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WWE Survivor Series Live Stream - Results & Discussion

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Welcome to our WWE Survivor Series "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.

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WWE Hell in a Cell Results
Sunday, November 22, 2015
From the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The Survivor Series Kickoff is available in the video below:

The show opens with Lillian Garcia singing the National Anthem. Lillian gets a lot of 'USA' chants after finishing the Anthem.

We get a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight's show. A good deal of time is spent on the 25th Anniversary of the Undertaker, and his (and Kane's) match against the Wyatt Family tonight. Oh yeah, and they manage to make mention of the tournament for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and immediately hypes the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament before throwing things to the ring. Roman Reigns makes his way down through the crowd for the first semi-final tournament match to a decent pop from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio is out next, accompanied by Zeb on his Rascal scooter. Del Rio gets a bit of a mixed reaction, but it's significantly more muted than Roman's entrance.

We get a quick Del Rio/Coalter video promo where Zeb says tonight is about greatness, and someone becoming a shining star, and that person will become the WWE Mex-American Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bell rings and both competitors soak in the crowd for a bit before locking up. Reigns and Del Rio fight to the corner where Del Rio breaks clean. Another lockup and Reigns clamps on a headlock. Del Rio pushes him away, but ends up falling to a quick shoulder block. Del Rio scores with a quick kick to the leg before backing Roman into the corner with a couple more kicks. Del Rio mounts Roman in the corner and connects with a couple of punches, but Reigns walks out of the corner with Del Rio on his shoulder and splats him on the mat. Del Rio sends Roman to the outside, and Roman pulls Del Rio out after him. Del Rio charges Reigns into the barricade before tossing him face first into the ring post, then into the ring. Del Rio heads to the top and leaps off with a flying punch that drops Roman to the mat. Roman sends Del Rio into the corner and punches him in the face before mounting Del Rio with a series of punches. Del Rio pushes Roman off but runs into a big slam that's good for a near fall. Roman rams Del Rio's head into the top turnbuckle and sends him across the ring. Roman runs to the corner and it backdropped to the apron. Del Rio snaps Roman's neck over the top rope, then hits an enzugiri that drops Roman to the floor.

Del Rio heads out after Roman and sends him shoulder first into the ring steps. Del Rio sends Roman into the ring and heads to the top for another flying punch that's good for a two count. Del Rio transitions right into a rear chin lock. Reigns is able to make it up to his feet and fight out of the hold. Reigns sends Del Rio into the corner, but misses with a spear and rams his shoulder into the ring post. Del Rio kicks Reigns in the midsection before hitting him with a big right hand. Del Rio hits the ropes, but he charges Roman and jumps, and Roman moves, causing Del Rio to slip right through the ropes and fall out to the floor.

Reigns heads out with Del Rio and connects with the drive-by kick. Reigns slams Del Rio's head on the apron, then the announcer's table before sending him back into the ring. Reigns ducks a clothesline and connects with a leaping clothesline of his own. Reigns picks up Del Rio and hits a series of ten clotheslines in the corner before charging in with a big boot to the face. Reigns cocks his fist and starts to draw some big heat from the crowd. Del Rio ducks the Superman punch and scores with the backstabber, but Reigns kicks out at two.

Del Rio takes Reigns into the corner and kicks him in the midsection repeatedly before planting Reigns with a DDT for another two count. Del Rio psychs himself up in the corner, but misses with a kick to the side of the head. Reigns responds with a Samoan drop, but it's not enough for three.

Reigns seats Del Rio on the top turnbuckle and pops him in the mouth before heading up after him for a superplex. Del Rio fights Reigns off and puts him in tree of woe position, but Reigns avoids the double foot stomp. Reigns stands and connects with the Superman punch. Reigns waits for Del Rio to stand, then charges right into a superkick from Del Rio, but Reigns is still able to kick out at two.

