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WWE Tough Enough Results (7/21/15) - Big Show & Natalya Appear, Surprising Elimination

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WWE Tough Enough Results (7/21/15)
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Live in the Studio - Big Show

Renee Young and Chris Jericho are on the stage and welcome us to the show. One more competitor will be eliminated tonight. Renee presents Paige, Daniel Bryan, and Hulk Hogan as our judges. Bryan plugs his book. Jericho welcomes Big Show to the stage.

Show says he's proud to be here and is dressed for business tonight. He's going to have a little fun with the men and show them what it's like to be in the ring with the giant.

At the Baracks

Giorgia mentions there's only three girls left to beat. Sara Lee says she feels close to Chelsea. Patrick asks Sara Lee what it's like to be in the bottom three.

ZZ tells Patrick in another room that he's getting too cocky. ZZ says he needs to dial it down. Patrick says if someone is going to challenge him, he's not going to back down.

Humility Challenge - Rock on Adventures

The coaches are standing in front of an obstacle course. This course has it all: logs, ropes, posts, a tire wall, and beams. Gunn introduces Natalya, who arrives in a police car. Natalya says the cops are enforcing the rules today. Patrick and Amanda say they are going to win today.

Tanner and Patrick share words on each other. Josh is getting beat by a chick. Sara was nervous about the tire stack. She's used to pushing tires, so that wasn't too hard. At this point, Sara Lee was in first place. That was until she got to the ropes.

Tanner wins out of the men. Patrick is struggling to climb the ropes. Josh is struggling even more. Mada ripped skin off his hands on the first try. Giorgia wins out of the women. Tanner tries helping Patrick on the ropes. Sara makes it to the top before Patrick. Josh finally makes it. Patrick was a bit behind, but ZZ is still way behind everyone else.

Amanda and Chelsea are stuck working the ropes. Amanda is defeated, but Giorgia tries giving her a pep talk. Chelsea gets the top and then falls from the rope. She requests medics.

Live in the Studio

Bryan mentions Tanner smoked everyone, and Patrick didn't do well. Paige says Giorgia did great, and she's proud of Sara Lee. Jericho sends us to break.


Obstacle Course

Gunn brings up Tanner helping Patrick. Billy congratulates GG. Natalya says this course taught the competitors about humility. It takes being humble, even to the people that slam the door in your face. Lita tells Patrick he needs to watch his attitude, or those doors may get slammed in his face.

Update on Chelsea

Chelsea has soft tissue swelling on one of her ankles. It's not broken, but it is sprained. She needs to be off her foot for a month.

At the Barracks

Giorgia and Amanda are in their room talking about Sara Lee. Amanda isn't pleased with Sara cheering on Chelsea. GG says she doesn't see Sara on the world stage when it comes to modeling. Meanwhile, Josh FaceTimes his daughter. She tries to do a Yeti call.

Chelsea comes back to the barracks. Sara Lee comes to Chelsea's room to keep her company. Chelsea is going to try and get in the ring tomorrow.

ZZ and the guys are in another room. Tanner tells ZZ sulking isn't going to get him anywhere. Patrick asks ZZ if he wants to be here? Patrick goes off on ZZ about Patrick busting his arse. Patrick says this is about physicality. Patrick feels that ZZ doesn't care. ZZ asks Patrick what else he has on his mind. Patrick says losing to ZZ would be an absolute joke.

Live in the Studio

Paige says Patrick has too much of an ego. Bryan mentions ZZ hasn't improved with is cardio. Hogan brings up Giorgia starting more drama among the women.


Young shows us a picture of Josh's torn up hands from the obstacle course. Jericho is Periscoping live. Big Show has a surprise later tonight.

At the Barracks

Amanda shows GG her scars on her arms and legs. Sara walks in as they are talking about Chelsea's ankle. Sara reveals Chelsea's secret.

Performance Center - Ring Work

GG calls out Chelsea on her not supposed to be walking on it for a month. GG starts to "cry" about Chelsea. Gunn tells Chelsea that it sucks for her. Chelsea is going to sit today.

They are working on ring work today. Booker tells Tanner he needs showmanship. Patrick and Tanner work together. Josh works on slamming people. Who ever is the loser gets to do squats and get yelled at by the winner out of the partners.

Patrick and Mada work together. Gunn chooses Mada over Patrick. Patrick has to do squats. The three girls work together, and Sara Lee is the loser of the trio. ZZ, Tanner, and Josh are paired together. Gunn chooses ZZ as the loser to do squats.

Booker says Mada stepped up the most this week. Lita says Giorgia did the best again this week. Someone is going home.


The Ladies Fight At The Barracks

Sara Lee confronts GG about calling her out. GG tells Sara she shouldn't have said it if she didn't want it out. Amanda comes to the defense of GG. The guys are watching GG and Amanda scream at Sara Lee. Sara yells shut the bleep up to end the segment.

Live in the Studio - Big Show's Challenge

Big Show and Jericho are in the ring with the five remaining guys. Show is going to perform the chop to the chest on all the guys. Show chops Josh first. He embraces it well and walks off with a Woo! Show tells Patrick he needs to learn humility. Show chops Patrick. Patrick can't hide that it hurts!

Show chops Tanner next. Tanner doesn't flinch and walks off by shaking Show's hand. Show chops Mada. Big Show rips the black shirt off of ZZ before delivering the chop. ZZ drops to his knees after the chop. Jericho declares Big Show won this competition.


We come back and hear Daniel Bryan announce Chelsea is now cleared to compete. Bryan asks Patrick if he would define ZZ as lazy. The judges ask ZZ if he's just now stepping up. Hogan compliments Mada on being on fire. Paige mentions Sara Lee getting fired up this week. Bryan says Tanner was killing it in the challenges.

Hogan asked Amanda if she finished climbing the ropes. Amanda says she did not because Booker said she shouldn't risk her health.

Bottom Three

Daniel Bryan puts ZZ in the bottom three. Paige puts Patrick in the bottom three! Hogan calls out Chelsea, but then says she's safe. Hogan calls upon Josh to be in the bottom three.


Final Plea & Elimination

15-second final pleas: Josh says he has a lot to bring to the table. ZZ says he isn't fit, but he loves wrestling and wants to bring laughs and wrestling to the fans. Patrick says he wants this.

Daniel Bryan says he wants to save two people, but he can't. No save. Paige agrees with Bryan. Hogan says no save.

Patrick is going home. Renee Young interviews him. Patrick says he is shocked, and this is a trial and tribulation. Patrick says he will be back. Humility was a big part of it, but there won't be an issue in the future. Patrick says he wants to see ZZ win.

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