WWE Has Turned Big Show 20 Times


Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry are three WWE workers that have been turned as much if not more than anyone else in the business.

The folks over at MoronBall.com counted the turns of The Big Show and sent over the following data:

Since coming to the WWE in 1999, Big Show has had quite a lot of “transformations”. So many to the point that his latest turns have come with a lot of groans. Just how many times has Big Show turned? See below to find out.

#1: Big Show turned heel and aligns himself with Vince McMahon in February of 1999.

#2: Big Show knocked out Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania in 1999, turning face.
#3: Big Show turned heel by aligning himself with The Undertaker in the summer of 1999.
#4: Big Show turned face late in 1999 after learning that his father had cancer.
#5: Big Show turned heel after claiming he won the Royal Rumble in early 2000.
#6: Big Show turned face in the spring of 2000 after dressing up as other wrestlers in good fun.
#7: Big Show came back as a heel after a 6-month hiatus in OVW in 2001.
#8: Big Show turned face by forming a team with Spike Dudley in the latter part of 2001.
#9: Big Show joins the nWo in 2002, thus turning heel.
#10: Big Show returns to Smackdown in 2004 as a face.
#11: Big Show turned heel by aligning with Paul Heyman and becoming ECW Champion in the summer of 2006.
(Big Show left for about a year-and-a-half)
#12: Big Show returned as a heel after attacking (an already injured) Rey Mysterio at No Way Out in 2008.
#13: Big Show slowly turned face as he was representing WWE, and went into feuds with The Great Khali and Mark Henry in the spring of 2008.
#14: Big Show turned heel by aligning with Vickie Guerrero in the fall of 2008.
#15: Big Show turned face by joining Smackdown and attacking heels to help out Teddy Long.
#16: Big Show turned heel by helping Big Johnny beat John Cena.
#17: Big Show turned face by going against The Shield.
#18: Big Show turned heel by showing disinterest against The Shield, and KO’ing his face partners.
#19: Big Show turned face by coming back in the summer and actually going against The Shield.
#20: Big Show turned heel by joining The Authority (even though they threatened to bankrupt him and made him cry several times).

So there you have it; Big Show has turned 18 different times since his debut as a heel. We look forward to updating this sometime in 2015 when Big Show turns face again.

You read that correctly. That’s 20 turns in the WWE career of Big Show.

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