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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/11/15) - John Cena Appears, Competitor's First Matches

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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/11/15)
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

The show starts with a video package looking at John Cena appearing on tonight's show for the first time since breaking his nose.

Chris Jericho and Renee Young welcome us to the show as the six competitors are on the stage. Young introduces The Miz, Paige, and Daniel Bryan as our judges once again this week.

Bryan says Amanda embraced the dislike last week. Paige tells Josh to not mess up this week. Miz brings up GiGi being saved last week. Bryan calls Tanner one of the best athletes here. Paige wants Sara Lee to show her she wants this. Miz isn't sold on ZZ being a WWE Superstar.

At the Barracks - Chris Jericho!

The competitors walk in to find Chris Jericho and pizza! Jericho talks to GiGi about Paige saving her. Amanda says ZZ and Sara are the weakest. Sara is hurt a little bit about Amanda's comments. ZZ jumps in the discussion and says you have to be relate-able. Jericho brings up the "it factor." Jericho won the World Title six times as a heel, and never as a babyface.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita is GiGi's favorite match. ZZ names Triple H vs. Lesnar in a Steel Cage match as his favorite. Sara says she liked when Lesnar ended The Undertaker's streak. Jericho tells them they need story telling to make it in this business. Jericho finds some alcohol in the cabinet.

Next Day - Tanner's Hang Over

Jericho wakes Tanner up. Everyone comes in wakes Tanner up. Sara can smell booze out of his pores. Josh says he was a train wreck. Tanner's hair is a mess, and everyone laughs at him.

Storytelling Challenge

The trainers talk about telling a story. They are going to start by reviewing. Tanner and Josh start. Jericho and Josh work together a little bit, which Josh really appreciates. Sara gets in with Jericho and then GiGi. Sara struggles with smiling all the time. Sara botches the headlock with Amanda.

Tanner and GiGi's story is about cheating. Josh is the big guy against the underdog, ZZ. Amanda is the hot heel going against the smiling babyface Sara Lee. The coaches give tips to the competitors. Jericho and Lita work with the girls. Gunn is with Josh and ZZ. Booker is with Tanner and GiGi. Jericho shows Tanner the school boy.

Gunn welcomes the NXT roster to watch the three matches. Jason Jordan, Carmella, Bull Dempsey, Bayley, and more are there. The competitors are all nervous.


Josh and ZZ are up first for their match. Jericho does the formal introductions. Booker rings the bell. Josh with a shoulderblock. ZZ hits a hip toss. ZZ shakes the ropes like Ultimate Warrior. ZZ covers, kickout. Josh gets out of a hold and body slams ZZ. ZZ struggles to get up apparently. Josh body slams ZZ again. Josh covers ZZ for the win. Winner - Josh

Booker says Josh got the crowd riled up. Lita says ZZ had a good day, but needs to get his confidence back. Booker says all in all, it was pretty good. Jericho introduces the ladies. Amanda loves the heat. Amanda riles the crowd until Sara takes her down. Amanda fires back with a lock up into the corner. Amanda hits a shoulderblock. Sara hits a hip toss and body slam. Sara covers Amanda for the win. Winner - Sara Lee

Sara was glad they didn't forget any moves. The judges tell Amanda she looks like she belonged there. Lita says they looked comfortable. The coaches bring up Sara Lee's smile again. The smiling p*sses Booker T off. It's time to go to work and be serious. Other than that, Booker says it was okay. Sara is frustrated.

Jericho introduces Tanner and GiGi. They lock up, headlock on Tanner. Tanner body slams GiGi. GiGi hits a hip toss for a big pop. Tanner runs into another hip toss. Tanner hides in the ropes and then rolls GiGi up with schoolboy for the win. Winner - Tanner

Tanner received lots of heat. GiGi loved it. Booker thought it was good until GiGi fell during a hip toss. Lita wants to see more body language from Tanner. Booker says it was pretty good overall. Tanner is just missing facial expressions. Jericho gives a hand to the NXT Roster at ringside. The coaches say this is a milestone. They were pleased with Josh the most. Sara Lee receives the award for being the worst.

Live in the Studio

Jericho was nervous about the matches, but all of them did really well. Paige was pleasantly surprised with ZZ. The Miz was impressed as well. Bryan says smiling is okay for Sara, but she needs to know when it's necessary. Paige says she needs to know when to do it. Tanner receives some praise.


At the Barracks

Josh and Tanner are playing pool. Tanner managed to perform well despite his drunken night. GiGi and Amanda talk about mean tweets. Amanda is flattered. There are a lot of mean tweets about GiGi being stuck up Amanda's you know what.

Live in the Studio - John Cena

Jericho introduces United States Champion John Cena who is sporting new orange and green attire. Cena's nose doesn't look bad from my view. Cena says this show is great and Tough Enough tells the story that we don't see on Raw or SmackDown. Cena brings up Miz being on a past season of Tough Enough. Cena gives them props and wishes them all success.

Jericho brings up SummerSlam. Cena says it's not about him, it's about Tough Enough. Cena lets the judges decide his fate. Bryan starts a YES! chant. Jericho shakes Cena's hand and we will hear from the judges next.


The Judges React

Jericho welcomes us back. The Miz calls Tanner out for calling himself a mechanical specimen. Miz calls Tanner a robot. Tanner says he's working on it, and he was listening to Jericho. Paige praises Tanner. Paige then brings up Sara and ZZ always being in the bottom three. Sara says she hates being in the bottom three. ZZ agrees with her and says he's here to entertain everyone. Bryan was impressed with ZZ. Bryan praises ZZ for showing facial expressions during the match. GiGi was supposed to be cheered, but he was being booed at first. GiGi says you don't have to be liked. She didn't know why she was booed.


Bottom 3 & Final Pleas

The Miz puts Tanner in the bottom three because of lack of charisma. Paige puts Sara Lee in the bottom because she continues to be a C-player. Bryan says one person who needed to be cheered was GiGi, she's in the bottom three.

GiGi says she has no regrets. This is all she knows now, and there is no back up plan. Tanner thinks he has a great personality. Tanner says he showed he is a specimen to work with. Sara Lee says she keeps improving, and the WWE Universe can see that. Sara can learn all these things and she won't give up until she does it.



ZZ says Tanner needs to go home because he's the exact opposite of himself. Josh says Tanner needs to go home because he's the only one that affects him. Amanda says Sara Lee needs to go home. Daniel Bryan opts to not save anyone.

GiGi is being eliminated. Young asks GiGi what went wrong. GiGi says they didn't like her, but they will in the future. GiGi has a taste of it and she was born for this.

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