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WWE Tough Enough Results (7/7/15) - Seth Rollins Appears, Two Eliminations

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WWE Tough Enough Results (7/7/15)
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Live in the Studio

This week's show starts with Chris Jericho and Renee Young on the stage. Jericho welcomes us to the show and introduces Renee. Another competitor will be eliminated tonight.

We are introduced to the judges: Paige, Daniel Bryan, and Hulk Hogan. Jericho asks Hogan how things have been going. Hulk can't wait to see what happens tonight. Bryan says he can't wait to see Sara Lee step up this week. Paige agrees with Bryan. Young goes over the rules of elimination.

At the Barracks

The competitors arrive back at the barracks. Patrick wants to get rid of Tanner. Sara Lee and Daria talk about last week. Dianna is ticked that they want her to go home. She now wants to go home to plan her wedding. Daria packs her bags and leaves the barracks at 2 in the morning.

Next Day

Billy Gunn comes into the barracks with a siren to awake the competitors. They are all running around to get ready. Billy yells at ZZ to not be last again. Josh is leading the pack as they run out of the building. They immediately start with squats. Dianna is no where to be seen. Gunn drops a hint about Dianna being gone.

The competitors discuss Dianna being gone. Gabi thinks she is the next target with her gone.

Character Challenge With Seth Rollins

Booker, Lita, and Billy are standing in front of prop racks. To help with this, they have a special guest. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins steps out of a car. Rollins is here to talk about character today. You can be six foot, and the ladies can be beautiful, but you have to have a character to get over. Rollins tells them you have to adjust.

Josh picks British Brawler out of the hot. ZZ is an American Hero. Gabi is a Farmer's Daughter. Lita says they have an hour to grab props to make their character come to life. They will then walk down the ramp to see if they have what it takes to be a WWE superstar.

The competitors begin to try on stuff. Giorgia has no idea where to start. Josh is looking at British stuff. Rollins tries to help ZZ find American Hero stuff. ZZ tries on some patriotic costumes. Rollins tells Amanda he sees a complete Barbie doll in her. She's going to roll with his advice.

Patrick is the Evil Intellect, but he doesn't see that in himself. Rollins says we have contenders, pretenders, and... some interesting people. Rollins has to leave. Booker T tells them it's time to head back to the Performance Center.

Live in the Studio

Jericho brings up Dianna leaving the competition. Paige says bye, babe. Bryan says she wasted their time. Hogan says we didn't have the privilege of voting her off. Young says you can go to to read more about Dianna's departure.


Renee Young welcomes us back after the break. We head back to the Character Challenge.

Character Challenge

Booker asks them who is going to step up. Lita calls out Sara Lee. Sara is the Mean Queen. She has some Paige-like attire on. The coaches don't see it in her, nor do they understand the crown. Giorgia says Sara looks like a lost puppy dog.

Josh comes to the ring as the British version of Razor Ramon. Gunn says he just needs a little bit more. Daria is the Fallen Angel. Daria literally falls like an angel several times. Booker calls it rushed.

Tanner is the Stud Muffin. He comes to the ring with a cut plaid shirt loosely on. Patrick didn't approve, which made Tanner mad. Gabi is a Farmer's Daughter. She has on fish nets. Amanda calls her a hooker farmer. Gunn says she has to look the sports entertainment part.

Patrick is the Evil Intellect. He comes to the ring holding Lita's dog. Gunn says the presentation was awesome, but he needs to say something. Amanda is the Barbie Doll. She looks like a beauty queen. Gabi calls everything about Amanda fake. Booker said she did a pretty good job.

Mada is an Egyptian king. He screams with intensity in the ring. Booker thinks he did good. Patrick was shocked. Giorgia is a B*tchy Boss. She is dressed like a sailor woman? Gunn and the other judges seemed to really like it.

ZZ comes out as the American Hero with a big red, white, and blue feather head piece and tight trunks. Sara Lee was staring at the package. Gunn is laughing because it's ridiculous. ZZ says a hero is different for some people. The judges criticize him for looking ridiculous.

Lita says Patrick was the winner for this week's challenge out of the men. Giorgia won out of the women. Dianna may be gone, but there will still be an elimination.


Back at the Barracks

ZZ, Josh, and Luke are sitting on couches. ZZ asks them what their idea was of an American Hero. He wasn't going out there to be stupid. He feels he's misunderstood. Josh gets his symbolism. ZZ asks was it funny? ZZ says his mind is like a 5,000-piece puzzle.

Gabi and Sara Lee are discussing teaming up. Gabi wants to bring Sara to her side since she feels she is the new target. Sara says Gabi has a strong personality. They agree to a partnership.

Giorgia is watching Tanner and Patrick argue. Patrick says he will kick Tanner's a**. They start shoving each other and getting physical while the girls are screaming. Some of the guys take Patrick into another room.

Live in the Studio

Jericho and Young introduce the remaining competitors on the stage. We will see the bottom three after the break.


Bryan says Sara was supposed to be mean. Sara tries to make an excuse. Bryan tells Sara to say something mean to ZZ. Paige tells Gabi she did the best with the entrance. They joke about ZZ's package.

Bottom Three - Entrance Redo

Bryan calls for Daria to come forward. Paige calls for Sara Lee to be in the bottom three. Hogan says he sees a lot of himself in this guy... ZZ. Jericho says they will be given a chance to re-do their entrances when we come back.


The three are dressed in their props. Sara Lee is up first. She takes her jacket half-way off as she walks to the ring. Paige calls her meaner than before. The judges think she was too nice.

ZZ is up. He asks the crowd if they are ready to laugh. He has a patriotic bear hanging out from his chest. Paige says that felt more like a speech or strip tease, and not an entrance. Hogan says he's borderline right now.

Daria is last. She has a white fur coat and fake halo on. She takes it all off before walking around the ring with a little bit of swagger. Paige calls it scary with those crazy eyes. Bryan thought it was substantially better. She went from an angel to a devil.

Final Pleas & Elimination

Daria says she came here with an MMA background. But she brings legitimacy to the WWE. She will work her butt off to nail the rest of it. ZZ claims he has a talent to make children laugh. He wasn't looking to make fun of an American Hero. He wanted to make people laugh. Sara Lee isn't the best, but she isn't giving up. She will not give up and will continue to show the WWE Universe she is here to stay.

We are reminded of how to vote, as the voting is open now.


(The sound on my TV has gone out, so I have no idea what is being said.) 

We come back to see all of the competitors on the stage. The judges opt to not save anyone. Daria is going home. ZZ has the most votes, with Sara Lee in the middle. Young interviews her as Daria wipes away tears. The judges clap for her as the show ends.

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