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WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Stairs Results (12/14/14)

Welcome to our WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs... And Stairs featuring live streaming results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.
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Welcome to our WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs... And Stairs featuring live streaming results and your discussion. Please enjoy streaming live results below and discuss the show as you see fit in the comments area below.

WWE TLC 2014 Results
Sunday, December 14, 2014
From Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH
Report by Sean Hopkins of

We open with a video package highlighting some of the main feuds, and the gimmick matches, along with their dangerous nature, heading into the show. Of course, a good bit of time is spent on Rollins vs. Cena in the package.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. He calls tonight WWE's version of a demolition derby before throwing it to Lillian Garcia in the ring, who gives a quick run-down of the rules of the opening match. Just like Renee Young teased in the pre-show, the ladder match looks to kick things off, as Dolph Ziggler's music hits, and the show-off makes his way to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd.

Luke Harper is out next, and the champion doesn't get much of a reaction as he stalks down toward the ring, checking out some of the ladders on his way down the aisle.

We actually get formal ring introductions for both men before this match, which is a nice touch. As a home-town boy, Ziggler gets a ton of love from the crowd, and Harper draws a good bit of heat.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings, and Harper kicks Ziggler in the gut. Ziggler tries for a superkick, but Harper avoids it. Both men slide to the outside and go for ladders. Dolph slides in a giant one, and Harper slides in a couple of smaller ones. Harper goes on the attack and whips Ziggler into a ladder that's set up ringside.

Harper tosses Ziggler into the timekeeper's area, then he heads back into the ring and sets up a ladder under the title. Harper begins to climb, but Ziggler is in to tip over the ladder. Harper lands on his feet and scores with a big boot to wipe Ziggler to the outside.

Harper goes to the floor and sets up a ladder between the ring apron and announcer's table. Harper gets Ziggler in powerbomb position, but Ziggler fights out of it. Ziggler charges into Harper on the outside, and Harper executes a black hole slam on the floor.

Harper tips over a ladder, letting it fall on top of Ziggler. Harper heads back into the ring and tosses aside one of the smaller ladders before setting up the large ladder again. Harper begins to climb, but Ziggler pulls him down. Harper tosses Ziggler face first into the ladder, then tips the ladder over again, dropping it on Dolph's face.

Harper sets Ziggler up in the corner, and tosses the ladder into Ziggler. Harper backs up and charges in, but Ziggler pushes the ladder into Harper's face. Ziggler climbs to the top rope, but Harper kicks the ladder into Ziggler, and Ziggler falls to the outside.

Harper picks up a ladder and tosses it to the outside, on top of Ziggler. Harper clears the middle of the ring, and notices Ziggler standing on the outside. Harper dives headfirst through the ropes, into a ladder begin held by Ziggler, wiping out both men. Harper gets up grasping at his arm. Ziggler scrambles into the ring and sets up the ladder. Dolph begins climbing, but Harper is in and he's got Dolph by the ankles. Dolph kicks Harper away, and he gets his hands on the belt, but Harper tips the ladder over and Dolph bounces off the top rope.

Harper stands, still holding his wrist. Harper grabs a ladder and sets it up in the corner between the middle and top rope. Harper slides a ladder on the mat into Dolph's face and shoulder. Harper sets a ladder down in the middle of the ring, then he grabs Ziggler and gets him in powerbomb position. Ziggler is able to avoid it, and he scores with a dropkick that sends Harper crashing down on the ladder. Ziggler hits the ropes and goes for the fameasser, but Harper catches him and powerbombs him into the ladder wedged in the corner.

Ziggler has huge welts and scrapes along his side and back. Harper drags Ziggler over into the ropes and lays a ladder down on top of him. Harper executes a slingshot between the bottom and middle rope, with the ladder on top of Ziggler. Ziggler crumples out to the floor.

Ziggler looks to be busted open, and the doctor is down to check on Ziggler. Harper has the ladder set up, and he's climbing. Ziggler brushes the doctor off and runs into the ring and up the ladder. Ziggler and Harper trade blows, and Harper drops to the mat, pulling Ziggler down with him.

