WWE UK Tournament: Night 1 Full Results

WWE UK Championship

Here are the complete results from Night 1 of the UK Tournament. Night 2 will air tomorrow afternoon on the WWE Network at 3pm ET.

First Round:

1) Trent Seven defeated H.C. Dyer by pinfall in 5:25 via the Seven Star Lariat.

2) Jordan Devlin defeated Danny Burch by pinfall in 8:55 via a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. The finish was botched as Burch was busted open in the back of his head from the roundhouse and seemingly kicked out but the referee counted to three anyway to stop the match. Afterwards, Devlin superkicked Burch in the head when they were supposed to have a handshake. Devlin established himself as a top heel in the tournament by bragging about his "clean, non-controversial win" after the bout.

3) Sam Gradwell defeated Saxon Huxley by pinfall in 6:00 via a diving headbutt.

4) Pete Dunne defeated Roy Johnson by pinfall in 7:30 via a pumphandle flatliner.

5) Wolfgang defeated Tyson T-Bone by pinfall in 6:20 via a swanton bomb. T-Bone seemed to be the early favourite here and gave Wolfgang a headbutt during the opening handshake but Wolfgang used a lot of aerial assault type maneuvers and got the win.

6) Joseph Connors defeated James Drake by pinfall in 7:12 via the Don't Look Down.

7) Mark Andrews defeated Dan Moloney by pinfall in 5:35 via a shooting star press.

8) Tyler Bate defeated Tucker by pinfall in 10:34 via the Tyler Driver.

The next round matchups were announced at the end of the show and in the process, Pete Dunne coldcocked Sam Gradwell, his next opponent in the tournament. William Regal was furious as the show went off the air.


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