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WWE TLC Kickoff Results (10/22/17)

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TLC Kickoff

WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff (10.22.17)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Target Center)
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Booker T

The Miz is not concerned about Kurt Angle and can't wait to hurt his boss.

Emma mentions this is her first singles match on PPV and the #1 trend will be #EmmaBeatsAsuka

Kurt Angle is reassured by Jason Jordan that he'll do great tonight. Elias then interrupts and requests a musical number tonight. After granting that request, Elias makes fun of the fact that Jason isn't even on the show.

Drew Gulak interrupts the panel and is upset regarding his PowerPoint presentation being cut for time.

Mickie James is in the Social Media Lounge and talks about how it feels going after her 7th WWE Title, if age is catching up to her and what the first thing she will do if she wins the championship tonight.

AJ Styles says he's ready for anything.

1) Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

A shoving match starts this thing off and Fox bails to escape Sasha right from the get-go. Once she gets back in, Banks gets her in the corner and hammers away but Fox takes her down and then fires back with forearms of her own. She applies a chinlock but Banks fights out and Alicia ends up having a temper tantrum on the outside.

After the commercial, Fox escapes the Bank Statement but gets kicked in the face. She still manages to push Sasha off the top rope onto the floor and then catch her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and then inexplicably goes for the cover on the outside. Back in, Fox gets a two count. Back to the chinlock we go before Fox knocks Banks to the outside once again. Sasha makes it back in at the count of 9 so Fox hits her with a pair of northern lights suplexes for a pair of two counts. Aaaaand back to the chinlock. An attempt at a tilt-a-whirl results in a near fall for Banks and then she manages to kick Fox out of the ring all the way to the floor. She gets back in and gets a big boot for a near fall but misses a Scissors Kick. She manages to belt Sasha in the face but gets caught with the Bank Statement for the win.

WINNER: Sasha Banks via submission (10:13)

Ambrose & Rollins are ready for Kurt Angle to be their partner and they're going to war tonight.

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