Good evening wrestling world! WWE TLC comes to you from San Jose, California with an action-packed card. Tonight, we will see the likes of Finn Balor, AJ Styles, The New Day, Becky Lynch, and many other superstars in action!


Buddy Murphy Vs. Cedric Alexander

The bell rings and the two start with trading wrestling holds and quick pins. After a pin attempt by Alexander, the two are at a stalemate after both men kip up to their feet. After an irish whip to the outside of the ring, Alexander attempts an outside dive. Murphy is able to get back into the ring but is met with a dropkick by Alexander. Alexander goes for the pin and Murphy kicks out at two. After a chop to the chest of Murphy, Alexander gets to the ring apron and delivers a forearm to Murphy. He attempts to follow up with a ddt from the outside, but is met with a knee to the face from Murphy and rolls out the ring. (C)

We come back from commercial and Murphy delivers elbows to the chest of Alexander on the ground. Murphy has Alexander in head lock. Alexander is able to fight out, delivers a forearm , and gets Murphy to the corner. Alexander runs to corner, but is met with big boot. Murphy goes to the top rope and puts Alexander into a sleeper hold on the top rope. He breaks hold before five count from the referee. Murphy leaps into the air but is met with a super kick in the midsection, both men are down. Alexander gets up in the corner, with Murphy in the opposing corner. Alexander delivers a spear followed by a kick to the head on the outside of the ring followed by a knee to the head from the middle turnbuckle. He hits a flatliner from outside of ring. Murphy rolls to the outside and Alexander delivers a wrecking ball dropkick. Murphy gets back into the ring and is met with a flying clothesline from the top rope. Pin attempt and Murphy kicks out at two. Alexander gets Murphy up and goes for Lumbar Check, but Murphy escapes. After an exchange of missed blows, Murphy goes for Murphy’s Law that is reversed, but Murphy ends up getting the rollup, but a kick out at two. Both men stand up and Alexander delivers a michinoku driver, but Murphy kicks out at two. Alexander delivers a couple of forearms. He goes for a third blow, but Murphy retaliates with multiple strikes. Alexander misses an enziguri, hits Murphy with a huge European uppercut. Alexander goes to the top rope, Murphy stops him from diving, tucks Alexander’s head, and hits him with superkick. Murphy delivers a powerbomb, goes for pin, kick out at two. The two end up on the apron and Alexander delivers a huge slam onto the apron. He goes for the pin and a kick out at two. Alexander delivers a quick Lumbar Check. Murphy is able to get his foot on the bottom rope at the two count. Murphy rolls to the outside of the ring, but Alexander rolls him back into the ring. Murphy is able to bait Alexander into the corner and trips him head first into the middle turnbuckle. Murphy delivers a running knee, followed by Murphy’s Law. Murphy pick up the win with the three count. Murphy retains Cruiserweight Championship

Elias Vs. Bobby Lashley, Ladder Match

Spotlight comes to the ring and there is Elias. Elias begins to play song but is interrupted by Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. Lio claims no one cares about Elias and came to see Bobby Lashley.

The match starts and the two men lock up. After a headlock, Lashley is sent to the ropes, but meets Elias with a shoulder tackle. Lashley goes to the outside of the ring to grab the first ladder, and Elias delivers a baseball slide to Lashley holding the ladder. Elias begins to stomp the arm of Lashley. He pushes a ladder into the ring and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Elias begins to climb the ladder, but is interrupted by Lio Rush. Lio tries to leave the ring but is caught by Elias. Elias attempts to send him into the ladder, Rush avoids it and slides to the outside of the ring. Lashley enters the ring, pushes the ladder, and begin to attack Elias. Elias strikes Lashley and delivers a knee to the head. Elias sets up a ladder in the corner. He meets lashley in the opposing corner and chops him and the two trade blows. Elias attempts to irish whip him into the opposing corner, but Lashley reverses and sends Elias into the ladder. Lashley spears Elias into the ladder. Lashley then picks him up and delivers a standing suplex. With Elias grounded, Lashley slams a ladder onto Elias. (C)

Come back from commercial and Lashley is dominating. He has set up Elias grounded in the corner with a ladder and is kicking the ladder into the head of Elias. Lashley sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Elias gets to his feet and delivers blows to the back of Lashley. He then powerbombs Lashley onto a ladder in the corner of the ring. Rush and Elias both climb the ladder and Elias pushes him off from the top. Elias is able to retrieve the guitar from the top and win the match. Elias wins

Elias advances towards Lashley with ladder in hand. When he attempts to hit him, Rush jumps on the back of Elias, causing a distraction leading to a spinebuster from Lashley, followed by a frog splash from Rush. Lashley then smashes the guitar on the back of Elias.

