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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/25/15) - Who Was Tough Enough?

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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/25/15)
Tuesday, August 25, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

The show starts with a video package. Four months ago, Triple H announced the return of Tough Enough. One by one, 9 of the competitors have gone home. Tonight, we are down to the final four. Who will prove to be Tough Enough?

Live in the Studio

Chris Jericho and Renee Young welcome us to the show and remind us Cesaro and Alicia Fox are here to work matches tonight. The Miz, Paige, and Daniel Bryan are introduced as the judges.

At the Barracks

The four are in the kitchen. Amanda thinks it's crazy that she has this contract opportunity and Sara Lee stands in her way. Sara is scared about working a match live. ZZ says he is poised and ready. Josh didn't think there was much pressure last week because he knew he was going to be in the bottom three. Josh is proud of being at the top throughout this competition. Amanda asks Sara about her personal life being brought up last week. Amanda emphasizes Sara is a ring rat.

In the Ring

Chris Jericho and the coaches are standing in the ring. They are reminded they have to connect with the audience. Their first televised match will air live this week. These guys and gals are superstars now.

Josh wants to be the Yeti Man. ZZ wants a gator theme. Amanda is snobby. Sara wants her name to be Hope. Amanda wants black leather. Josh is told he should wear a big jacket. Jericho tells the four they will have to cut a promo. Sara wants her entrance music to be Kid Rock. ZZ wants gator calls in his theme.

Cesaro & Alicia Fox Surprise

The coaches reveal to Josh and ZZ that they will be facing Cesaro, while Sara and Amanda will face Alicia Fox. Cesaro asks Josh about bringing the sauce. Cesaro tells ZZ nothing can prepare him for Cesaro. Sara is nervous about working with Fox.


Byron Saxton is in the ring for introductions. Amanda is debuting as Mandy Rose. Amanda comes out with a green jacket on with black and green attire. Amanda cuts a promo, calling this the best experience of her life. That was Amanda talking, now here's Mandy Rose. Mandy says she is having a huge party tonight if she wins, and everyone is invited... except The Miz. The Miz has the money maker, but Amanda has the money shaker. Fox makes her way to the ring.

Mandy Rose vs. Alicia Fox

Fox slaps Mandy. Mandy slaps back. They fall to the mat with Mandy in control. Fox takes Mandy down. Fox kinda messes up a side slam. Fox covers, Mandy gets up ready for more. Fox takes Mandy down with a strike. Fox slams Mandy's face to the mat. Mandy connects with a head scissors! Mandy does a sunset flip, kickout. Fox runs over Mandy with a boot. Mandy hits sliced bread, cover and kickout. Fox kicks Mandy in the gut and hits the scissors kick for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox - by pinfall (2:40)

The Miz compliments Amanda and points out her red bump. Paige thinks Amanda looks like a true diva. Bryan thought it was sloppy, but made up for it with intensity.


We come back for the second divas match. Saxton introduces Sara Lee debuting as Hope. Hope comes out with denim and plaid attire. Hope says tonight she brings us Hope. She has come out of the bottom three many times to prove the nay-sayers wrong.

Hope vs. Alicia Fox

Lock up, Fox pushes Hope down. Lock up again, headlock on Fox. Fox is taken down with a shoulderblock. Hope kicks Fox in the corner. Hope runs into a knee. Fox sends Hope flying across the ring. Fox hits a snap suplex. Hope rolls Fox up, two. Hope hits her Side Russian Leg Sweep, but Fox kicks out. Fox tries to apply the arm bar, but Fox gets the rope. Fox pushes Hope away and connects with the scissors kick for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox - by pinfall (2:22)

The Miz was impressed with the promo. Paige though the entrance was dull, but she was surprised by her performance in the match. Bryan didn't think the entrance brought intensity. Bryan thought she did well with the promo and ring work.

Jericho announces voting is open now, and Young goes over how to vote.


Jericho Trolls Us All

We come back to see Amanda and Sara Lee on the stage. And the winner is... Jericho announces we will find out at the end of the show! The girls are shocked. ZZ faces Cesaro next.

ZZ makes his way to the ring as the King of the Bayou. ZZ grabs a mic and says he comes from the darkest parts of Louisiana. He's wrestled alligators before, but wanted to try wrestling people. There were lots of questions if ZZ was tough enough, and here he is. ZZ asks Cesaro if he's tough enough. Cesaro interrupts.

ZZ vs. Cesaro

Lock up, quick headlock on Cesaro. Cesaro applies a headlock. ZZ jumps over Cesaro, but then Cesaro counters with a big gut wrench on Cesaro. Cesaro uppercuts ZZ before swinging ZZ four times. Cesaro whips ZZ into the corner. ZZ rolls Cesaro up, two. ZZ connects with a flap jack, but Cesaro counters the Gator Clutch with a crossface - ZZ taps.

Winner: Cesaro - by submission (1:48)

Daniel Bryan thought ZZ did great besides almost botching a drop down. Paige thought ZZ could show more personality. The Miz doesn't think ZZ will be able to do longer matches.


Josh is introduced as The Yeti. Josh comes out with his Yeti call and a big white wool cloak. Josh say it's been a long ten weeks. And it's all been for this. With that being said, the Yeti nation has supported Josh throughout this. Josh gets the crowd to stand up.

Josh vs. Cesaro

Lock up, Josh ends up in the corner. Cesaro whips Josh across, Josh counters with a boot and uppercut. Cesaro uppercuts Josh and hits a double foot stomp. Cesaro tries to lift Josh, Josh tries to lift Cesaro. Cesaro takes Josh down and swings him four times. Josh whips Cesaro and flies into the corner with a splash. Josh hits the running slam, Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro connects with a dropkick. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro - by pinfall (2:29)

Jericho thought it was kind of choppy, but his entrance was great. The Miz hates the outfit. Miz thinks Josh looked great out there. Paige thought the promo could be stronger. Bryan thought the promo started weak, but got better.

Jericho announces voting opens now, and Young goes over how to vote again.


And The Winners Are...

Jericho announces voting is closed. Jericho introduces Triple H, who is here to award the contracts. Triple H says he has half a million dollars in his hands.

The newest WWE Diva is... Sara Lee! Triple H raises her hand and gives her the contract.

The newest WWE Superstar is... Josh! Triple H raises his hand as the coaches and judges come to the stage to congratulate the winners.

Chris Jericho signs off by thanking us for watching this season.

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