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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/4/15) - Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/4/15)
Tuesday, August 4, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

We see a video package looking at The Miz saving Amanda last week, leaving Mada to be eliminated. Tonight, the competition heats up with only seven competitors left.

Live in the Studio - The Judges Speak to the Remaining Competitors

Chris Jericho and Renee Young welcome us to the show as the seven competitors are standing on the stage. We see Daniel Bryan, Paige, and The Miz as our judges once again this week. The Miz brings up calling Amanda hot. Paige praises Josh. Bryan calls out Chelsea for making it through last week. Miz says Tanner has a little work to do. Paige says GiGi is on cruise control. Bryan tells ZZ he needs to step it up. Miz wonders what Sara Lee is really like.

At the Barracks

The competitors discuss the last two shocking eliminations. GiGi is still shocked. Amanda is glad Miz sees potential Chelsea blows off Amanda's comments. Amanda wasn't annoyed about being saved over her looks. Amanda has a one in four chance of winning now. ZZ asks is we are going to pretend they don't want him to go. ZZ says he wants it as much as everyone else. Tanner says ZZ isn't trying. ZZ yells at Tanner and Josh to quit picking on him.

Performance Center - Teamwork Challenge

The coaches announce today's challenge is about teamwork. They warm up in the ring. GiGi says Billy is pushing them hard. Gunn rips ZZ about his cardio and throws him out of the ring. Gunn says this isn't a cake walk anymore.

They are expanding on the lock up into a hip toss. Sara improved, while ZZ botched it. Jason Jordan is training in the ring with the competitors. Booker and Gunn demonstrate and show off a little. ZZ succeeds with executing a hip toss. The coaches pair competitors together. Tanner is stuck with ZZ. Tanner is worried about ZZ's performance. They get through not even a minute before ZZ botches a hip toss. Tanner was happy ZZ didn't drop him on his head.

GiGi and Sara are together. Sara claims GiGi did better than her. GiGi is dropped on her head during a slam. The coaches are silent about the dangerous spot. Sara has no clue she did it wrong. Chelsea and Amanda work together next. Chelsea gets yelled at for selling. Gunn tells them to get on the same page. Josh and Tanner are next. They work together well all the way through. I was impressed. The coaches are pleased.

The coaches critique them. Booker says Josh and Tanner did very well. Gunn calls out ZZ for not stepping up. Josh and Tanner did the best, while ZZ and Tanner did the worst. They are sent back to the barracks

Live in the Studio - Initial Reactions

Bryan compliments Josh and Tanner. Paige doesn't understand ZZ still being in this. Miz agrees. Paige was impressed by GiGi, but disappointed in Sara Lee. The Fire Challenge is coming up next.


Young welcomes us back and goes over the rules of elimination.

At the Barracks

Josh and Tanner play pool together. Josh says Tanner doesn't have any game. We see flashback of Tanner alone in the hot tub with Chelsea. Josh says he needs to help him out. Josh challenges Tanner to cut a promo. Tanner practices on Josh, and it kind of got awkward. Josh teases Tanner about practically flirting with him.

GiGi confronts Sara about the spot earlier. Sara claims GiGi did things wrong too. GiGi was worried about breaking her neck. They continue arguing about it. Sara says GiGi doesn't have it.

ZZ is shown working out. Josh gives props to ZZ about being in the gym. Josh says the ring is his life right now. ZZ continues to work out.

The Fire Challenge w/ Prime Time Players

The coaches introduce the Prime Time Players. "Teamwork makes the dream work." Titus says everything they do is about teamwork in WWE. Gunn announces they will be spit in two teams and they have put out a fire and look for a victim. They will have to get the victim out. Both teams will have team leaders, firemen from Orange County.

Team 1: ZZ, Tanner, Chelsea, and Amanda. ZZ says he used to be a volunteer fire fighter. Chelsea was claustrophobic with the mask on. They get in the building. ZZ pulls the hose in. Tanner is also on their team. Team 1 finishes in 12:02.

Team 2: Josh, GiGi, and Sara. They struggle a little bit throughout. Josh gets the victim, as he did most of the muscle work. They finish at 14:49. Booker praises their teamwork.

The coaches talk about teamwork again. He praises their work, but has to award Team 1 as the winners today.


At the Barracks

Tanner, ZZ, and Josh are at a table talking. Tanner and Josh bring up ZZ's performance. Josh asks ZZ if he feels like he will be in the bottom three this week. Tanner says he has a streak going with staying safe. They all want the best man to win.

Amanda and Chelsea discuss their challenge in the ring. Amanda confronts Chelsea about her selling. Chelsea claims she wasn't trying to throw her off her game, and it's just natural for her. Chelsea will work with Amanda as a team, but try to out-shine her. Amanda says the coaches told her not to sell. Chelsea says Amanda isn't here because of her wrestling ability. They continue arguing and Chelsea gets really mad and throws a water bottle.

Live in the Studio

Miz says Chelsea is a natural. Paige says the ladies are playing the blame game too much. The judges will grill the contestants next.


The Judges React

Jericho welcomes us back to the live studio. The Miz calls out Amanda. He told her not to let his comments go to her head, so tonight he is putting her in the bottom three. Miz calls out Josh for talking to ZZ in the gym. Josh says ZZ may be working out for the cameras. Josh has lost 35 pounds since coming to Tough Enough. ZZ says he's lost eight pounds. ZZ says he started late, but he's here to play. ZZ claims he was in the gym today.

Paige says she's isn't pleased with Chelsea, but she also isn't a fan of Amanda. Chelsea claims she was trying to sell for Sara. Paige yells at her to stop. Bryan didn't think Sara's slam to GiGi wasn't that terrible. Bryan brings up suffering a stinger in the ring. The bottom three will be decided next.


Bottom Three & Final Pleas

Daniel Bryan calls out GiGi for over-reacting. Paige calls Sara out for the bottom three for not showing compassion after hurting someone. The Miz changes his mind on Amanda and puts Chelsea in the bottom three.

Sara Lee apologizes to GiGi for her spot. She is here to learn and improve every week. GiGi says she needs to be here, and wants it more than anything in her life. She is here to represent every girl, and that dreams can come true. GiGi knows she has what it takes. Chelsea knows this is for her. She loves sports entertainment. Chelsea loves this so much, and she deserves this second chance.

Voting is now open. Young goes over how to vote. I'm voting to save GiGi.



ZZ says GiGi will go home. Tanner predicts Sara Lee. Josh predicts Sara Lee. Jericho announces voting is closed. Bryan opts not to save anyone. Paige will use her save on GiGi!

Chelsea is eliminated. Young interviews her. Chelsea says nothing went wrong, and maybe this was her fate. Chelsea says GiGi deserves to win. Jericho hypes Tough Talk next on the WWE Network.

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