 Finale of the Mixed Match Challenge: R Truth and Carmella vs Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal

Truth and Mahal start off the action, Mahal starts off with a side headlock, but Truth is able to battle out and send Mahal into the ropes, but is met with a shoulder tackle. Truth gets up and delivers a flying crossbody to Mahal. Mahal is able to kick out of a pin at two. Truth goes for multiple pins, which forces Mahal to make the tag to Fox. Mahal and Fox attempt to clothesline Truth and Carmella, but are met with two arm drags. With Mahal and fox on the outside, Truth and Carmella have a dance break. Fox attacks Carmella from behind and attempts a quick pinfall, kick out at two. Fox has Carmella in a head lock, which Carmella is able to fight out of a deliver a Mella-Go-Round. Carmella monkey flips Fox and goes on the attack, but her momentum is halted when Fox pulls her by the hair to the mat. Fox get her up and delivers a northern lights suplex, kick out at two. Both women get up and hit each other with a clothesline. Truth gets the hot tag and goes on the attack. He’s able to hit Mahal with a spinning heel kick Truth gets distracted by the Singh brothers and is kicked to the midsection by Mahal. However, Truth is able to hit Mahal with a spinning shoulder tackle. Fox was able to make a tag without Truth knowing. She gets in the face of Truth, kicks him in the stomach and attempts to hit him with a scissors kick. Truth avoids it and Carmella delivers a superkick to Fox. Fox is able to escape the pin at two because of the interference by Mahal. Mahal attempts to attack Truth, but Truth pulls the top rope, sending Mahal flying to the outside. In the inside, Fox rolls up Carmella for the pin and she reverses it into the Code of Silence submission and Fox taps out. R-Truth and Carmella win

Triple Threat Tag Team For Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Bar vs. The Usos vs. The New Day

Kofi and Sheamus are the two men to start off the match. Some quick lockups to start the match results in Sheamus sending Kofi to the mat with a shoulder tackle, kick out at one. Kofi delivers blows to the back of Sheamus, causing Sheamus to send him into the ropes. Kofi is able to leapfrog a couple of the clotheslines, but ends up getting caught by Sheamus. Sheamus attempts a back suplex, but Kofi reverses and hits him with a dropkick, kickut at two. Kofi tags Xavier and the two attack Sheamus, starting with a couple kicks and clothesline and ending with two big splashes from the top rope. The pin is broken up by Cesaro at two. All three teams enter the ring and start brawling. The Usos send the teams to the outside of the ring. Jey goes for a diving splash on the outside of the ring, but is met with a european uppercut from Cesaro. Woods enters the ring and delivers a baseball slide to Cesaro on the outside of the ring. Woods then attempts a splash to the outside of the ring, but is caught by Sheamus on the inside, who delivers an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Woods is able to kick out at two. Sheamus and Cesaro begin to attack Woods, delivering a double superkick in the corner. Woods is able to kick out at two. Woods tries to fight off Cesaro, but is pulled into the corner and attacked by Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus makes the tag. Sheamus puts Woods in a headlock and as Woods attempts to fight out, Sheamus grounds him and makes the tag to Cesaro. Neither of the Usos have been able to be the legal man in the ring. Cesaro has Woods in a headlock, but Woods is able to fight out. He attacks Sheamus in the corner and then hits the Honor Roll on Cesaro. Both men are down. Sheamus gets thee tag and attacks the Usos in the corner. He then carries Woods into the corner and perches him on the top turnbuckle. With Sheamus on the top with him, Woods battles back and and pushes Sheamus onto the top rope, drop kicking Sheamus off the rope. Both men are able to make the tag, with Kofi meeting Cesaro in the ring with a flying clothesline. He follows it with a barrage of chops and drop kicks. Kofi is able to hit the New Day Boom Drop. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Cesaro catches him and throws him into the corner, allowing one of the Usos to make a tag. Cesaro goes for a suplex to Woods, and Jimmy delivers a cross body to the suplexing Cesaro. Kofi attempts a rollup to Jimmy, kick out at two. The Usos go on to deliver superkicks to their opponents. The barrage ends with a samoan drop onto Kofi. Woods breaks up the pin attempt. Jey and Woods fall outside the ring , leading Jimmy to go up for a splash and he connects with the splash. However, Cesaro was able to make the tag, send Uso into the turnbuckle, and attempt a pin, but there’s a kick out at two. Cesaro goes for the swing to Kingston, and follows it with a sharpshooter. Woods hits Cesaro with a tornado ddt, Sheamus makes the tag and his woods with a knee. Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick, misses. Kofi goes for a rollup and Sheamus kicks out. Kofi is able to deliver a double stomp to the chest and makes the tag. Kofi delivers a trouble in paradise, Woods delivers elbow drop, and Uso breaks up the pin attempt. All of the men are sent flying to the outside, where Kofi leaps onto all of them. Woods and Sheamus go head to head in the ring, where Woods gets caught with a Brogue kick. The Bar retains