Harper rolls to the outside and grabs an even larger ladder,bringing it in the ring with him. Ziggler tries to ram it into Harper's shins, but Harper pushes the ladder back in Ziggler's face. Harper tries for a powerbomb on the ladder, but Ziggler is able to counter it into a facebuster, planting Harper's face right on the ladder. Ziggler sets up the ladder under the belt and he climbs. He gets a hand on it, but Harper has Dolph's foot. Harper pulls Ziggler down, but Dolph reverses it into a DDT on the way down.

Harper makes it to his feet first, and he grabs a short ladder. He holds it over head, and smashes it into a ladder Dolph's holding. Harper has the ladder around his neck, and he hits Dolph with it once, but Dolph comes back with a superkick to send the ladder into Harper's face. Harper appears to be bleeding from somewhere as well. Harper rolls to the apron and Ziggler hits him with a ladder that sends Harper flying backward onto the ladder he set up between the apron and announcer's table earlier. Ziggler is up the ladder again, and he's almost got the belth, but Harper is able to make it into the ring and push the ladder over into the ropes, wiping Dolph out hard.

Harper is bleeding from a couple of places on his arms, it appears. Harper sets up a ladder, and Ziggler is in the corner. Ziggler uses another ladder to slam Harper into the standing ladder, and fall from the corner to the middle of the ring. Dolph begins climbing, but Harper's up. Harper sets up another ladder and begins to climb, but Ziggler comes up with a knee to Harper's face. Ziggler sits on top of the ladder, and he pulls down the title while the arena explodes.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler celebrates on his way to the back, while the announcers sing his praises, and talk about how great it is for him to do this in his hometown.

After a brief commercial for WWE toys, and a spot for Tribute to the Troops, we head back into the arena, where the Uso's are out, doing their signature entrances, but this time with their Slammy's sitting in front of them. The Uso's get a nice pop from the fan's when they do their call-and-response routine, and they look ready for this match.

Miz and Damien Mizdow are out next, and they too have 'their' Slammy, which Miz flaunts on the way down to the ring, of course that means Mizdow flaunts his as well. We get a recap of some antics from the pre-show where Miz talked to Naomi about getting her an agent, while Mizdow mimes along.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. The Uso's

The bell rings and Jey and Miz kick things off. Jey goes right into a head lock, but Miz pushes him away. Jey scores with a couple of roll ups, then Miz and Jey trade roll ups while Mizdow doubles on the outside. Jey traps Miz in an arm bar, and makes the tag to Jimmy. Miz runs from the ring, and Jimmy chases. Miz stomps and kicks at Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy comes back with a big takedown, and a series of mounted punches. Jimmy scores with a couple of big chops, then tags out to Jey. Jimmy and Jey execute a double suplex, and drop Miz after turning around to see Mizdow acting out the suplex in the corner. Jey tosses Miz to the outside, and then he follows, and Jey jumps out on top of them. Back in the ring, Miz is able to score with a DDT that's good for a near fall.

Miz hits Jey with a series of right hands, then a big kick to the chest. The fans are chanting for Mizdow, and Miz teases it, but ends up rolled up by Jey. Miz kicks out and scores with a clothesline before clamping on a rear chin lock. Miz screams at Jimmy, taunting him while wearing down his brother. Jey is able to fight out, and he hits a big enzugiri.

Jimmy tags in, and takes Miz down with a couple of clotheslines, and a quick superkick to the gut. Jimmy scores with a Samoan drop, and Miz goes to the corner. Mizdown scrambles into the other corner. Jimmy points at both men, and since the Miz gets more boos, Jimmy hits Miz with the moneymaker. Mizdow rolls to the outside, and Miz scores with a big boot to Jimmy's face that's good for two. Miz drags himself up in the corner, but runs right into a backslide from Jimmy. Jimmy hits a twisting press. Miz comes back, but ends up tied in a single leg crab, with his arm tied up as well. Miz struggles, making it to the bottom rope to force a break.

