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WWE Using Charles Robinson To Try & Sell Horrible Finish To John Cena vs. Ryback

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WWE even has referee Charles Robinson trying to convince fans of the horrible finish to John Cena vs. Ryback. The following is from Robinson's Twitter account, which was Re-Tweeted by WWE:

The following is from my Facebook account:

The finish to Cena vs. Ryback was mind-boggling. No way Ryback can leave on his feet without the title. A complete injustice to anyone that ordered the PPV and to Cena and Ryback that actually had a good match going. If WWE had to show their blatant lack of confidence in Ryback, then he does a stretcher job too. Ridiculous. Absurd. Horrible.

You can't have a Last Man Standing Match, with one man left standing and not give him the title.

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