TLC Match: Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin

Corbin enters the ring and we notice that the official in the match is Heath Slater. Corbin talks about how he will be permanent Raw General Manager after Braun does not show up. The bell rings, and Slater begins a ten count. Braun’s music hits at the seven counts and Braun emerges in a sling.

Braun grabs a microphone and tells Corbin he forgot to mention how in a TLC match there are no disqualifications, and how someone who is tired of dealing with Baron could help Braun. Apollo Crews emerges from the back, as does Roode and Gable, and Balor. Slater takes off his officials uniform and begins to attack Corbin. All men begin to attack Corbin with steel chairs. As Corbin backs away to the entrance ramp, Kurt angle emerges from the back and attacks him with a chair, sending him back into the ring. All of the men hit their finishers on Corbin. Slater puts his officials uniforrm back on and counts to three as Braun pins Corbin. Braun wins

Tables Match: Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

The Riott Squad make their way to the ring with a table with an image of Natalya’s late father on it. The bell rings and Natalya tackles Ruby to the ground with some punches. Riott is able to fight it off as she goes into the corner with her Riott Squad partners. Ruby is able to floor Natalya. With Natalya grounded, Riott is able to go on the attack. When Riott goes for a clothesline, Natalya reverses and hits Riott with a german suplex. The woman fall to the outside and Natalya sends Riott into the tables outside. The women get on the apron and Natalya attempts a greman suplex to Riott on one of the tables positioned on the outside, but Riott held onto the ropes. Natalya slides into the ring and attempts a spear, but Liv Morgan moves Riott out of the way and takes a spear through the table. Riott enters the ring and attempts to attack Natalya, but fails. The numbers game catches up to Natalya as Logan is able to cause a distraction. Riott slides to the outside, and is sent flying into the barricade by Natalya. Natalya then sets up a table ringside. She then attempts a powerbomb to Riott, but she’s able to fight out of it. However, she gets sent into the barricade again. Logan attempts to attack Natalya, but she ends up being power slammed into a table. Riott then sends Natalya into the side panel of the ring. She brings Natalya over to the table with the picture of her father on it, and she tells Natalya her father is ashamed. Riott brings that table into the ring send sets it up in the corner . Riott brings Natalya into and attempts to irish whip her into the table but Natalya stops herself. The two go back and forth and make their way out of the corner. Natalya puts Riott into a Sharpshooter, facing the table. Riott is able to brawl to the table and push the bottom of it, causing it to hit Natalya in the back of the head. Riott again sets the table up, this time standing in the ring. Natalya is able to get up and deliver and electric chair to Riott. Natalya brings out her own table, one with an image of Riott on it. She also brings out the jacket that her father used to wear. Natalya sets the table up near the corner of the ring, but ends up taking a kick to the face from Riott. Riott sets Natalya up on the table and goes to the top rope, but is knocked down by Natalya. Natalya then sets her onto the table , but is caught by an enziguri. Riott goes for a hurricanrana from the top rope,but Natalya is able to reverse it into a powerbomb and sends Riott through the table winning the match. Natalya wins

Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor

The two men lock up on the ring and you can already see the power of Drew, while also seeing the speed of Finn, as Balor is sent to the corner but ducks out of the way to deliver a quick chop to Drew. Drew throws Balor into the corner and delivers multiple kicks. The two continue to have a back and forth exchange until Drew is able to ground Balor. A few chops to the chest of Balor as the match goes by. We are seeing that this really is a strength and speed contest as all of McIntyre's power moves are met with quick, precise strikes from Finn. Drew is able to send Finn into the corner and deliver a couple of viscous chops. He then perches him onto the top turnbuckle, but Finn is able to avoid the punch and kick the leg from underneath Drew, sending him to the ground. Finn begins to attack the leg of Drew. Finn goes to the top rope, but is caught. The power of McIntyre is once again displayed as he delivers a belly to belly overhead suplex to Balor, sending him across the entire ring. The back and forth continues, and Balor appears to lose this exchange as he is hit with another monstrous belly to belly suplex. McIntyre the delivers a big snap vertical suplex, Balor is able to kick out of the pin at two. Drew gets Balor into an armlock, but Balor is able to escape into the corner. Balor delivers a flying clothesline and appears to have momentum, but that momentum is halted with a shot to the midsection from Drew. Drew attempts to deliver a powerbomb, but Balor slips out, get McIntyre to the ground and delivers a Coup de Grace. Finn begins to gain momentum, as he sends McIntyre over the top rope and delivers a suicide senton over the top rope. He gets Drew in the ring and delivers a slingblade. He tries to follow it up with a dropkick t the corner, but Drew catches him with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Balor is able to kick out at two and a half. McIntyre sets Balor up for an alabama slam, but Finn reverses it for a pin, Mcintyre kicks out. Finn sets him up for a Coup de Grace from the top turnbuckle, but Drew sweeps his leg. He then sets up on the top turnbuckle and delivers a side slam, Balor kicks out at two. The action spills outside and Drew takes the momentum with a huge headbuttt to Balor. As McIntyre throws Balor into the ring, he is met with a super kick right to the jaw from an emerging Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler grabs a steel chair, but McIntyre delivers a big boot and grabs the chair. McIntyre enter the ring with the chair, but is hit with a dropkick and is planted. Finn Balor goes to the top turnbuckle, delivers a Coup de Grace, and pins McIntyre. Finn Balor wins

Chairs Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

The match starts up with a hard kick to the midsection of Mysterio, who is then thrown out of the ring. Orton has already grabbed a chair an attempts to hit Rey, but Rey avoids the hit and gives Orton a shot to the ribs with a chair of his own. He continues to land more blows to Orton as the action rolls back into the ring. Mysterio sets up a chair and attempts to leap on a groggy Orton in the corner, but Orton is able to avoid the blow and begins to punish mysterio with the chair. Mysterio rolls to the outside of the ring, and Orton follows, attempting to deliver a suplex. Mysterio is able to escape it, goes back into the ring, and grabs a chair, delivering another shot to the ribs with the chair. Mysterio then grabs a chair and slides outside the ring and splashes onto a downed Orton. As the two battle on the outside of the rings, more chairs come into play. Orton delivers a couple of shots to the back of Mysterio with the chair before taking the announcers table apart. He proceeds to put a chair on the table and then slams Mysterio onto the table. Orton rolls Mysterio into the ring and attempts a pinfall, Mysterio kicks out. Back and forth action leads to a big snap powerslam from Randy Orton. Mysterio crawls over to the bottom rope and Orton is able to position him for a spike ddt from the middle rope. Rey reverses it and sets Orton up for a 619, but Orton reverses and is met with an enziguri. Mysterio goes for a senton of the rope, but is met with a chair being thrown at his midsection. The two go back forth with chair shots, setting up a 619 that connects. Mysterio goes to the top rope for a frog splash, but Orton sweeps his leg, leaving him dangling from the top rope. Orton goes outside the ring and brings more chairs into the ring. Orton sets up four chairs, linear in the ring and attempt to RKO Rey on them, Rey avoids it and uses the chairs to counter with a rollup pin and pins Orton for the three count. Rey Mysterio wins

Backstage, Finn is giving an interview and says that he does not know why Ziggler came out and interrupted his match. Ziggler tells Balor he was lucky he was there, which leads to a small scuffle between the two, leaving Balor on the ground.