Del Rio hols his fist high, and the crowd has gotten behind him. Del Rio tries for the cross arm breaker, but Reigns counters with a roll up into a sloppy sit-out powerbomb for two.

Reigns crawls toward Del Rio, but he's caught out of nowhere in Del Rio's arm breaker. Reigns screams in pain, but turns it over, stands, and dumps Del Rio over the top, but Del Rio refuses to break until the ref starts counting. Del Rio heads to the top, but Reigns ducks Del Rio and hits the spear when Alberto lands on the mat. Reigns covers Del Rio and gets the three count.

Winner and advancing in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Roman Reigns

Backstage Jojo is standing alongside Roman Reigns. She congratulates him on advancing in the tournament. Dean Ambrose walks in and congratulates Roman. Reigns says once Ambrose takes out Owens, it's them fighting for the Championship, just like it's supposed to be. Reigns turns to Jojo and says once he beats Owens, it's two friends fighting for the title. Owens comes in and says really, that's what it's going to be? It doesn't matter that Roman made it to the finals. At WrestleMania Roman made it this close, but Rollins stopped him. At Money in the Bank, Bray Wyatt stopped him. Tonight, Owens is the guy that's going to stop him. Owens beat John Cena, and he became Intercontinental Champion, and tonight after he beats Dean, Roman will come this close, but tonight is the Kevin Owens show. Reigns says the Owens runs his mouth, but he's about to go out and get beat down by Ambrose, believe that.

Back in the arena, Dean Ambrose makes his way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.

Kevin Owens is out next, and he also gets a healthy, if a bit more mixed, reaction from the crowd.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings and we get a quick lockup where Ambrose works over Owens, taking him down with a headlock takeover. Owens fights out of the headlock and clamps on one of his own. Ambrose fights out of Owens' headlock, but falls to a shoulder block. Ambrose takes Owens over with a couple of arm drags and a quick rollup, but Owens kicks out at one. Owens rolls Ambrose up for another one count. Owens hits Ambrose with a big chop in the corner before burying his shoulder in Dean's midsection. Dean ducks a clothesline and connects with a flying forearm. Ambrose drags Owens' face across the top rope, clotheslines him to the floor, and leaps over the top rope to wipe Owens out on the floor. Ambrose brings things back into the ring where he hits a corner clothesline and bulldog, but Owens won't stay down for three. Ambrose heads to the top, but Owens hits the ropes and crotches Dean. Owens scores with a couple of clubbing blows before being pulled away by the ref, then he connects with the cannonball for another one count.

Owens clamps on a rear chin lock, but Dean refuses to quit. Ambrose makes his way to his feet and fights out of the hold with a head butt and series of strikes. Owens sends Ambrose into the corner, then hits a TKO, but it's still only enough to keep Ambrose down for two. Owens hits a quick senton, but Dean still won't stay down for three. Owens chokes Ambrose on the middle rope, then gloats for a bit before connecting with a short-arm clothesline. Owens connects with a couple of right hands before scoring with a running back elbow, then an elbow drop for another near fall. Owens traps Ambrose in another rear chin lock.

Ambrose fights out of the hold, and Owens tries to lock in a sleeper hold, but Ambrose fights right back with a belly to back suplex. Owens misses with a senton, but both men connect with simultaneous clothesline, and both men are down.

When the stand, Owens counters a DDT, and both men trade forearms. Ambrose gets the upperhand with jabs and chops, but Owens hotshots Ambrose, then shoulders him and drops him down with a chestbreaker. Owens heads to the top, but misses a moonsault. Ambrose heads up top and scores with a leaping elbow drop that's good to keep Owens down for two. Ambrose seats Owens on the top turnbuckle, and he tries for a superplex, but Owens fights him off. Ambrose doesn't go down easily, hitting Owens with a couple of rights and trying once more for the superplex, but Owens sends Ambrose to the mat. Ambrose pops right back up and goes for another superplex, but Owens counters with a fisherman buster from the middle rope. Ambrose is still able to kick out at two.