Miz tries for the SCF, but Uso turns it around and hits a superkick. Uso begins climbing the turnbuckle, and Miz bails to the floor, grabbing the titles and heading to the back. Jimmy dives over the top rope to take out Mizdow, and Miz cracks him with the Slammy, drawing the DQ. Jey comes over, and he's clocked as well.

Winners by DQ: The Uso's
STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Miz and Mizdow

Miz and Mizdow take turn raising their titles, with the crowd cheering Mizdow, and booing Miz.

Byron Saxton is backstage with Seth Rollins, who's standing with Noble and Mercury. Rollins says he wants to take a second to dedicate his victory to two important people, people who should be here, making decisions about what happens in WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They're not here because John Cena concocted a plan to get the Authority out of power, but the man solely responsible for that, is the vigilante Sting. Sting's nowhere to be found, so Cena's going to pay, starting tonight. The beauty of tonight is the Rollins doesn't have to pin or make Cena submit, he's just got to put him through the table. And a couple of things are going to become clear to Cena, the paradigm shift is real, and the future has arrived. And also, everything Cena's worked for, the match against Lesnar, poof, gone, up in smoke. And Cena will realize the Rollins will stop at nothing until Cena brings the Authority back.

The announcers turn their attention to the Stairs match, giving a tale of the tape, but not of either competitor. Instead, the tale of the tape is all about the steel ring steps.

Big Show is the first man out for the next, absolutely ridiculous, match. Show doesn't get much of a reaction from the fans in the crowd on his way to the ring.

Erick Rowan is out next, and the former Wyatt family gets a couple of cheers, but the crowd doesn't seem too interested in either man in this match.

Stairs Match
Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

The bell rings, and Big Show charges right into a series of punches by Rowan. Rowan backs Shown into the corner, and hits him with a couple of big splashes, and a huge spinning back heel kick. Show rolls to the outside, and Rowan follows. Rowan is kicked in the gut and slammed to the floor by Show.

Show whips Rowan into the ring steps, and the stairs come into play for the first time in this match. Show grabs Rowan by the beard and tosses him back into the ring. Show grabs the top half of the ring steps, and he sets them on the apron for a second. Rowan dropkicks the steps into Show's face. Rowan heads out to the floor, grabs the stairs, and rams them into Show's face. Rowan heads up the apron and pushes over some of the set up ring steps lining the aisle. He kicks Show in the ribs before setting up three sets of stairs on their sides, next to, and on top of each other. Rowan turns back to Show and Show sends him crashing into the ring apron. Show picks up Rowan and dumps him back into the ring. Show pulls Rowan back out toward the apron, and hits an open hand chop to the chest, before he pulls Rowan out to the floor, and tosses him into the timekeeper's area.

Show tosses some steps into the ring, then places another half set on top of the announcer's table. Show and Rowan trade blows before Show whips Rowan into another set of stairs. Show takes apart the stairs, ramming them into Rowan's ribs. Show grabs the ring steps off the announcer's table, bringing them into the ring. Show knees Rowan in the face, then picks him up and dumps him back into the ring.

Show picks up the top half of some ring steps and brings them crashing down on Rowan's back. Show then wedges the top half of the ring steps in between the middle and top rope. Rowan tries to fight back against Show, but Show sends him crashing into the ring steps in the corner. Show backs Rowan up, and slams him into the ring steps again before clotheslining him.

Show picks Rowan up and grabs him by the throat. Rowan fights Show off, picks him up, and slams him into the ring steps. Rowan goes over to the corner and pulls out the steps Show wedged their earlier. Rowan climbs to the middle rope and has the steps, holding them up and slamming them down. Show is able to move out of the way, and the steps clang against more steps. Rowan heads to the outside, and Show follows, hitting a spear to send Rowan crashing through all of the ring steps set up on their sides earlier in the match by Rowan. Both men look a lot worse for wear, but both make it up and back into the ring.

Show picks up some steps, but Rowan hits a big boot that send the stairs crashing right back into Show's face. Show is able to catch Rowan by the throat, and he hits a chokeslam on the steps. Show grabs Rowan by the collar and hits him with a KO punch. Show picks up some steps, and pins Rowan using the steps for leverage, getting the three count.

