feud has breathed new life into it. Braun and Bray have delivered each week in their segments and Alexa has done really well in her role. The question is where does her allegiance lie and will we see Braun go full evil by the end of the night and will we see a new family? Winner: The Fiend

Colby (@WNWFaria): As WNW’s resident Bray Wyatt stan, we all know where my pick is going for this one, right?....well not so fast! Just kidding, of course The Fiend wins...but it’s clear that WWE wants Braun to still seem like a monster, so I think we get an appearance from Alexa Bliss which somehow costs Braun the match. Winner: The Fiend 

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): This feud started off hot then we got the Swamp Fight. The past few weeks Alexa Bliss has been introduced into this feud which has been AMAZING. Braun doesn't seem to care about Alexa anymore and even military press slammed her. I think Alexa will cost Braun the title here. Also The Fiend NEVER loses. Winner: The Fiend 

Thom (@_TJKC_): The Fiend should win here but it's not that simple. The Fiend's loss to Goldberg doesn't make this as big of a lock as it should be. The fact WWE booked The Fiend that way before is a bit annoying, but reminds everyone he isn't unbeatable. There is more concern, however, seeing Wyatt's odds to leave SummerSlam with the belt lower than his odds to win the match (Otis, perhaps?). His odds to leave SummerSlam with the belt have gone from 83.3% to now 64.5%. With all that said, it' s not enough (for me) to pick against Rotunda Jr. WWE should latch their wagon on Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' to help carry them through a crowdless arena-era, where they can explore creativity through his character and the WWE Thunderdome. Winner: The Fiend

David (@CresswellDJ): For me The Fiend is one of the most 'must see' performers in professional wrestling today, especially since his revival at Wrestlemania. I'm not sold on Braun, even less so as a champion however I have to say he has improved throughout this feud which has been much better than I expected. The added element of Alexa Bliss has had me hooked and believe she will be heavily involved in the outcome, potentially aligning with Bray Wyatt to take down the Monster Among Men. Winner: The Fiend

Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match)

Stephen (@view_raw): Many expect Randy Orton to win this match and I completely understand why. I'm intrigued most by this match along with the tagline of the show. Retribution is looming, Otis has a briefcase, Undisputed Era is possibly wrapping things up in NXT. I think this show ends in fantastic and amazing fashion. I'm going to swerve and take McIntyre to win the title but not stand tall to close the night. Winner: Drew McIntyre

Colby (@WNWFaria): I honesty have NO clue what happens here. I could see Orton winning clean, I can see Drew winning clean, I can see Flair returning and helping Orton to try & prove his worth, I can see Retribution having something to do with the finish & causing a rematch at Payback, I can see Drew winning, Orton beating him down, post-match and Otis somehow ends up leaving SummerSlam as the WWE Champion. The possibilities are legitimately endless. However, I think Flair returning, making everyone think he’s there to help Drew since Orton punted him in the head a few weeks ago, but he’s actually there to help Orton & prove that he’s still a worthy asset to Orton makes the most sense. Winner: Randy Orton

Ja' Von (@WNWJacob): This match is a complete toss up for me. Either guy could pick up the win. The build to Drew winning the title was great but the regin has been mediocre at best. Randy has rejuvenated his career becoming the Legend Killer again. Randy is on FIRE right now. I think Randy will win here and possibly with the help of Ric Flair. Winner: Randy Orton 

Thom (@_TJKC_): I'll take Orton, but give me a coin and I'll flip it. The story and odds all point to Randy Orton winning the belt. It's a bit premature, but oddsmakers have already moved Edge into the co-favorite spot (along with Roman Reigns) to win the 2021 Royal Rumble. This means oddsmakers are already preparing other markets for Orton's eventual title win. What worries me for Orton pickers is the fact he has gotten over on Monday Night Raw every week. He's due to slip, as a failed but close victory might see Orton snap and viciously attack Drew. This could set up a rematch at Payback? I think Orton winning is very predictable so WWE might elect to put the belt on Orton a later date, but I'm also all about chalk, so I'll take Orton (63.9% chance to win) in a toss up. Winner: Randy Orton

David (@CresswellDJ): It's really tough to call this match, especially as a huge fan of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre however I'm going to pick the Viper. Both men have been stand out performers during these unprecedented times however despite their efforts this hasn't translated into higher ratings. For this reason alone and with WWE trying their best to shake things up in recent weeks I see them crowning a new champion at the biggest PPV of the year so far. Whatever happens I believe Drew has earned his place at the top table in WWE. Winner: Randy Orton

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