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So I'll be honest with you guys this is not really live coverage since in most areas Tribute to the Troops started at 3:00 p.m EST but for me and some others it does not air until 4:30 p.m on FOX because of the football games on at the 1:00 p.m slot. So if you have Tribute to the Troops at 4:30 watch with me live and if you had it had 3:00 you can still follow along and interact with us later viewers on the discussion board here or on Twitter!

My twitter is @juicecannon1 so you can follow along on there or you can follow along on the @wnwnews twitter account! Also check out this preview from @WNWJacob to to get learn more about the card for this event and some more insider information on it!

Still waiting on the NFL Postgame to end and Tribute to the Troops to start they just said they are wrapping up now so it won't be much longer guys!

Tribute to the Troops has become a great tradition for WWE and luckily this year it still was put on despite all the chaos going on in the world. It happened in the ThunderDome and all the viewers on the ThunderDome screens are American soldier in fitting fashion! JBL, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton are the commentators for this event and action kicked off right away with the ten man tag team match!

Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Street Profits, and Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn, Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin, and Elias

Things are starting to get out of control now when all 10 man came into the ring and brawled.

Then most men ended up out of the ring except Bryan who instantly got back out with the Suicide Dive then the Profits went back in the ring just to flip out of it over the ropes onto people as well.

Angelo Dawkins is my personal favorite Street Profit  and he just went in there and showcased briefly before the majority of the participants went in to showcase their respective finishers.

Ford now delivers the splash following a salute to the troops to seal the win for his team. What a great athlete Ford is and it was a decent fun match.

Also the American flag face paint Hardy had was great and I'm surprised it did not run a bit more than it did! Why is Zayn constantly taking the pins in tribute matches? Stop doing this to my homey WWE!

The FOX postgame crew then sent things to Jay Glazer and former Marine and current WWE superstar Lacey Evans were shown at the Myanmar Air Force Base. The pushup contest between American soldiers and Lacey Evans was quite fun! They were not keeping track though so they just did it by the honor system and surprisingly Evans did not just name herself the winner!

I'm not really a country music fan so I never heard of Hardy but this performance was not bad. 

This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic the troops were unable to meet the troops in person so instead they did meet and greets with superstars like Belair and Ford, McIntyre and a few others and that's awesome I'm glad some troops and their families got that at least!

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks vs Bayley and Natalya

Former rivals and former best friends Banks and Bayley started that match but it di not take long for Banks to tag in Bayley's current rival Belair the EST of WWE! Belair is one of if not the most athletic and strong woman wrestlers I have ever seen and she showed her strength when Banks allowed Belair to lift her above the head of Belair into Natalya and Bayley!

Rob Stone calling out R-Truth is just great especially when he references Hul Hogan with that brother comment! With the pandemic there has not been many celebrity 24/7 champions so I am kind of hoping he wins it again soo or someone else like Tony Gonzalez since he is also a FOX employee and I have always been a huge fan!

Banks and Natalya in the ring alone with the Banks Statement? Yea we all know what that means. Banks got the tap out from Natty and got the win for her team! They might be allies now but Banks should watch out because sooner or later Belair will be coming for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

We got a great flashback of the 2007 Tribute to the Troops when Vince McMahon played Grinch trying to ruin the event until Santa came out and shut him up then Santa was revealed to be Cena who then used the Attitude Adjustment or at the time the F U on his boss to shut him up!

Drew McIntyre vs The Miz

The champ is in the building everybody! Drew McIntyre taking on the MITB contract holder shows huge guts but we all know the king of Claymore Country got this! 

John Morrison getting thrown over the barricades is starting to happen more and more it might start becoming a thing like Lana getting slammed in to tables!

The distraction by Morrison allowed Miz to take control briefly before the Scotsman took control again. McIntyre's belly to belly suplex tosses always entertain me. Watching him throw people across the entire ring. Morrison distractions have been the only reason The Miz has been able to keep this competitive!

The WWE Champion gets the win with the Claymore despite the dirty tactics of Miz and Morrison! Also is it just me or did the Claymore not actually make contact with The Miz?

That's a wrap from me and my first live coverage with Wrestling News World! Keep up with me on Twitter @juicecannon1 and keep up with all things WNW at @wnwnews. Also stay tuned Monday nights and Friday night after Smackdown and Raw for my recaps if you want more Juice content!

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