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WWE Supershow House Show Results (1/20/12) - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Wrestling News World reader Alyssa D sent in the following report from last night's WWE live event from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

Ryback beat Alex Riley. Otunga attacked Alex Riley after the match.

Diva’s of Doom vs Kelly Kelly and Eve. Winners: Kelly and Eve by roll up.

Swagger cuts a short promo. Flaunts title belt and says he will take on all challengers.

R-Truth comes out to cheers.

Swagger vs R-Truth. R-Truth wins and is crowned the new U.S champion! Otunga comes out and informs him it was not a title shot. Truth sadly
hands over the title.

Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase for the Intercontinental championship. Goldust chant starts up through out the match and annoys Cody. Winner: Cody Rhodes

Barrett cuts a promo about Randy Orton returning to the ring next week. Says the stairs will be nothing compared what he will do to him next. Also talks about his plans to win the Royal Rumble and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Barrett vs Sheamus. Winner: Sheamus

Jericho comes out to a huge pop. Lots of Y2J chants throughout this segment. Does the usual run around and pointing, getting the crowd excited. After a while he picked up the mike and opens his mouth to talk…only to be interrupted by Otunga who once again comes down to the ring, this time ordering Jericho to take off his jacket because its supposedly a health hazard and will cause seizures. Gives a nod to the fact that Winnipeg is Jericho’s home town. Jericho takes off the jacket. Otunga then orders him to apologize and admit to everyone that Otunga is right. Jericho takes the mic, but then drops it and attacks Otunga, putting him in the Walls of Jericho to a huge pop. After he put his jacket back on and went back to high fiving everyone before leaving. He was treated as a face instead of the face to heel thing that the current storyline seems to be heading, probably because of the fact that he was in his home town.

Primo and Epico w/ Rose Mendes vs Kofi Kingston and Mason Ryan for tag team championship. (Wanted to be like Rosa so I shouted Me Gusta! through out the entire match) Winners: Primo and Epico after Rosa hit and distracted Mason Ryan.

Daniel Bryan vs Big show for championship. Winner: Big Show by DQ when Cody Rhodes and Barrett come out and attack him.

Main Event: CM Punk vs Miz for the WWE Championship in a steel cage. Winner: Punk.

Biggest Pops:
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Big Show

Most Heat:
David Otunga
Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett

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