Owens tells Ambrose to stay down and smacks him across the face, Ambrose slaps Owens, then responds with a rebound lariat that knocks Owens to the outside. Ambrose hits the ropes and leaps to the outside with a suicide dive to wipe out Owens. Ambrose sends Owens back into the ring and Owens rolls through back to the outside. Owens catches a diving Ambrose and F5's him onto the announcer's table before sending him back into the ring. Owens tries for the pop-up powerbomb, but Ambrose fights out. Owens hits two superkicks, but avoids another pop-up powerbomb. Ambrose connects with dirty deeds, and gets the three count.

Winner and advancing in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament: Dean Ambrose

We get a video package highlighting some of the history of the Undertaker, including his debut 25 years ago at Survivor Series as a part of Ted Dibiase's team. The video package includes footage of some of the 'Legends roundtable' discussion, including comments from Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and JBL.

Back in the arena, it's time for another 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination match. Ryback is the first man to make his way out for his team.

The Lucha Dragons are out next, followed by the Uso's.

New Day is out next as the first part of the opposing team, accompanied by King Barrett and Sheamus. Woods has a mic and asks for quiet. He says they want to celebrate two very important things. Big E points out Xavier Woods' hair, and second Woods wants to celebrate Thanksgiving. They have so many things to be thankful for. Kofi says look at the crowd, then look at them. Their team is slick. They've got Mr. Money in the Bank, the King of the Ring, and the WWE World Tag Team Champions on the same team. They've got more championships than the Hawks, Braves, and Falcons combined. Big E says the Dragons are spending Thanksgiving at the kids table, talks about the Uso's spending the past year at the doctor's office putting Hello Kitty Band-Aids on their boo-boo's, and Ryback, who's bald. Sheamus says tonight they're going to get jiggy on these poseurs. Kofi says he thinks what Sheamus meant to say, is that New Day rocks!

5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Ryback, The Lucha Dragons, and the Uso's vs. New Day, King Barrett and Sheamus

Woods and Jimmy Uso looks to kick things off. Woods tells Jimmy not to touch his hair. We get a lock up, and Woods is immediately concerned about his hair, backing away. Another lockup and Jimmy goes to work on Woods' arm before Woods knocks him back with a big forearm. Jimmy knocks Woods to the mat, then grabs him by the hair. Jimmy tags in Jey, but Woods avoids the double team move. Xavier tags out to Kofi who runs into a big slam from Jey. Sin Cara tags in and is double team tossed into Kofi by the Uso's. Cara sends Kofi into the corner, and avoids a tornado DDT, suplexing Kofi into a pin for two. Sheamus tags in a scores with a couple of uppercuts before being rolled up by Cara for two. Cara chops Sheamus, and avoids him, sending Sheamus to the outside. Cara tags in Jey, then Kofi and Woods are both sent over the top rope. Big E heads over to check on his partners, and the Dragons and Uso's leap over the top onto their opponents. Ryback heads to the top rope and leaps out on top of everyone.

Jey sends Sheamus back into the ring, then heads to the top. Barrett pushes Jey over and crotches him on the top rope, but Sheamus can't keep him down for three. Barrett tags in and stomps away on Jey before taking him into the corner, laying him across the top rope, and connecting with a series of clubbing blows and a knee to the midsection. Sheamus tags in and beats on Jey in the corner, then everyone takes a turn tagging in a stomping away on Jey, in typical New Day fashion.

Sheamus tags back in and we get a double back elbow from he and Barrett while Woods plays the trombone. Sheamus picks Jey up and slams him back down to the mat. Kofi tags in and leaps down on Jey with a flying punch from the top rope. Kofi traps Jey in a modified rear chin lock, but Jey fights up to his feet and out of the hold. Jey connects with a spinning kick to Kofi's face, then he makes the tag to Jimmy. Jimmy comes in with a couple of clotheslines on Woods, and a big Samoan drop. Jimmy is distracted by Barrett and that allows Woods to connect with a dropkick and tag out to Barrett. Barrett mounts Jimmy and scores a couple of punches, but Jimmy comes back with a superkick. Sin Cara tags in and connects with a springboard swanton for the three count, and elimination.

