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WWE UK Tournament: Night 2 Live Results

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WWE UK Championship

Big shoutout to WNW reader Ethan Oakeshott for informing us about this dark match that took place immediately prior to today's live event:

Dark Match: Tucker and Saxon Huxley over Dan Moloney and Nathan Cruise


1) Pete Dunne defeated Sam Gradwell by pinfall in 4:50 via a slam into the corner. This was the only bout that had some good heat behind it due to the actions of Dunne last week and they both wrestled a pretty aggressive style. After the match ended, Dunne wasn't... done... as he planted Gradwell with the pumphandle flatliner.

Pete Dunne tells Charly Caruso that his actions last night were not controversial and he's made a name for himself with two down and two to go.

2) Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners by pinfall in 8:12 via the Shooting Star Press.This one featured more of an aerial assault from Andrews combined with some aggression from Conners.

3) Wolfgang defeated Trent Seven by pinfall in 6:42 via the Howling (Swanton Bomb). This was the first double fan-favourite match with the audience being big fans of both guys throughout the contest. Wolfgang hurt his knee early in the match after hitting a moonsault off the barricade but it only became a minor irritant, it seemed.

4) Tyler Bate defeated Jordan Devlin by pinfall in 6:07 via the Tyler Driver '97. The crowd was ALL over Devlin, who resorted to heel tactics and actually got heat for it from the smarky singsong crowd in the UK.


5) Pete Dunne defeated Mark Andrews by pinfall in 10:39 via the Bitter End in what may have been the best match of the entire tournament. Andrews made the mistake of favouring his neck at the beginning of the match and so Pete Dunne immediately targeted that particular body part for a portion of the match. Andrews took several crazy bumps including a suplex from the floor onto the apron and a back-first one onto the ramp via a variation of the X-plex. There was also a really hot near fall when Dunne countered the Shooting Star Press by raising his knees and only getting a two count.

6) Tyler Bate defeated Wolfgang by pinfall in 6:00 via the Tyler Driver '97. Another fan-favourite match here but Tyler was still the more popular grappler and Wolfgang seemed to 'play the heel' in the match. They slowed down the pace in contrast to the previous contest, which was smart because the crowd was still amped from it. Pete Dunne then jumped Tyler Bate after the match and ran him into opposite corners while Michael Cole begged for someone to come out and stop this assault. Dunne then hwne to the back where William Regal got in his face and shoved him into the backstage area.

Neville came out to cut a pre-match promo to complain about not being in the tournament and added that it would've been a lot less competitive if he was involved in it. Neville announced himself as the greatest talent that this country has ever produced, saying that there isn't another person good enough to stand up to him. This brought out Tommy End, making his debut!

Non-Tournament Match:

7) Neville defeated the debuting Tommy End by pinfall in 8:42 via the Red Arrow. The crowd exploded at the appearance of Tommy End and he made a hell of an entrance.

Charly Caruso announced that Tyler Bate has a separated AC joint but he HAS been cleared to compete in the finals.

To everyone's surprise, Finn Balor then made an entrance and came down to the ring doing his signature poses.

Tournament Finals for the WWE UK Championship:

8) Tyler Bate defeated Pete Dunne to become the first-ever United Kingdom Champion in 15:12 when he hit him with the Tyler Driver '97. It should be noted that the booking of this show allowed Dunne to go from a crowd favourite despite being a heel at the top of yesterday's show to getting a solid round of boos during the introduction of this match. Bate started out quick and avoiding Dunne's attacks to his shoulder before trying to divert the attack to Dunne's shoulder instead. Bate also got a lot of near falls via flash pin attempts and then did that same airplane spin/reverse direction spot despite the injured shoulder. There was a very close near fall with a sort of 450 Kneedrop from Bate but Dunne kicked out at the very last second.

Triple H, William Regal, Fit Finlay and Finn Balor endorsed Bate as he celebrated the victory.


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