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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/18/15) - Who's Headed To The Final Four?

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WWE Tough Enough Results (8/18/15)
Wednesday, August 18, 2015
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Report by CJ Blaze of

Video package starts the show. Last week, GiGi was eliminated. GiGi promises she will be back. Only five remain and they will step in the ring at NXT this week.

Renee Young and Chris Jericho welcome us to the show. The final five are on the stage. The Miz, Paige, and Daniel Bryan are our judges once again this week. Bryan says this is awesome. Paige mentions that the girls are safe tonight, so one of the guys are being eliminated tonight. The Miz says this isn't about who's most popular.

At the Barracks

Amanda and Sara Lee talk about how many empty bags are laying around. Sara was relieved to learn she wasn't going home. Amanda was cool with Sara staying, but then Amanda asks Sara if she feels guilty. Amanda was in the bottom three once, but got saved. They says cheers and good luck.

Josh, Tanner, and ZZ are on couches. Tanner is frustrated that ZZ gets the most votes despite being the worst. Tanner brings up ZZ losing every challenge they have had. ZZ says the WWE Universe is keeping him around for a reason. The girls walk in and they all head to Full Sail University!

Ring Set-Up & Finishers - feat. Jason Jordan & Dana Brooke

Booker says this takes discipline. The five ladies and gents will work with NXT stars to set up the ring for the NXT tapings. ZZ is good at putting down tape, while Josh is standing around looking pretty at times. The coaches say they did a great job.

Lita tells them every good superstar needs a finisher. Gunn talks about the Pedigree and the F5. They will individually work on their finishers today.

The coaches work one-on-one with Sara Lee. Jason Jordan and Dana Brooke are in the ring. Sara says she feels she is doing a lot better. Gunn is speechless. Booker says she should be a lot farther along. Lita tells Sara it's time to bring it. Sara hasn't thought about a finisher. Lita uses Ronda Rousey as an example. Sara Lee practices a side Russian Leg sweep on Dana Brooke. Sara turns it around into an arm bar. Sara likes it.

Tanner is next. Expressions and body language is what Tanner needs to work on. Tanner wants to fly. Gunn suggests a cross body from the top. Tanner goes up top and performs a crossbody onto the practice mat. The coaches complain about Tanner not putting on an angry face. Tanner tries screaming while leaping from the top. Gunn laughs hysterically at it. Tanner executes the move on Jason Jordan.


Young welcomes us back and goes over the rules of elimination. Back to the NXT Arena.

Josh is next for the finisher challenge. Gunn says Josh is starting to get in superstar mode. Josh will be in the bottom three and this is his last chance to show the WWE Universe what he's made of. Josh wants to do the Abominable A-Bomb, which is a powerbomb. Gunn suggests a running power slam. Josh whips Jason into the corner, does the Yeti call, splashes in the corner, and then hits the slam.

Amanda is next and she wants to do something flashy. Lita tells Amanda she is way ahead of Sara Lee. Booker says this is Amanda's chance to overcome Sara. Amanda practices a bulldog out of the corner on Dana.

ZZ is the last one. ZZ says he is doing everything that they asked. ZZ wasn't expecting the physicality that is involved. The WWE Universe loves ZZ, and now they really need a reason. ZZ applies a Gator Grip on Jordan. ZZ pulls Jason's face back, showing his teeth. Lita suggests setting up the Gator Grip with a flap jack. ZZ practices the flap jack on Jordan and then puts it all together without the mat.

Lita tells all five of them to study up. One of the men are going home now.

Live in the Studio

Bryan was impressed with the finishers. The Miz is always surprised by ZZ. Paige and Bryan compliment Amanda and Sara Lee. Jericho says the hard-hitting reality continues next.


At the Barracks

Josh and Sara agreed that today was really fun. Sara was thinking about what to name her finisher. Tanner isn't scared of the Yeti. ZZ needs to work on cardio. The other four are a little shocked at ZZ's comments about having the total package. Tanner shows off his lack of emotions. ZZ wants to go sit on the couch...

Amanda walks in on ZZ working on his final plea. Amanda hopes the WWE Universe comes around and sees who really deserves this. ZZ and Amanda have been friends through this all.

Josh and Tanner are in the kitchen. Josh says he's all in, and he will do this regardless of if he gets eliminated. Tanner says ZZ not putting in effort really grinds his gears.


Jericho welcomes us back and announce the guys and girls will have to think quick on their toes. The Miz asks ZZ if he is manipulating the fans, to which he said no. ZZ will move to Florida and give back to his family once he wins. ZZ and the judges go back and forth on ZZ lying about what the coaches told him. The Miz asks ZZ about not knowing about the physical demand.

Sara says Booker is the hardest on her. Sara says she likes the ring in her nose. Tanner brings up struggling with facial expressions. Tanner thinks acting lessons will help. Tanner says he doesn't have a lack of charisma. Tanner tells a story about his brother pranking him.

Amanda tells a story about her brother beating up one of her boyfriends. Amanda says she has the it-factor and is more athletic than Sara. Amanda thinks the WWE Universe will see Sara is not improving. Josh says he is most proud of his daughter. He explains that he didn't have a father early on in his life. Josh talks about going into superstar mode.


Final Pleas

The bottom three are alone on the stage. ZZ says everything that he says comes from the heart. He was born to bring happiness to this business. Tanner has had to work for everything, so he isn't afraid of putting in the work and dedication. Tanner says he can out-work anyone in this business. Josh speaking into a lollipop, says it's time for the Yeti Nation to step up. Josh is here to bring the sauce out day in and day out. Josh wants to do this for the rest of his life.



Sara thinks Tanner should go home. Amanda thinks Tanner should go home as well. Jericho announces voting is closed. Bryan has his save left, but he opts not to save anyone.

Tanner is eliminated. Young interviews him, bringing up his personality in the ring. Tanner says there's nothing he can't be taught.Tanner thinks Josh should win because he's talented and isn't lazy.

Next week is the finale, with Sara Lee, Amanda, Josh, and ZZ in the final four. They will have their first-ever live match next week on Tough Enough.

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