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WWE Tough Enough Results (6/30/15) - A Swim In The Swamp

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WWE Tough Enough Results (6/30/15)
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Intro - Live in the Studio

Renee Young and Chris Jericho are on the stage to welcome us. Young says we can feel all the energy even though we are one week in. We see Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, and Paige at the judge's table in the ring. Bryan says these people are extraordinary, but need to step it up. Paige calls some of them boring, but it's the second week. Hogan doesn't see it that way. Hogan calls them focused.

Young goes over the rules of elimination. Jericho mentions Hank being eliminated last week.

At the Barracks

We see footage of Daria and Gabi talking to Josh about being in the bottom three. Dianna and Gabi both want Amanda to go home. The girls argue about squatting and Dianna's fiancee issues. Lots of the contestants say they want Dianna to go home. Daria calls her a princess and she doesn't respect her history.

Alex and Patrick argue about knowing wrestling history. Patrick says they should know the history if they want to be here. Alex says knowledge means nothing, to which Daria calls the stupidest thing she's ever heard.

First Challenge - Swimming in the Swamp

The competitors ride out on a boat in a swampy area. Booker, Lita, and Billy say they are going to test their courage. A guy named Sam discusses the swamp says there are things in the swamp that want to harm them. They will have to swim in the water to the boat, retrieve the NXT Title, and swim back to the coaches.

Patrick says he can't swim. Dianna has a huge fear of lake water. They begin as an alligator is near the boat. Dianna is flipping out about the alligator staring at her. ZZ calls this his home. Dianna makes it the boat first.

Alex can't swim and is behind. Mada is also behind. Dianna, who was on the high school swim team, was the first back. Booker and Lita laugh at Patrick. ZZ makes it back early on. Josh beats Tanner and Tanner is mad about the rules. Booker rubs it in that Dianna beat everyone. Alex and Mada are still on the boat.

Billy chews out Daria for losing the title in the lake.


Renee Young hypes Gabi calling out Nikki Bella on Twitter

At the Barracks

Tanner and Josh are playing pool. They go back and forth on the finish of the last challenge. Tanner says he will put Josh in the hospital if he touches him. Daria and Giorgia talk about Daria crying after the swamp challenge. Giorgia says she's ticked because Dianna went a certain way. They plan to take her down.

Dianna and Gabi discuss the competition. Patrick sits by them and tells the girls to kiss and make-up if they are really friends. Patrick asks Gabi if they can kiss and make-up. (Wow.)

Mada face-times his wife. Mada misses her, and explains jumping in the lake water. Mada's wife shows their child on the phone. (He is cute.)

At the Performance Center - Roman Reigns & Bull Dempsey

Gabi is in disbelief at Roman standing there in the ring. Roman says he doesn't think they are ready to be slammed around. Bull Dempsey is with him. Bull performs his finisher from the top, which is a leaping sit-out on the talents.

In the Studio

Jericho says he has a crush on Roman. The judges weigh in. Bryan talks about the swamp. Paige says she is becoming impressed with Dianna. Hogan smelled fear in all the competitors.


Young goes over the voting process. Jericho and Young discuss the swamp real quick before we head back over to the Performance Center.

Performance Center - Courage Challenge

Booker, Lita, and Gunn talk about taking a bump. Alex is the first up. He falls on his back. Gunn says it wasn't bad. They all take a shot at it. Amanda doesn't do it right at first. Booker tells Patrick he may have been the best. ZZ didn't like it because it hurt.

The talents now have to take a flat back bump off a platform on the turnbuckle. Lita reminds them of her broken neck in 2002.

Gabi is the first up. Booker reminds them of technique. Gunn and Dianna talk about her being scared of heights. It takes awhile for Dianna to do anything. Everyone tells her to just fall back. Dianna falls on her butt. Mada does good, as does ZZ and Patrick. Tanner over achieves it by jumping. Josh goes up and falls nicely.

Booker T says Patrick did the best for the men. Lita tells Giorgia was the best for the women. Gunn gives them a reality check that someone is going home.


At the Barracks

Dianna and Daria argue about the "princess" nickname. Dianna doesn't like it and wants respect. Gabi and Dianna talk about Daria in their room behind her back. Dianna doesn't trust any of them. Amanda and Daria are "partners." The four argue about winning and Dianna's wedding. The contestants listen in on the other side of the wall. Dianna leaves the room as Daria screams at her.

Patrick beats Tanner in an arm wrestling challenge. Dianna calls ZZ cute. She complains about the girls. She wants to switch rooms with ZZ. ZZ agrees to it. Dianna wants ZZ to fart, snore, and make his alarm go off to annoy the girls.

In the Studio

Jericho and Young are in the ring as the competitors are introduced on the stage. We will hear from the judges next.


Jericho welcomes us back. Bryan starts off by having Patrick and Alex step up. Bryan tells them they can't swim. Bryan asks Alex about "knowledge means nothing?" Alex talks about a childhood story, and talent matters more than knowledge. Patrick says you need to have a back up plan if an in-ring career doesn't work. Bryan agrees with Patrick. Hogan says the talents need to know everything.

Hogan has ZZ step forward. He calls him out for gimmick infringement, bringing up the pie comments. Bryan asks ZZ what he expects to see in the women's room. ZZ says the women can be hot and sweet like pie.

Hogan asks Dianna about where she's staying now. She's in the guys' room. Paige says she was impressed with her. Paige has Sara Lee and Amanda step forward. They need to step up and bring personality.

Hogan has Daria, Mada, and Alex step up. Hogan wants the guys to step forward. He's mad at Daria for losing the title.

Bottom Three

Bryan calls out Alex for the bottom three. Bryan wants him to learn about the business. Paige wants Sara Lee. Hogan calls upon Dianna because he's getting mixed signals about her. Hogan brings up locker room mentality, and she doesn't have it.

Jericho and Young go over voting on how to save someone. (I voted to save Sara Lee. We don't know too much about her yet. I don't care for Alex or Dianna.)


Alex, Sara Lee, and Dianna are in the bottom three. We see how to vote again. Jericho tells the bottom three they should be proud of themselves.

Final Pleas & Elimination

Sara Lee says it's unfortunate she's been overlooked and not featured as much, but she isn't going to start fighting to be noticed. Alex says Dianna should go home. He believes he is tough enough. He is courageous for jumping in the lake. He also lost his job. Dianna says she has all the traits that the WWE Divas do.

Bryan, Paige, and Hogan don't want to save anyone.

Alex is going home. Dianna is second, while Sara Lee leads the votes to be saved.

Tough Talk - Alex's Reaction

Alex says his cardio wasn't where it should've been and he was in the middle of the pack. Alex says this could be a career for him. Alex knows the current superstars, but not the wrestlers from twenty years ago.

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