WWE Tough Enough Results (7/28/15) - The Miz Replaces Hogan, Tamina Splashes


WWE Tough Enough Results (7/28/15)
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

We see a video package on Patrick shockingly being eliminated last week. Big Show chopped the guys last week, and now Team B.A.D. is here tonight to show the remaining ladies what it takes to be tough enough.

Live in the Studio - The Miz Is New Judge

Chris Jericho and Renee Young welcome us to the show. Daniel Bryan, Paige, and The Miz are our judges this week. Miz says no one hits harder than The Miz.

At the Barracks

ZZ is making a sandwich. ZZ misses Patrick already. ZZ made a sandwich for a picture of Patrick. ZZ is shown working out because he wants to look like Patrick.

ZZ and Chelsea talk about ZZ's exercise when Josh walks in sounding like a Yeti. The competitors are sitting around talking about Patrick's elimination. Amanda points out Chelsea's new blond-er look.

Focus Challenge w/ Cesaro

The coaches talk to the competitors. It is only going to get tougher from here. Cesaro has been brought in to help. Cesaro says today's challenge is about focus. The competitors will have to climb around several hanging platforms in the trees. They will have to make it to Cesaro's safe. Whoever gets there the quickest gets to keep what is in the safe.

Sara is highlighted. She struggles with Billy Gunn talking to her and remembering her numbers. Gunn asks Sara why she isn't this focused in the ring. Sara gets her number wrong. Amanda fails to enter the number correctly. Chelsea fails after seven minutes. GiGi refuses to talk to Gunn while she is climbing. GiGi completes the challenge by remembering her number for the safe.

Mada failed to enter the right number after fourteen minutes. ZZ forgot his number about half way through. Tanner almost slipped. Tanner was successful after six minutes. Josh slips up ten minutes in. Josh successfully enters the number.

Tanner won the whole thing with the time of 6 minutes. ZZ was second with 11 minutes. Mada was last today. Mada was upset with himself. GiGi won the challenge, but Chelsea had the fastest time. The prize is Chris Jericho's third book, Best in the World.

Live in the Studio

Young brings up Daniel Bryan not giving away his new book. Miz complains about ZZ making a sandwich for Patrick when he should be working on his physique. Team B.A.D. is still to come tonight.


At the Barracks

Chelsea and Tanner are in the hot tub. Chelsea says she wants to see more personality and charisma from him. Tanner says he wants to be a quiet heel. Chelsea tells Tanner to cut a promo on her bikini. Tanner says the bikini is the best thing he's seen today. Chelsea is not impressed at all.

Performance Center - In-Ring Focus Challenge

Gunn starts off by talking about focus. The competitors will have to perform while listening to extra noise such as a pop.

Tanner shoulderblocks Josh. Amanda and GiGi work. ZZ and Mada work together. We see more shoulderblocks and body slams. Chelsea complains about the crowd noise. Sara struggled with it. ZZ screws up a spot with Mada. Mada is frustrated with ZZ's performance.

Chelsea body slams GiGi. Booker and Gunn compliment them. Booker says he wants more flair from Tanner, but he did improve today. Lita says Chelsea did the best today. Gunn says Josh stepped up today. Somebody is going home when they meet again.

The judges discuss the hot tub segment with Chelsea and Tanner before going to break again.


At the Barracks

Sara Lee and Chelsea are working on pick-ups when Amanda and GiGi walk in to see what was going on and why the door was closed. Amanda says this doesn't have to be two vs. two. Sara and Chelsea talk about obviously getting in their heads. Amanda was eaves dropping after she left the room. The rest of the crew is in the living area as Amanda and Chelsea argue about drama. GiGi jumps is about Chelsea not being here from the start.


GiGi video chats her father. GiGi says it's tough, and she starts crying. Her dad starts crying too. Her dad mentions that GiGi isn't going to come back to the nest. They both start crying more.


Mada confronts ZZ about what happened in the ring today. ZZ makes the excuse about missing his family. Mada says he misses his kid. Mada asks ZZ if he feels he can beat Mada right now. ZZ says no. Mada is speechless after ZZ's answer.

Live in the Studio - Team B.A.D.

Jericho introduces Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina.


Sara, Amanda, Chelsea, and GiGi put helmets on in the ring. Naomi tells Jericho they aren't sure these ladies have what it takes to keep up with them. Sasha tells Jericho they are going to slam them. Tamina says she will deliver a splash from the top rope. GiGi is nervous. Chelsea is terrified. Sara and Amanda are also both nervous.

Tamina slams Sara first. Tamina executes the splash. Amanda is next. Tamina tells her to wipe the smile off her face. Tamina slams Chelsea quicker than the others. Chelsea shakes the splash off. GiGi is last to be slammed and splashed.


The Judges Ask Questions

Daniel Bryan applauds the ladies. He also applauds Chelsea and Sara for practicing at the barracks. Paige calls out Amanda for being paranoid. Amanda denies being paranoid. Paige asks Tanner about the Jericho book. Tanner says he's read the first chapter. Miz asks ZZ about his diet. ZZ says he's been eating chicken and water. Miz and Paige bring up ZZ not going to the gym when the others do. Jericho asks Josh to do the Yeti call.

Bottom 3 & Final Pleas

Bryan calls Amanda out for the bottom three. Bryan says she was last in a few things and was sloppy in the ring. Miz puts Mada in the bottom three for blaming ZZ. Paige calls ZZ out for the bottom three because he doesn't bring anything to the table.

ZZ says he should stay here because he's willing to prepare himself to go that far in the ring. He wants this as much as Mada. ZZ knows he can beat Mada. Amanda says she has that it-factor that a WWE Diva needs. She has passion. She isn't here for the money. Mada wants this more than anything. He wants to headline WrestleMania and be in the Hall of Fame. He wants this. Mada has the it-factor and charisma.


Final Save & Elimination

Sara wants Amanda to go home. Tanner, Chelsea, and GiGi vote ZZ to go home. Voting is now closed. Bryan and Paige opt not to save anyone. The Miz saves Amanda.

Mada has been eliminated. Mada is sad but thanks everyone for the opportunity. Jericho mentions Byron Saxton will be filling in for The Miz on Tough Talk.

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