WWE To Sign Rugby Footballer Daniel Vidot?

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Daniel Vidot, a rugby footballer in Australia, indicated on social media that he had a tryout with WWE and they want to sign him. However, he doesn’t plan to sign until he finishes out his rugby contract, so he’ll delay a proposed 3-year deal for a couple of years. Below is what he wrote on Facebook:

WWE Trial finished. And they said.... 'yes'!!they're keen to sign me 3 year deal is what it's looking like, but won't be til a couple years away but first, finish off my rugby contract (which I can't reveal to you as yet) then am looking to do the switch! Big choices!! Thanks to everyone who supported me and sent me kind messages!!love ya's!! ❤ And to the 'Haters' thanks for the motivation love you's also for you became my fuel ❤. Most of all I love that feeling when you prove people wrong.. And to all the young youth out there.. Don't doubt your dreams, don't listen to the haters talking behind your back.. They are all behind you for a reason #‎realtalk #‎itwasalladream #‎damnthatfeltgood

Vidot included a video that you can watch at this link.

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