Barrett has been eliminated.

Kalisto tags in and we get a double team monkey flip on top of Kofi. Jimmy tags in and brings the fight to Kofi, scoring another two count. Jimmy works on Kofi's arm, but Kofi sends Jimmy into New Day's corner, allowing Woods to get the tag. Woods connects with a double stomp from the top rope, and he gets the three count.

Jimmy Uso has been eliminated.

Cara is in and he goes right for the pin, but only gets two. Cara hits a crazy springboard reverse DDT, but Woods won't stay fown. Big E tags in and Woods back drops Cara to the apron. Big E spears Cara through the ropes and out to the floor. E sends things back into the ring and Sheamus tags into the mat. Sheamus waits for Cara to stand, connects with the brogue kick, and gets the three count.

Sin Cara has been eliminated.

Sheamus tags Big E in and is then clotheslined over the top rope. Quick tags from Jey, Kalisto, and Ryback lead to quick shots in succession that allows Big E to go down for the three count. Woods and Kofi are distraught.

Big E has been eliminated.

Woods and Kofi are concerned about Big E, bringing him to the back. Sheamus makes his way back into the ring and looks confused at his lack of teammates. Kalisto, Ryback and Jey stand in the ring, waiting for Sheamus. Kalisto connects with a couple of kicks to Sheamus' legs, but Sheamus takes Kalisto into the corner, beats him down, then hits a big front suplex that's good for two. Sheamus kicks Kalisto's midsection, then traps him in the ropes for a series of clubbing blows to the chest and a punch to the head. Sheamus slaps Kalisto, but Kalisto fights back with a big spinning kick. Jey tags in and connects with a cross body from the top for two. Sheamus eats a flying forearm in the corner, then a running butt to the face from Jey, but it's still not enough for three.

Jey connects with a couple of rights, but then runs right into an Irish curse backbreaker. Ryback tags in and hits a couple of big right hands before burying his shoulder in Sheamus' midsection. Ryback hits a couple of big corner clotheslines before running into a big boot from Sheamus, but Ryback responds with a big spinebuster. Sheamus ducks the meathook clothesline and rolls up Ryback for two. Sheamus slams Ryback to the mat, but he still can't get a three count.

Sheamus hypes himself up in the corner, but Ryback catches him. Sheamus fights out of a powerbomb and tags in Kalisto. After some triple team action, Ryback connects with shellshock for a three count.

Winners: Kalisto, Jey Uso and Ryback

We get a video package highlighting the recent history between Charlotte and Paige that led up to tonight's match between the two Divas.

Back in the arena, Paige is the first Diva to make her way out to the ring, and she gets a pretty apathetic reaction from the crowd, who seem a bit worn out after that incredibly fast paced last match.

Charlotte is out next, and she gets a much more favorable reaction from the fans who seem to be catching their breath.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Charlotte vs. Paige

The bell rings and both women circle each other before Paige tried to charge in with a clothesline. Charlotte ducks and goes behind, grabbing Paige around the waist and taking her down to the mat. Paige tries to stand, but Charlotte won't break her grip and takes Paige down again. Paige makes it to the ropes to force a break. Paige connects with a shoulder to Charlotte's gut, then hits her with a couple of knees to the chest. Charlotte blocks the last one, and Paige and Charlotte fight on the apron, trading forearms, before Paige shoves Charlotte into the ring post and drops her out to the floor. Paige follows and slams Charlotte's face into the announcer's table before bringing things back into the ring. Paige clamps on a front face lock before transitioning into an abdominal stretch, then into a sleeper. Charlotte counters with a backpack stunner to break the hold.

