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WWE Tough Enough Results (6/23/15) - Hank Is Eliminated


WWE Tough Enough Results (6/23/15)
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Live from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

The show starts with a video package. 13 competitors start and there only will be 2 winners. Who will be Tough Enough?

Live in the Studio

Chris Jericho welcomes us to the show, which is live on USA Network. One man and woman will walk away with a contract. Jericho welcomes his co-host, Renee Young. She welcomes the judges.

Out first is Daniel Bryan. Next, the youngest Divas Champion in WWE, Paige. Lastly, Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. Young sends is to the ring where Jericho is standing before the judges.

Bryan says he is looking for people with heart and personality. Paige is looking for someone who stands out with their personalitly. Hogan says they have to have passion, personality, and the it-factor.

One contestant will be eliminated each week. The judges will choose the bottom three each week.

We see a pre-tape video. Booker T and the contestants are at a football field. Josh is a Yeti. Daria is the Jersey Devil and an MMA fighter. Hank is 23, and he never loses. Lita tells the women they need to stand out above the men. Amanda is 24, and she wants to show she's not just a barbie doll. Alex considers himself a super hero.

Jericho appears on the tron at the field. Chris says it's up the judges, coaches, me, and the WWE universe to determine who wins. Patrick says he is determined to win.

The contestants are standing at the location of WrestleMania 24. Are you guys tough enough to be in WrestleMania?

Strength and Stamina Part 1

Booker T explains how the contestants will wear parachutes. Mada introduces himself. ZZ is an alligator fighter. Billy Gunn is at the top of the stands saying they will have to climb up there. Dianna is a model and athlete. The field temperature is 108 degrees. Giorgia and Gabi introduce themselves. Tanner is a mixed martial arts fighter.

The contestants begin the challenge. Sara Lee is from Michigan. Josh struggles to pull the bag across the field. ZZ is a bit behind as Lita and Booker yell at him to pick up the pace. Tanner was the first man, while Amanda was the first women to reach the top of the stands. ZZ is still way behind as the contestants cheer for him.

The Barracks

The contestants arrive to the WWE Performance Center barracks, where they will be staying for ten weeks. Dianna says the beds are like military style. They want to celebrate after today's challenge. ZZ reveals he is only 18, and Patrick stays home with him because the others are going out to party.


Live in the Studio

The contestants are on the stage. We see Alex, Amanda, Hank, Daria, Josh, Dianna, Mada, Gabi, Patrick, Giorgia, Tanner, Sara Lee, and ZZ. The judges are at the table.

Party in Orlando/Hot Tub

The contestants toast and party. Gabi does some pole dancing. The ladies aren't too impressed.

ZZ and Patrick are in the hot tub. ZZ has a floaty on his arm...

Tanner says he has his hair well-maintained. Mada calls Tanner cocky. Daria and one of the other ladies fall to the floor.

The rest of the cast comes back to find ZZ and Patrick in the hot tub. ZZ was happy two of the ladies joined him until he took his underwear off.

Next Day

Gunn awakes the cast. They do several push ups. Gunn calls Dianna's push ups terrible. She says her groin started hurting last night.

They head outside for a run and Tanner leads the pack as ZZ is last again.

Tanner and Alex go back and forth about who's going to win. Tanner says he can be tough when he needs to. He's never too tough, though, to get his hair done.

Strength & Stamina Part 2: Run the Ropes

Jason Jordan runs the ropes as Booker and Gunn explain that the cast will be running the ropes and slamming the bag today. Booker says we do this to find the weakest link. Dianna says she will be the worst because her groin hurts. Hank evaluates the challenge. Tanner says he can do twice as much as everyone else.

Patrick says he isn't going to talk, talk, talk. Patrick and Tanner argue about how MMA won't get him crap.

Giorgia says she trains six days a week and this is really tough. Hank describes slamming the bag getting heavier each time. Dianna gets in 17, while Josh gets 9. Tanner steps in the ring. The men's average is 8. Tanner scores 16 before Booker stops him.

Booker says today was a great day. Next time we see each other is at the live show, where someone goes home.



Dianna walks out to find her fiancee. She wants to go home. Back inside, the women talk about Dianna not being seen. Gabi says she hates Dianna. The ladies find Dianna, who says she wants to plan her wedding and she can't. Dianna starts crying because she misses her fiancee. Gabi tells her she should go home. They start arguing using language about Gabi starting drama. Dianna calls it excruciating. Dianna says she's injured and her groin hurts.

3 Hours Until Elimination

Sara Lee and another lady prepare in front of the same mirror. Alex and Tanner are heard yelling in the other room. Tanner says he's shown America that he's number one. Alex comments that he needs to take it down. Patrick says they don't have control. Patrick and Tanner start going back and forth. Alex separates them.


Live in the Studio

Renee Young welcomes us back and explains the rules of elimination again. Jericho says a lot of questions are being raised. Jericho introduces the judges.

Hogan asks Dianna to step up. Is she the next WWE Diva or is she a trophy wife? Dianna says she is the next WWE Diva despite showing that she is a cry baby. Bryan asks Dianna about her fiancee already wearing his ring. She explains he's just that loyal.

Paige asks Hank to step forward. She asks about Hank saying ZZ was weaker than the women. Hank says ZZ isn't physically fit, but has the heart. Bryan stops Hank.

Bryan asks Daria to step forward. She didn't take any risks on the first episode. Daria says her life is a risk. Stepping in the MMA cage and the WWE ring is taking a risk.

Jericho says the bottom 3 will be revealed next.


Bottom Three

Jericho welcomes us back. Hogan says he admires this man's heart, but he hasn't stepped up in physical challenges. Hogan asks ZZ to step up. Bryan calls Hank out. Paige says Josh hasn't stood out at all.

ZZ, Hank, and Josh are in the bottom three. It's time for the fans to vote for who goes home using the Tough Enough app, tweeting, or texting.


Final Pleas & Elimination

Jericho welcomes us back once again. The votes are pouring in. The bottom three have thirty seconds for their final pleas.

Josh says there was a lot of child play this week, but he's best for business. ZZ says he belongs here, he has a Cajun flavor, and he was born to be here and make an influence in people's lives. Hank calls himself the average Joe of the group. He represents the dream the audience and America has. Hank calls himself best for business as well.

The judges have one save per season. Bryan, Paige, and Hogan say they will not save anyone this week.

Hank is not tough enough. ZZ had the most votes, with Josh was in the middle.

Jericho signs off by reminding us of Tough Talk hosted by The Miz on the WWE Network.

Tough Talk

Hank predicts Sara Lee and Patrick will win.

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