Winner: Big Show

After a quick spot for Total Divas, and a shout out to the band responsible for the official theme song of WWE TLC, it's time for John Cena vs. Seth Rollins in a Table Match. We get a video package looking at some of the recent events that led to this match, beginning with Seth Rollins interfering in Cena's match with Brock Lesnar, where Rollins cost Cena the title, giving him the DQ win.

Paul Heyman makes his way down to the ring before either man, and he's introduced a bit confusedly by Lillian Garcia. Seth Rollins is the first competitor out for the match, and of course he's flanked by Mercury and Noble.

John Cena is out next, and he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, although there seem to be a good bit more cheers than normal.

Tables Match
John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

The bell rings, and Cena begins telling Rollins it doesn't get bigger than this. Cena and Rollins trade punches, and Cena scores with the bulldog. Cena's distracted by Mercury, and that allows Rollins to slam Cena face first into the mat. Rollins stomps away at Cena, and stands on his throat in the corner. Rollins whips Cena across the ring, and Cena comes out of the corner with a big clothesline.

Cena heads out to the floor, and he goes under the ring to grab a table. Cena heads back into the ring, and Noble pulls the table out of the ring. Rollins attacks Cena from behind, stomping away. Rollins hits a big splash in the corner, and then he heads out to the floor. Rollins pulls out a table, and Cena rolls to the floor and hits Rollins with a big right hand. Cena sends Rollins into the ring, and he sends another table in. Both Noble and Mercury try to grab the table, but Cena is able to shove both men into the barricade. Rollins attacks from behind again, laying in with stomps to Cena's back.

Rollins grabs the table Cena brought into the ring, and he sets it up in the corner, propped on the top rope. Cena is able to catch Rollins in powerbomb position, but Mercury and Noble are in to break things up. Rollins scores with a DDT, planting Cena's face on the canvas. Rollins heads out to the floor again, and he pulls out another table.

Rollins brings the table into the ring, and he props it up in the corner. Rollins kicks at Cena's heads and chest, then hits him with a head butt, and a series of elbows in the corner. Rollins whips Cena, but Cena avoids the table. Cena hits a couple of shoulder tackles, and a belly to back suplex. Cena scores with the five knuckle shuffle, and he shoulders Rollins for the AA, but Noble and Mercury are in to pull Rollins down and beat down Cena.

Rollins calls for help to powerbomb Cena, but Cena fights back, kicking Rollins away and fights Noble up the aisle. Cena grabs a piece of exposed barricade, hitting Noble, Mercury, and then Rollins. Cena grabs Noble and hits a suplex, planting Noble on the barricade. Rollins catches Cena from behind, and Mercury slams Cena's head against tables, and beats him up the aisle. Mercury holds Cena for a superkick from Rollins, and the Rollins tosses Cena into the ring apron.

Rollins and Mercury grab a table, and try to hit Cena with it, but Cena ducks, and they break the table against the ring post. Cena grabs Mercury, and fights off Rollins. Cena hits the AA, sending Mercury flying into the timekeeper's area. Rollins is able to whip Cena into the barricade hard, and so he goes to set up another table.

Rollins goes under the ring and grabs another table, setting it up side by side with the other on the floor. Rollins climbs up to the apron, and he tries for a suplex for the outside, but Cena blocks it and suplexes Rollins back into the ring. Rollins and Cena trade right hands, and Cena shoulders Rollins. Rollins fights out of it, and hits Cena with an inventive float over reverse DDT. Rollins tries to whip Cena across the ring, but Cena fights it off and back drops Rollins out to the floor.

Cena heads out and goes under the ring to grab another table. Rollins had the briefcase out of nowhere, and he uses it to crack Cena in the ribs. Back in the ring, Rollins winds up and brings the case down hard against Cena's back repeatedly.