Charlotte connects with a big boot, and she tries for the figure eight, but Paige counters with a rollup for two. Paige connects with a kick to the face for another two count. Paige woo's then tries for the figure four, but Charlotte kicks her away. Charlotte locks in the figure four and slaps Paige across the face. Charlotte tries, but she's not able to transition into the figure eight before Paige flips it over. Both women continue to turn until Charlotte rolls out of the ring with the hold still connected and Paige trapped in the ropes. Charlotte breaks the hold, gets Paige in electric chair position on the floor, and drops her face first on the ring apron.

Charlotte sends Paige back into the ring and stomps at her back and chest. Charlotte drops her kneepad, then drops a couple of knees in Paige's face before choking her with her shin. Charlotte locks her legs around Paige's head and smashes her face into the canvas before flipping her over a couple of times. Charlotte buries her shoulder in Paige's midsection repeatedly, but misses with another attempts and connects shoulder first with the ring post. Paige pulls Charlotte out to the apron and tosses her to the floor.

Paige heads out to the floor and the two trade forearms before Paige sends things back into the ring. Paige traps Charlotte in the ropes and pulls back on her arms while putting her foot on Charlotte's back. Paige picks up Charlotte and slams her down to the mat before trapping her in a crazy leg trap rear chin lock. Paige transitions into a body scissors hold, screaming at Charlotte to tap. Charlotte fights out of the hold, but Paige follows up with a running knee in the corner. Charlotte comes right back, hot shotting Paige on the top turnbuckle. Charlotte hits a rope assisted neckbreaker, pinning Paige for two.

Charlotte and Paige continue to trade forearms before Paige kicks Charlotte in the knee. Charlotte connects with a big spear, then a crazy blockbuster type maneuver. Paige rolls to the outside. Charlotte gives chase, sending Paige right back into the ring. Paige rolls right back out to the floor. Paige kicks at Charlotte's knee, then sends her face first into the apron, and into the barricade.

Paige picks up Charlotte and launches her into the barricade before standing on the barricade and gloating. Charlotte pops up on the barricade as well and spears Paige off and to the floor. Charlotte brings things back into the ring and she locks in the figure four, slapping Paige across the face. Charlotte bridges into the figure eight, and Paige is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Charlotte

We get a quick check-in with the kickoff show panel. Byron Saxton says Charlotte vs. Paige was a personal battle, but Charlotte proved she deserves to be Champion. The real question though, is who will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cory Graves says he thinks Byron will have to get used to calling matches with a fishtank (in reference to an earlier Ambrose promo). Booker is backing Reigns. We get a recap of Jojo interviewing Ambrose. Ambrose says he and Reigns have known this day was coming since the beginning. Since three years ago when they debuted. Ambrose's goal is the same as everyone else, to become champion. He loves Reigns, but Reigns isn't going to pay his bills, so Ambrose is going to fight him. Reigns comes in and congratulates him. He says he knows Ambrose will bring it, but so will he. He'll see him out there.

It's time for the next match as Tyler Breeze makes his way down the aisle, selfie stick in hand, and Summer Rae by his side.

Dolph Ziggler is out next, getting a little bit of a pop on his way out.

Singles Match
Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and we get a lockup right away. Breeze takes Ziggler over with an arm drag, then gloats in the corner. Another lockup and Ziggler takes Breeze down into a pin. Breeze won't stay down, but he's immediately taken over with an arm drag. Ziggler mocks Breeze gloating in the corner. Ziggler avoids a charging Breeze in the corner and he clotheslines him over the top. Ziggler follows, but Breeze uses Summer as a shield. Breeze heads back into the ring, but tries to crawl out when Ziggler follows. Breeze grabs on to the apron, and sends Ziggler through the ropes and to the outside. Breeze follows and brings Ziggler back into the ring, stomping away at him in the corner.