Raw Woman's Championship Match: Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey

The bell rings, and this looks to be another match of speed versus power. The striking of Rousey is already on display, but a kick is caught by Jax. Rousey, however, is able to reverse Jax’s reversal into an armbar attempt. She's unable to lock the armbar in and is powerbombed. She kicks out at two. Jax begins to gain momentum as she uses her size to crush Rousey. Jax continues to land blows, but misses a big leg drop. Both women are slow to get up, but Ronda is able to get jax into a standing rear naked choke. Rousey transitions this into an armbar, but Nia escapes through the bottom rope. Once outside the ring, Rousey is slammed into the barricade and whipped back into the ring. Nia goes for a pin attempt, but Rousey kicks out at two. After dominating Rousey, Jax attempts a powerbomb, but Rousey is able to reverse it. Jax attempts to deliver a spear to the midsection of a stumbling cornered Rousey, but ends up slamming her shoulder in the turnbuckle post and falls out of the ring. Rousey gets to the top rope and delivers a cross body onto Jax on the outside of the ring. Rousey rolls Jax into the ring for a pinfall attempt, Jax kicks out at two. Rousey starts to gain momentum with multiple strikes landing to the body and head of Jax. Rousey once again goes to the top rope and goes for another cross, body, but Jax is able to counter with a samoan drop. Jax attempts a pin, but Rousey kicks out at two. Jax goes back on the attack, which leads to her going to the top turnbuckle to deliver a samoan drop, but Rousey counters and delivers a sunset flip powerbomb. Jax is able to once again kick out at two. Rousey attempts an armbar, but Tamina causes a distraction, which allows Nia to get up. Jax attempts to deliver a huge blow but Ronda counters and is able to lock in an armbar for a submission victory. Ronda Rousey wins

WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

The bell rings, and instead of squaring off right away, Bryan runs outside the ring and avoids Styles. Once, Bryan gets into the ring, Styles unloads with multiple chops to the chest of Bryan. It appears as if AJ Styles is in control of the beginning of this match. The two begin to trade blows, but Styles sends Bryan outside the ring with a clothesline. Styles attempts a forearm to Bryan on the outside, but is met with a big kick to ribs of Styles. Bryan gets Styles back into the ring and begins to target the ribs of his opponent. Bryant begins to gain momentum in the match, dealing a great amount of damage with huge chops to the body of AJ Styles. Daniel delivers a series of no kicks to the chest of Styles, causing him to fall to the outside of the ring. When Styles enters the ring, he begins to battle back. The two go back and forth with quick pin attempts, but Bryan gains the upper hand. Bryan begins to deliver two hard kicks to the face of Styles, but Styles is able to counter the third attempt with a huge clothesline. With both men down, the referee begins a ten count, but both men are able to answer before the ten. It appears as if Styles has new energy as he goes on the attack and takes over the match. Styles calls for a Styles Clash, but Bryan is able to roll out of the ring. On the outside, Styles continue the assault, sending Bryan into multiple ring post. Inside, Bryan pleads for Styles to stop. Stylees does not fall for the bait as he almost comes up with the pinfall victory from a rolllup pin on Bryan. Styles attempts a suplex, but Bryan is able to fight out of it. Bryan attempts to attack a cornered Styles, but Styles flips over him. He attempts a reverse ddt, but Bryan counters with strikes to the head and a suplex. Styles kicks out of a two count. Bryan begins to unload the no kicks, and connects with a huge blow to the head. Stiles kicked out at two, once again. The two have an exchange that leave both men grounded. Both men stand up and Styles gets to the outside and attempts to deliver a Phenomenal Forearm. Bryan attempts to reverse it by kicking Styles in the ribs, but it's caught by Styles and he delivers a dragon screw. He's now beginning to attack the leg of Bryan, with continuous whips of the leg to the ring post, followed by a huge chop block. Styles gets one of Bryan’s legs, but he delivers an enziguri. Bryan goes on the attack, ultimately attempting a hurricanrana from the top rope. Styles is able to reverse it an attempts a styles clash, but he turns the into a half boston crab. Styles has the hold locked in in the middle of the ring, but Bryan is able to reverse it into the Lebell lock. Styles escapes with a pin attempt, which is reversed with with another pin attempt from Bryan. A big kick from Bryan is met with a pele kick from Styles, leaving both men down on the mat. When both men get up, they trade strikes back and forth that result in both men being floored again. Styles goes to the apron and delivers a springboard 450 splash, and Daniels is able to kick out at two and a half. After another exchange, Styles is able to get Daniel into a heel hook, but Bryan is able to get to the bottom rope and rolls to the outside of the ring. The two do battle on the outside of the ring, where Styles is able to deliver a Phenomenal Forearm. Styles gets Brian back into the ring and attempts another forearm, but Bryan is able to avoid it. Styles almost runs into the official, but stops himself. Bryan goes for a the running knee, but Styles avoids that and attempts a rollup pin that Bryan reverses with a pin of his own and gains the victory. Daniel Bryan wins