Rollins sets up a table in the middle of the ring, and he tells Cena that his time is up, and Rollins' time is now. Rollins teases a five knuckle shuffle, but Cena fights back, popping up and shouldering Rollins, but knocking the ref from the ring in the process. Rollins lands on his feet out of the AA, leaps over Cena, and kicks him in the head. Rollins teases a curb stomp from the top through the table, but Cena fights it off, shoulders Rollins, and hits a AA to send Rollins through the table. The ref doesn't see it though, and Mercury and Noble are down to dispose of the evidence, and beat Cena down.

Mercury and Noble set up another table, and they help Rollins get Cena in powerbomb position. Cena fights them off, and he sends Rollins to the floor. Cena shoulders both Noble and Mercury, hitting an AA to send both men crashing through the table in the middle of the ring. Rollins heads back into the ring, and Cena shoulders him as well, but Rollins fights out of it, to the apron.

Rollins and Cena fight on the apron, and both men end up crashing out to the floor, through both tables set up by Rollins earlier. The ref sees this one, and he calls for the bell. The fans don't seem happy with this, smelling a fishy finish.

There are several other refs in the ring now, and they're conferring about who may have gone through the tables first, if that's possible to determine.

One ref raises Cena's hand, but another raises Rollins' hand. The actual match referee calls for the match to be restarted.

Rollins attacks, sending Cena to the outside. Rollins leaps through the ropes, wiping out Cena on the floor. Rollins rips apart the announcers table, and turns around into an AA from Cena. Rollins hits the announcers table, but the table doesn't break.

Cena goes under the ring for another table, bringing it back into the ring and setting up one set of legs, while positioning the table in the corner between the middle and top ropes. Big Show stalks down to the ring out of nowhere, and he punches Cena in the gut. Show calls for a chokeslam, and he grabs Cena by the throat, but he's interrupted by Roman Reigns' music. Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd, and he goes right after Show. Show fights back, but Reigns hits the superman punch, and a spear to send Show through the table. Reigns hits Rollins with a superman punch, and Cena hits the AA to send Rollins through a table and win the match.

Winner: John Cena

Cena celebrates while Roman heads to the back, and Paul Heyman looks on nodding from the outside. Cena stares down Heyman for a bit before climbing the turnbuckles to pose for his fans. Cena is on his way to the Royal Rumble to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We get a quick video promo for the Royal Rumble, and of course, that allows the announcers to get in a bit more time hyping the next showdown between Cena and Lesnar for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

We get a recap of the Gold and Stardust vs. New Day match from the pre-show, where New Day was able to take down the Rhodes brothers. This leads into them throwing things over to the expert panel, where Alex Riley and Booker T are sitting alongside Renee Young. Renee talks about Ziggler winning the Intercontinental Championship, and the first ever stairs match. Riley says Rowan had a heck of an effort. Booker says he can't say enough about Ziggler. Renee says they need to talk about what just happened. Riley says Lesnar has four months to prepare for his match, and that might be tough for Cena to overcome.

Byron Saxton is backstage with the Bella's. Nikki says she's sick of talking about AJ. She has a lot of things AJ doesn't, including the Diva's title. Brie says her and her sister have had their problems, but blood is thicker than water, and an annoying phony like AJ Lee will never come between that.

In the arena, AJ Lee skips out to the ring for the next match, carrying her Slammy with her. AJ gets a bit of a pop, but the crowd seems a bit worn out after that last match.

Nikki Bella is out next, and of course she's got her sister alongside her. The champion doesn't get much of a reaction out of the crowd at all on her way down the aisle.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

The bell rings, and we're ready to begin. Nikki ducks a lock up attempt, and she heads to the outside, where she does a couple of push-ups to encouragement from her sister. Back in the ring,AJ ducks a clothesline and scores with a clothesline that sends Nikki to the floor. AJ heads to the floor and takes out both Bella's before bringing things back into the ring. AJ hits Nikki with double boots to the chest, but Nikki comes back, slamming AJ to the mat before hitting a big backbreaker that's good for two. Nikki takes AJ over with a big suplex, then she slams her into the corner, stomping and choking AJ with her boot. Nikki heads to the floor and wraps AJ around the ring post, yanking back on her head and legs. Back in the ring, Nikki goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Nikki buries her knee in AJ's back and yanks back on AJ's arms. AJ tries to fight out of it, but she's slammed back down to the mat by Nikki. Nikki traps AJ's arm, and slams her to the mat, getting a two count. Nikki goes back into the submission, trapping AJ in a rear chin lock. AJ is able to fight out of the hold, catching Nikki in a guillotine chokehold. Nikki drives AJ backward into the corner, but AJ avoids a splash, getting a roll up for two. AJ ducks a clothesline, and then both women connect with clotheslines.

