WWE Tough Enough Results (7/14/15) - Sara Lee Struggles, Patrick & Mada Fight


WWE Tough Enough Results (7/14/15)
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Renee Young and Chris Jericho welcome us to the show. Young says we will be eliminating one more competitor tonight. Bryan mentions whenever he puts someone in the bottom three, they go home. Paige is jealous of Bryan's luck. Hogan says he has his eyes on someone. Young reminds us of the rules of elimination. Jericho reminds us Dianna left, Daria went home, and a new competitor is in the house.

At the Barracks - Chelsea Green Is Back

We see Chelsea Green arriving at the barracks. Chelsea says she isn't going anywhere. The remaining competitors walk in to find Chelsea sitting there. Amanda asks Gabi where she is going. They start arguing again. Amanda says she will keep pushing Gabi's buttons to get her to leave. Gabi brings up Amanda's boobs. Sara Lee laughs at them fighting over fake boobs.

At the Performance Center

The coaches are in the ring to announce the competitors will be working on promo skills today. We see footage of promos from Hogan, Flair, Rock, and Jericho. King Barrett then walks in to the ring. Barrett tells the competitors that a promo is a way to entertain the WWE Universe. Barrett says there are three kings of the ring in the ring right now. Barrett says Booker and Gunn's reigns ended a long time ago.

Lita tells them each will be cutting a promo on why they will be King or Queen of the Ring next year.

Sara says the reign of Bad News is over. Gabi says she's here to stay. Barrett tells Tanner he needs something more modern. Mada does the Egyptian screaming thing again. Barrett says he's looking forward to seeing someone of the main roster one day.

Improv - Promo Challenge

The competitors show up at an improv show. Jericho tells them their challenge this week is a promo battle. Jericho announces Mada vs. Josh is up first.

Mada says he is a pharoh and will crush Josh will all his might. Josh talks with an English accent, and the audience doesn't seem thrilled. Patrick says his accent still sucks.

Chelsea bombs on her promo. Giorgia fires back by talking about her two sides of GG. Tanner and Patrick are up. Patrick says Tanner has the personality of a pear. He tells Tanner that he doesn't have the passion for this business. Patrick drops nicknames and sayings from past WWE stars.

Gabi didn't bring it in her promo. Amanda tells Gabi she doesn't belong in this competition. Sara Lee vs. ZZ is up next. Sara tells ZZ to bow down to her. ZZ tells Sara she is too nice. ZZ is the crowd favorite. Jericho tells Sara Lee that he's mad she is still here. Jericho and Sara go back and forth about Sara being a nice girl. Sara says she has it inside of her. Sara starts to yell at Jericho until the crowd claps.

The judges discuss Sara Lee. Hogan says she's trying, but Paige is mad because Sara isn't trying.


Renee Young reminds us we can follow Tough Enough on Periscope.

Back At Improv - A Fight Breaks Out

We hear claps for all the competitors. Mada and Patrick get big reactions. Patrick wins the challenge. Giorgia wins the challenge for the women. Mada says he and Josh were the only ones that cut a real promo. Mada and Patrick start to argue and drinks are thrown. Josh starts arguing with Patrick. Mada calls himself a monster before pushing ZZ into Patrick. Mada and Patrick get in each other's faces. ZZ pushes Mada back. They argue about WWE history briefly before Patrick walks off.

At the Barracks - More Girl Drama, A Surprise Kiss

Giorgia and the other girls are talking about how Gabi hasn't won any challenges. Gabi isn't surprised they are talking about her. Gabi hasn't been in the bottom three yet. Sara Lee brings up being yelled at by Paige. Amanda tells Gabi she knows nothing about professionalism.

Chelsea and Tanner talk about their age and relationship status in one of the bedrooms. Chelsea "isn't interested." Chelsea goes for a hug, but Tanner kisses her. They laugh about it before she leaves.

Hogan and Paige call the kiss move weak, but Bryan says it was smooth. Paige says she isn't liking Chelsea.


Jericho and Young say they will be working on the physical aspect now, and not kissing.

Performance Center - Physical Challenge

The coaches announce they will be working on the physical aspect in the ring today. Josh practices picking people up. ZZ could lift people, but it was a struggle to be lifted. Giorgia struggles to pick Sara Lee up because Sara can't trust whoever is lifting her. Gunn tells Sara she has to trust the other person. Sara Lee accidentally knees Amanda right in the face.

Mada body slams Josh. Amanda and Gabi are next. Lita appreciates they are being professional in the ring. Sara Lee struggles to lift Giorgia. Booker tells Sara to relax when taking a shoulder block. Gunn goes off on Sara Lee about nothing being corrected. Gunn tells her to get out of her head because she will hurt someone.

Booker says Chelsea wins, and Gunn says Josh wins today's challenge. Patrick says Josh just won the "most improved" award.


At the Barracks - Sara Lee Is Struggling

Amanda asks Sara Lee what her problem was today. She starts crying as the girls give her positive talk. Chelsea tells Sara she has to quit slipping under the radar. Amanda says everyone had problems today. Sara took a beating today verbally. Sara says he is trying.

Live in the Studio

The competitors are back on the stage. Jericho tells Young he is trying to pull anger out of Sara Lee. We are introduced to the remaining competitors on the stage.


We return from break as Jericho introduces the judges. Paige wants Sara Lee to step forward. Paige tells Sara that she can't accomplish anything the coaches and everyone else want her to. Sara didn't step up at all in the promo and ring challenge. Sara is annoyed Paige keeps picking on her. Sara says she tried to be mean. Sara won't give up. Paige screams at Sara to show her the passion. Sara talks with Jericho about Gunn yelling at her. Hogan tells Sara to keep going.

Hogan says Mada won the promo challenge. Hogan says he has a problem with Patrick. Hogan tells Patrick he could kick his butt in the ring. Patrick says he's tired of being the guy that just knows history. Hogan didn't like Patrick's promo. Hogan wants more character out of Patrick.

Jericho asks Josh what a sarcophagus? Josh tries explaining what it is and the judges have a laugh over it.

Bottom Three & Final Promo

Paige calls Sara Lee out. Bryan calls out Gabi. Hogan calls out Tanner for his promo. Jericho announces there will be a final promo on the judges who called them out.

Gabi tells Bryan she is coach-able and she wants to be the first Brazilian Diva. Bryan tells Gabi this is a promo, not a resume. Tanner tells Hogan he has charisma. Tanner tells Hogan he is better than him because people want his competition and drive. Sara Lee tells Paige she keeps putting her in the bottom three because she is scared. Sara gets in Paige's face for the promo.



We are welcomed back and reminded of how to vote.

Amanda says Gabi should go home. Josh agrees with Amanda. Chelsea chooses Gabi. Voting is officially closed. Bryan, Paige, and Hogan opt to not save anyone this week.

Jericho tells Sara Lee she is not going home. Results are in... Gabi is going home with 11% of the vote.

Renee Young interviews Gabi. She doesn't know how to cut a promo. Gabi is glad to be leaving the show. She isn't here for the fights. Gabi says she wants to see Sara Lee win.

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