Intercontinental Championship Match: Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose

The match starts with a little back and forth trash talk between the former friends. Rollins begins with some quick strikes towards Ambrose. Seth begins to deliver a couple running corner forearms, but Ambrose is able to slide underneath the rope. Rollins runs towards Ambrose on the outside, but Ambrose delivers a flapjack on to the announce table. This begins Ambrose’s assault on the Intercontinental champion. Dean has seemed to gain the momentum with some strikes and a snap suplex in the ring. Ambrose continues his attack, downing his opponent with an elbow from the turnbuckle. This leads to a two count kick out by Rollins. Ambrose continues his attack with a couple of wrestling holds, wearing Rollins down. Rollins, however, is able to escape, but is sent flying into the corner and then is met with a huge clothesline. Rollins kicks out of a close two count, as Ambrose keeps his momentum going, following his attack with another elbow to the head of Rollins. Ambrose attempts a couple of quick pinfalls. The kickouts frustrate Ambrose and it is visible. Ambrose begins to taunt Rollins and the crowd. Seth caught Ambrose with a quick slap, but is then met with a barrage of kicks and punches. Ambrose attempts to lift Rollins, but Rollins lands on his feet, allowing Ambrose to attempt a rollup pin, that's reversed by Rollins. Rollins is able to send Ambrose face first into the second turnbuckle. Both men stand up and Dean begins his assault on the left leg of Seth Rollins, delivering a leg drag, followed by a cloverleaf locked in in the middle of the ring. Rollins is able to force a release as he is able to make it to the bottom rope. Ambrose mocks Rollins as he fall to the outside of the ring. Ambrose pulls Rollins to the apron, where Rolins delivers a sort of stunner, followed by a leg drop on a hungover Ambrose that causes him to fall out of the ring. Rollins attempts a suicide dive, but is met with a big right hand. Dean gets back in the ring and is met with a sling blade by Seth who is able to eventually downs his foe. Some action in the ring drives Ambrose outside of the ring, allowing Rollins to deliver multiple suicide dives. Rollins gets Ambrose back in the ring. He climbs to the top rope and is knocked down with a right hand by Dean. Dean attempts a suplex from the turnbuckle but that attempt is halted. Rollins attempts a sunset powerbomb, but his knee gives out. As Ambrose taunts, Rollins is able to recover and deliver a buckle bomb to the other side of the ring. With both men slow to get up, Rollins is able to deliver a kick to the midsection followed up by a knee to his ow from Ambrose. The two men exchange blows back and forth, but this leads to both men going for a crossbody in the middle of the ring, thus crashing right in the center. Some more back and forth exchanges leads to a facebuster from Ambrose that is not enough to keep the champion down. Ambrose continues to taunt Rollins in the ring. Dean mocks Rollins’ “Burn It Down” taunt and is met with an enziguri. He’s then able to land a ripcord knee that leads him to go to the top turnbuckle for a frog splash, but that move is countered when Dean is able to get his knees up and almost scores a pinfall victory. Rollins, with picked up momentum, is able to perform his suplex/falcon arrow combination, but Ambrose kicks out at two. Rollins begins to unload right hands onto Dean Ambrose. Rollins goes for a super kick, but Ambrose extends his fist, which was the sound of the Shield. Rollins swats his hand away and delivers a huge superkick. A switch goes off inside of Rollins and he begins to completely attack Ambrose, inside and outside of the ring.Rollins brings Ambrose back into the ring. Rollins tells Ambrose the next actions of his are for Roman Reigns. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp, but Ambrose reverses and lands Dirty Deeds for the pinfall victory. Dean Ambrose Wins

Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Asuka vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