Both ladies get back to their feet, where AJ hits a Thesz press, then a splash in the corner, and a neckbreaker for two. AJ continues the assault with knees to Nikki's face, and a tornado DDT for another two count. AJ runs right into a back elbow in the corner, and Nikki scores with a nice kick out of the corner from the middle rope to take AJ down for another near fall. Nikki picks AJ up, but AJ counters by slamming Nikki's face into the mat for a two count. AJ connects with the shining wizard, but Brie places Nikki's foot on the ropes. The ref sees it, and tosses Brie. Nikki uses the distraction to spray something in AJ's face. Nikki connects with a big forearm, and the shoulders AJ for the rack attack. Nikki goes for the pin, and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

Nikki celebrates with her title while the ref checks on AJ, and calls for the doctor to look over AJ's eyes. Nikki makes her way to the back with her title held high.

Backstage, Roman Reigns says that he told the whole world that he'd be back. He knew that he wouldn't just be back, but he'd be back to make an impact. Spearing Show through a table, punching Rollins in the mouth, that's impact. And Reigns is going to be the first to declare, at the Rumble match, if you think Reigns did damage last year, wait to see what he does this year. That'll be impact, believe that.

After another quick commercial, it's time for the next match, as Kane makes his way out to the ring for a chairs match, another brilliant idea that ranks up there with stairs matches.

Ryback is out next, and he gets a bit of a reaction from fans in the crowd, but they don't seem to excited to see the big guy.

Chairs Match
Ryback vs. Kane

Kane heads to the outside, and so does Ryback, and both grab chairs. They both swing, and drop their chairs. Ryback scores with a couple of right hands, and a shoulder tackle. Ryback grabs a chair, but Kane blocks it. Kane hits Ryback across the back, then wedges the chair in the corner between the middle and top rope. Ryback is able to toss Kane into the chair in the corner, then wipe him out with an elbow to the throat. Kane whips Ryback into the ropes, and Ryback comes out with a Thesz press. Ryback picks up Kane and hits a running powerslam. Ryback heads to the middle rope and drops down with a splash on top of Kane, then he does it a second and third time.

Ryback grabs a chair and uses it to whack Kane across the chest and back. Ryback lays the chair across Kane's chest, and he heads to the top, but when Ryback leaps off the top rope, Kane gets his knees up, and Ryback crashes into the chair, and Kane's knees. Kane cracks Ryback across the back, then sets a chair across the top rope. Kane shoulders Ryback, then hits snake eyes, dropping Ryback down on the chair. Kane scores with a couple of big right hands, then he heads out to the floor for another chair. Kane hits Ryback a couple of times before trying to suplex Ryback on a chair. Ryback tries to reverse it, but Kane won't go down either. Kane settles for a DDT, planting Ryback on the chair, which is good for two.

Kane leans down and grabs a chair, using it to drive into Ryback's ribs. Kane runs right into a big boot from Ryback, but when Ryback comes off the middle rope, he leaps right into a big right hand from Kane. The crowd doesn't seem to be into this one at all. Kane sets up a chair in the middle of the ring, and seats Ryback in it with a big right hand. Kane winds up and runs in with a big boot to Ryback's face, while he's seated. Kane whips Ryback into the corner, and hits a big splash, but a second attempt leads to a huge belly to belly suplex from Ryback.

Ryback grabs a chair, and runs right into a big boot from Kane. Kane hits Ryback with repeated shots to the back, stomach and sides. Kane heads out to toss in six more chairs. Kane sets two chairs facing each other. Kane grabs Ryback around the throat, but Ryback fights out, and sloppily puts Kane down through the chairs with a back spinebuster. Ryback grabs a chair and wears it out against Kane's back.