Breeze connects with a back elbow, but can't keep Ziggler down for three. Breeze captures Ziggler in a pretty great half Boston crab. Ziggler struggles, but is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Breeze heads to the middle rope, leaping off right into a dropkick from Dolph.

Ziggler ducks a clothesline, then connects with a couple of his own, a big splash in the corner, and a neckbreaker. Ziggler leaps up and drops an elbow on Breeze for a two count. Breeze avoids the rocker dropper, rolls Ziggler up for two, and hits a superkick. Ziggler tries to roll up Breeze but Breeze counters. We get a series of roll ups, with neither man able to score the three count. Both men stand and trade right hands before Ziggler pops Breeze up and drops him to the mat face first. Ziggler tunes up the band, but Breeze blocks the superkick. Both men try for a backslide, but Ziggler is the one to get the near fall. Ziggler ties Breeze up in the ropes, but is forces to break. Breeze catches Ziggler with a kick to the knee, and the unprettier, pinning Ziggler for three.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

We get a video package highlighting some of the more recent history between the Wyatt Famils and the Brothers of Destruction, starting last month when the Wyatt Family dismantled and abducted the Undertaker following his match with Brock Lesnar.

The Wyatt Family make their way into the arena, and there seem to be quite a few fireflies in the arena tonight, even with Bray clashing with one of the most popular Superstars in WWE history.

Kane is the first man to make his way out to the arena for his team, coming out to a pretty nice pop. This crowd is here for Taker though, and when the lights go out and the gong hits, the crowd goes wild. Burning Undertaker signs hang on either side of the aisle as the dead man makes his way out into the arena to a big pop.

Tag Team Match
The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family

Rowan runs into the ring right into a double boot, and double chokeslam from Taker and Kane.

Wyatt and Harper stand on the apron, and Wyatt lets Harper start things off with Kane. Kane kicks Harper in the gut and beats him into the corner. Harper sends Kane into the corner, then runs right into a big clothesline. Harper hits the ropes and runs into a sidewalk slam from Kane, followed by a low dropkick to a seated Harper. Taker tags in and hits a series of jabs to Harper in the corner. Taker lays in with big right hands before working over Harper's shoulder and arm. Taker heads to the top rope for Old School, but Harper fights it off and tags in Bray. Bray comes in with a series of right hands, but Taker ducks a clothesline and connects with a flying clothesline of his own. Harper tags in and eats a big right hand before Taker grabs Harper's arm and connects with Old School. Taker kicks Harper in the chest, then dumps him to the outside. Taker follows out to the floor before laying Harper out on the apron, and hitting a big leg drop.

Kane tags in and brings Harper back into the ring. Harper kicks Kane in the chest, then clotheslines him over the top. Kane fights off Strowman and grabs Bray around the throat, but Strowman tosses him over the announcer's table while the ref is distracted.

Bray kicks away at Kane on the floor, then sends him back into the ring. Bray stomps away at Kane before bringing Harper back into the match. Harper sends Wyatt into the corner, burying his shoulder in Kane's midsection. Harper hits Kane with a big right hand before tagging Bray back into the match. Kane tries to fight back with a series of rights, but Bray ducks a clothesline and launches himself into Kane to wipe out the Big Red Machine. Bray tries for Sister Abigail, but Kane counters out and connects with a DDT.

Both men make the tag and Taker clotheslines Harper in the corner. Taker tries to shoulder Harper but drops him, then DDT's him instead. Taker drops a leg on Harper and it's good for a two count. Taker grabs Harper around the throat, then catches Bray around the throat as well. Strowman distracts Taker and allows Harper and Wyatt to clothesline him over the top rope/ Taker grabs Strowman around the throat and Kane dismantles the Spanish announcer's table. Kane and Taker double chokeslam Strowman through the Spanish announcer's table to a gigantic pop.

