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WWE Supershow House Show Results (1/28/12) - Evansville, Indiana

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Wrestling News World reader Mark Furman attended last night's WWE live event from Evansville, Indiana and sent in the following report:

6,400 People filled the new Ford Center in Evansville for a Supershow house show the night before the Rumble.

- Sheamus beat Jinder Mahal with the Brogue Kick. Mahal looked like he botched quite a few spots.

-Jack Swagger cut a promo and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back which led to...

- R-Truth beats Jack Swagger..Truth thought he won the title which brought out David Otunga to announce that it was non-title.

- Beth Phoenix beat Eve to retain the Divas Title with the Glam Slam...decent match

- Santino came out to a decent pop and was berated by David Otunga who introduced the "Sin City Cyborg" Ryback. Ryback dominated Santino the entire match and wins.

- Chris Jericho appeared before the crowd, light up jacket and all. David Otunga interrupted him and made him take the jacket off which led to the Walls of Jericho being applied. Jericho then got on the mic and said that tomorrow night will be the end of the world as we know it. Huge pop from the crowd.

- Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett in a very entertaining match. Orton was way over with the crowd and signed autographs around the ring for about five minutes after the match.


- Cody Rhodes cut a promo and said he would pull an Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania and have the World Title and the Intercontinental title after winning the rumble. He then defeated Justin Gabriel in a non-title match which was probably the match of the night.

- Big Show beat Daniel Bryan via DQ. Daniel Bryan retains. Show hit the knockout punch as Bryan jumped off the top rope, but Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett interfered to take down Show. They were met with a double chokeslam.

- John Cena beat Kane via DQ when Kane used a chair on Cena. He hit a chokeslam and then left the ring before returning to try a tombstone. Cena countered with an AA to end the night. Cena got cheap pops from the kids but was mostly met with boos.

Good tune-up show the night before the Rumble.

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