Ryback waits for Kane to stand, and Kane throws a chair in Ryback's face. Kane hits a chokeslam, and pins Ryback for two.

Kane places a chair in the middle of the ring, then tries for the tombstone. Ryback pushes Kane away, connects with the meathook clothesline, and shellshock. Ryback gets the three count, and the win.


Rusev is out for the next match, and of course he's got Lana by his side, with his title over her shoulder.

Lana has got a mic in hand, and she begins to say something about the price of oil, but she's interrupted by Jack Swagger's music. Swagger marches out, and heads right for the ring.

WWE United States Championship Match
Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger is held back by the referee, but as soon as the bell rings, Swagger goes right to work with a couple of big right hands. Rusev kicks Swagger in the knee, but Swagger comes right back, slamming Rusev into the side of the ring and ropes. Swagger tries to do something with the ring post, but Rusev won't budge, so Swagger goes to work on Rusev in the corner. Rusev bails from the ring, but Swagger gives chase, and hits a big clothesline back in the ring. Swagger hits a nice big boot to send Rusev to the mat. Swagger tries for the Swagger bomb, but Rusev moves. Rusev goes for a kick, but Swagger is able to block and he tries for the ankle lock. Rusev reverses things, and tries to lock in the accolade, but Swagger makes it to the ropes before Rusev can lock it in. Rusev drags Swagger back to the middle of the ring, and he's able to fully trap Swagger in the accolade.

Swagger fades, but begins to show some signs of life. Swagger gets to his knees, and he actually turns things around into the patriot lock. Rusev is screaming in pain, but he kicks Swagger away. Rusev rolls out to the floor, and Swagger follows. Rusev catches Swagger with a huge kick to the face.

Rusev makes it back into the ring, and Swagger struggles, but gets in at nine. Rusev kicks Swagger in the face again, and clamps on the accolade once more. Swagger fades, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Rusev

Rusev holds his title high, while a big Russian flag drops from the ceiling.

After another video package for Royal Rumble, it's finally time for the main event. Of course that means that it's time for one last video package of the evening. We get a look at some of the recent events between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt that have led up to this match.

Dean Ambrose is the first man to make his way out for the match, carrying a ladder on his shoulder even though there are already a ridiculous amount of ladders lining the entryway. Ambrose gets a nice pop from the crowd on his way to the ring.

Bray Wyatt is out next, and the cell phones are lit up all over the arena.

TLC Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Obviously, Wyatt doesn't have his chair to sit in, but Ambrose tosses a ladder right in his face, and brings the fight to the aisle. Both men trade punches fighting back to the entry way. Ambrose peppers Wyatt with rights, before chasing him back into the ring. Wyatt bails out to the floor, and Ambrose dives through the ropes to take out Wyatt. Ambrose tosses Wyatt into the barricade, then leaps off the announce table with a huge flying forearm to Wyatt. Ambrose and Wyatt fight out into the crowd, and Wyatt scores with a head butt, and then whips Ambrose into a barricade.

Ambrose leaps off the kick-off panel desk, wiping out Wyatt to the crowd's delight. Ambrose and Wyatt find their way back to the ringside area, where Ambrose grabs a chair and uses it to whack Wyatt across the back a couple of times. Ambrose tosses a couple of chairs into the ring, and he hits Wyatt with a series of head butts, and a big right hand. Ambrose brings a table out from under the ring, and he sets it up out on the floor.

Ambrose grabs a couple of kendo sticks from under the ring, and Wyatt stares him down in the ring. Wyatt goes for a chair, but Ambrose hits him in the head, and chest repeatedly with the kendo stick. Ambrose executes a cane assisted Russian leg sweep, before he grabs a chair, goes to the second rope, and leaps off, driving the chair into Bray's face.

Ambrose seats Bryan in a chair, then drives the kendo stick into Bray's throat. Ambrose goes up to the top rope, but Wyatt sends him to the outside, and through the table on the floor. Wyatt heads out to the floor and slams Ambrose into the barricade before slamming a piece of the table across Ambrose's back. Wyatt brings things back into the ring for a two count.