The three woman face off in the ring, and this first time ever match is underway. Flair and Lynch being jawing at each other, and they are both met with an attack from Asuka. Asuka takes down both woman and stand tall in the middle of the ring. She attempts to go outside of the ring, but is stopped by Lynch, whe gifts Asuka with multiple corner blows. She ends the assault with an exploder suplex and Asuka rolls to the outside. Charlotte attempts a big boot on Lynch, butt missses as Lynch delivered some blows. Flair, however is able to deliver an exploder suplex of her own. Both Asuka and Flair attempt to bring ladders into the ring, while Lynch tries to bring a table into the ring. Flair sets up a table in one corner, and also finally brings the ladder into the ring. Asuka tries to interrupt Flair, but is sent head first into the table. Meanwhile, Lynch has picked up that ladder and is setting it up mid ring. This is stopped when she eats a big boot from Flair.Asuka gets up ad attacks Flair with some open palm strikes that Flair is able to stop. Flair attempts a spear onto Asuka, but Asuka counters with codebreaker of sorts. Lynch then pushes the ladder over, which nearly lands on top of Asuka. Asuka and Lynch exchange blows, but Asuka gets the upper hand. She puts Lynch onto the second turnbuckle, and then sends her crashing down onto the ladder on the ground. Becky rolls out and Asuka begins to set the ladder up in the middle of the ring. As she climbs the ladder, Flair runs back into the ring, bouncing Asuka’s head off of the ladder. Flair begins to climb but it taken down by Asuka.Flair retaliates by attempting to throw Asuka outside of the ring, but Asuka hangs on to the middle rope. Flair climbs again, but Asuka catches Flair, powerbombing Flair through the table that was set up in the corner. It seems as if Asuka has a clear path to the title as she is climbing the ladder, but she takes a dropkick t the side from Lynch that came from the top rope. All three women are downed. Becky slowly begins to make her way up the ladder, but Asuka prys her off of the ladder. With Lynch on the apron, Asuka drivers a hip attack, sending Lynch crashing to the outside. Charlotte sees an opportunity and with Asuka hanging on the rope form this hip attack, she delivers a huge chairshot to the back of Asuka. With Asuka and Lynch on the outside of the ring, Flair goes to the tio and delivers a moonsault to both woman. Flair searches for and finds a table that she sets up ringside. As she sets up the table, Lynch delivers multiple chair shots to not only Flair, but Asuka as well. As she turns around from taunting to the crowd, Flair kicks the chair out of Lynch’s hands and sends her into the chairs at rinside. Flair grabs Asuka and sends her into the announcers table and is then met with a chair to the ribs from Lynch. Lynch then proceeds to set up a giant ladder on ringside and she proceeds to set both Flair and Asuka up on the table. Lynch climbs to the top of the ladder and delivers a leg drop, only connecting with Flair as Asuka was able to avoid the blow.Asuka is able to slowly crawl into the ring and proceeds to slowly climb the ladder. Lynch makes her way in the ring and also climb the ladder. Both women are exchanging blows at the top of the ladder, when suddenly Flair is back in the ring with a kendo stick in hand attacking both women. Flair proceeds the to climb the ladder with her other competitors downed outside the ring, but a persistent Asuka makes her way back to the ring. She is met with numerous blows with the kendo stick as action spills outside the ring once again. With her back turned, Flair becomes the victim of a bexploder on the outside of the ring against a table and the barricade. Asuka, however, stops Lynch’s momentum as she unloads with a kendo stick. Asuka taunts to the crowd and is met with a huge spear from Flair that sends both women through the barricade. Flair slowly crawls to her feet, but Lynch has already sprinted into the ring with a newfound energy is is climbing rapidly towards her title. Flair is able to stop her progress and yank her down from the ladder, which leads to trash talk between the former best friends. The two begin to exchange heavy blows, with the exchange ending by Lync sending Flair into the ladder. Their action spills outside as Flair continues to land chops to the chest of Lynch. Flair sets an exhausted Lynch onto a table at ringside. Flair then gets to the top turnbuckle and delivers a front flip onto Lynch through the table. With Lynch down, Flair makes her way up the ladder, but Asuka comes from out of nowhere and lands blows onto Flair at the top of theladder. As they exchange blows, Lynch sets up another ladder right next to them. Asuka falls and Flair moves over to the ladder that Lynch is on and they exchange blows. Out of nowhere, Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring and knocks down the ladder that both women were on. With Lynch and Flair down, Asuka begins to climb the ladder and she is able to pull down the championship. Asuka wins

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