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Important - WWE & UFC Support SOPA; Richard Reacts With A Scathing Warning To Voters & The Politicians They Support

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WWE and UFC are two of 354 major companies that support SOPA according to this article by

SOPA is an acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill currently in the House of Representatives. Another bill, the Protect IP Act (PIPA), is in the Senate. We at WrestlingNewsWorld.comstrongly oppose both pieces of legislation.

Protests staged across the Web on Wednesday caused Rep. Lamar Smith and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid to announce today that votes on both bills have been delayed.

Comments from Smith and Reid as well as details on the delay can be found in this article by The Washington Post.

2:07 PM EST Update: Reuters is reporting that Smith has withdrawn SOPA.

Richard Reacts: I want each and every one of you to understand how serious this is. These bills are some of the most poorly-written, poorly-researched pieces of legislation ever proposed. Politicians such as Lamar Smith have no idea what they are imposing and not only threaten our Constitutional Rights as American citizens but threaten the very freedoms this country was founded upon.

The fact that WWE and UFC support this type of radical legislation goes to show their stance that could result in websites like being DNS blocked. While I will agree that something needs to be done to eliminate the problem with online piracy, SOPA and PIPA would allow the government to prevent users from accessing websites that do not even host the pirated content. In other words, what's going to stop Vince McMahon from getting websites such as this one "out of his hair?" It's well-known that Vince, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are opposed to "dirt sheet" publications.

Let's also not forget Linda McMahon is currently campaigning for another shot at the United States Senate. While I do not know her stance on the bills, the fact her husband's company supports SOPA, is very troubling. I strongly urge you to vote against any candidate that endorses either SOPA or PIPA. Unless they come out and denounce the proposed legislation, I would remain very weary of that candidate.
It's time to let your voice be heard. Oppose SOPA, oppose PIPA. The government has gone too far and I will not stop strong opposition until both bills are torn up and taken off the floor of the Senate and House.

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