Wyatt has the kendo stick, and he hits Ambrose a couple of times before lodging the kendo stick in part of the turnbuckle padding. Ambrose tries to fight back, but Bray sends him crashing face first into the point of the kendo stick. Wyatt rolls Ambrose up for two, and Ambrose looks shocked, grabbing at his face. Wyatt heads to the floor and grabs a very small ladder, using it to ram Ambrose in the face.

Wyatt hits a right hand that lays Ambrose out on the ladder, then Bray follows it up with a senton that's good for a two count. Wyatt uses the kendo stick to pull back on Ambrose's face, then he hits him hard in the shoulder. Bray sets up the small ladder in the corner, then whips Ambrose in. Wyatt goes for a splash, but Ambrose moves, and Wyatt connects with the ladder. Ambrose props the ladder back up in the corner, and he and Wyatt trade punches. Ambrose is able to send Wyatt face first into the ladder, then he hits a flying forearm, and a running bulldog. Ambrose lays the ladder across the top rope, and then he heads to the top turnbuckle. Ambrose leaps off the ladder with a double axe handle that's good for two.

Ambrose ties Wyatt up in the ropes, and hits him in the gut with a chair, before dropkicking his ribs. Ambrose sets up a chair, then drops a leg from the middle rope to drag Bryan off the ropes. Ambrose goes for the pin, but he's only able to get two.

Ambrose tries for Dirty Deeds, and Bray tries for Sister Abigail, but neither can connect. Ambrose hits the ropes, and turns around into a giant clothesline from Wyatt. Ambrose goes to the outside and Wyatt follows, kicking him in the ribs. Wyatt sends Ambrose into the ring, but Ambrose comes right back out with a huge clothesline. Ambrose begins fighting up the aisle again, pulling chairs off of tables.

Ambrose lays Wyatt on a table, and he begins climbing the ladder. Ambrose sits on the ladder for a bit, then drops an elbow to the arena floor, through Bray Wyatt, and a table.

Ambrose is up, and he hits Wyatt with a big right hand. Ambrose sets up another table, and lays Wyatt on top of it. Ambrose sets up another ladder, bigger than the first, and he goes to the top. Ambrose leaps off with a giant elbow drop again.

The crowd is chanting for one more time, but that was a pretty intense sight, I don't know if Ambrose has another in him. Ambrose drags Wyatt back to the ring, rolling him in. Ambrose walks right into Sister Abigail out of nowhere, but it's not enough to keep Ambrose down for a three count.

Wyatt heads to the ropes, and bends backwards to look at Ambrose. Bray tries for Sister Abigail again, but Ambrose reverses into a roll up. Ambrose is able to connect with dirty deeds, but he can't keep Wyatt down for three.

Wyatt rolls out of the ring, and Ambrose follows. Ambrose smiles and laughs, then looks under the ring, grabbing a chair, and a monitor, or TV, showing the current feed.

Ambrose smiles, then begins heading toward the back, grabbing a gigantic ladder (not the biggest one, but he says that he wouldn't be able to carry the bigger one). Ambrose sets the ladder up, next to the Spanish announcers table. Ambrose takes apart the table, then turns around into a steel chair shot from Wyatt.

Wyatt hits Ambrose with head butts to the chin, but Ambrose fights off a throat shot with a chair from Bray, and gets retribution for the throat shot from Bray in the past with one of his own. Ambrose lays Bray on the announcer's table, then he climbs the ladder, leaping off with a huge elbow drop.

Ambrose and Wyatt still trade blows, even when on their backs. Ambrose is able to force Wyatt back into the rings and Ambrose follows.

Ambrose picks up the monitor, but it's plugged in, and when Ambrose tries to pull it, it shorts out and sparks shoot out of the monitor. Ambrose drops down to the mat. Ambrose stands, and Bray hits Sister Abigail for three.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Doctors are in to check on Dean Ambrose while Bray looms over Dean. The show goes black with Wyatt walking to the back.

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