Harper catches Taker out of nowhere and Wyatt connects with Sister Abigail, but Kane breaks up the pin. Harper connects with a discus clothesline on Kane, and the brothers of destruction are down. Wyatt does his spider walk toward Taker, but both he and Kane sit up at the same time. Taker grabs Wyatt and Kane has Harper, and both men are chokeslammed simultaneously. Taker drags his thumb across his throat, then he hits the tombstone piledriver on Harper. Taker pins Harper and gets the three count.

Winners: The Brothers of Destruction

After the match, Taker stands in the middle of the ring for a while, soaking in the adulation that only 25 years can earn.

It's finally time to crowd a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd to a more mixed reaction than his first entrance in the opening match tonight.

Dean Ambrose is out next, and the Lunatic Fringe gets a much more favorable reaction than his former Shield partner.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals
Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

After formal ring introductions, we're ready to begin. The bell rings and Reigns and Ambrose go at each other right away with right hands. Reigns sends Ambrose flying with an exploder suplex. Ambrose connects with a couple of jabs and chops, but Ambrose falls flat when he tries to clothesline Reigns. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Reigns over the top rope and to the outside. Ambrose connects with a couple of quick right hands, but Reigns sends Ambrose crashing into the barricade.

Ambrose clotheslines Reigns to the floor, heads into the ring, and dives to the outside with a suicide dive to wipe out Reigns. Ambrose sends Reigns back into the ring, and heads to the top with a missile dropkick that's good for a two count. Ambrose works over Reigns' arm with an arm bar. Ambrose catches Reigns with a couple of rights in the corner, but Roman brings him out of the corner with a giant powerbomb. Reigns picks up Ambrose again and drops him with a sit-out powerbomb for two.

Reigns seats Ambrose on the top turnbuckle, then hits him with a big right hand. Reigns heads up after Ambrose and shoulders him, but Ambrose fights Reigns off. Ambrose connects with a sloppy sunset bomb from the top. Ambrose heads right back to the top, and he leaps off into a sloppy Superman punch that's only good enough for two.

Reigns cocks his fist, but misses with another Superman punch. Reigns fights off dirty deeds, but falls to a rebound lariat. Reigns connects with the spear, but Ambrose still kicks out at two.

Reigns goes for the spear but Ambrose counters, then sends Reigns shoulder first into the ring post. Ambrose connects with dirty deeds, but it's not enough to keep Reigns down for three.

Reigns and Ambrose trade punches while seated, then while kneeling, and then standing. Ambrose hits Roman with a big knee to the gut, the hits a clothesline in the corner, and a series of forearms. Roman connects with a series of clotheslines, but Ambrose turns it around, stomping Reigns repeatedly. Reigns connects with a spear out of nowhere, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns

Reigns holds the belt in his arms, and Ambrose puts his arm around Reigns, giving him a fist bump before making his way out of the ring. Confetti falls and pyro goes off as the crowd seems somewhat happy, and somewhat apathetic.

Triple H's music hits, and Hunter makes his way down the aisle clapping his hands. Hunter makes his way into the ring and holds Roman's arm up in victory. Hunter offer his hand, but Roman refuses to shake. Roman looks at the title, then spears Hunter instead. Sheamus is there out of nowhere, hitting the brogue kick. Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank contract, but Reigns kicks out.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Sheamus hits another brogue kick, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus

Hunter is up, and he shakes Sheamus' hand, embraces him, and holds Sheamus' hand high in victory. Sheamus holds the title up while Hunter stares down at Reigns in disgust.

Hunter holds Sheamus' hand up while Sheamus puts his foot on Roman's chest.

Sheamus makes his way up the aisle with Triple H while Roman lies in the confetti in the middle of the ring, not believing his fortune. The show ends with Sheamus and Hunter walking to the back, as Roman looks on disbelieving in the ring.

Looks like there's a bit of post-PPV action as Roman makes his way to his feet and gets a good bit of heat from the crowd as he makes his way to the back dejectedly.

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