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WWE Talent Frustrated Over Continued Success Of NXT

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There continues to be a lot of frustration within WWE over the success of WWE NXT. While it usually pops up around the time NXT runs a special event on the WWE Network, the frustration is felt throughout the Divas division and within the company’s main roster undercard.

The feeling from many main roster workers is that NXT workers are given more chances to succeed by getting time to tell stories in the ring during lengthy matches. It's also worth noting many of the main event workers are not happy about main roster pay-per-views being shown up by the NXT special events.

Part of this frustration is part of what resulted in the departure of Justin Gabriel. Basically, Gabriel was tired of being used as a directionless enhancement talent and in situations where he worked under the Bunny costume with the Adam Rose gimmick. Gabriel finally had enough and has resumed his work on the independent circuit after requesting his release from WWE back in January.

Brie Bella got the attention of many when she stated at an appearance at Wizard World Indianapolis back in February that if she was working down in NXT, she wouldn’t want to be called up to the main WWE roster. She also admitted it was hard to tell a story in 3 minutes.

Internally, WWE is pushing the narrative that they understand talent frustrations and are working to improve things. As previously reported, a meeting was held at TVs last week to let talent know that management’s door is always open and that included issues within the company or other issues. It was stressed to come to them with situations and do not make them public.

Having written that, there are no plans to scale back on NXT, in fact, quite the opposite. WWE is looking to have NXT as a full touring brand by the end of the year or beginning of next. The recent shows in Ohio were seen as a major success.

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