WWE Using Charles Robinson To Try & Sell Horrible Finish To John Cena vs. Ryback


WWE even has referee Charles Robinson trying to convince fans of the horrible finish to John Cena vs. Ryback. The following is from Robinson's Twitter account, which was Re-Tweeted by WWE:

The following is from my Facebook account:

The finish to Cena vs. Ryback was mind-boggling. No way Ryback can leave on his feet without the title. A complete injustice to anyone that ordered the PPV and to Cena and Ryback that actually had a good match going. If WWE had to show their blatant lack of confidence in Ryback, then he does a stretcher job too. Ridiculous. Absurd. Horrible.

You can't have a Last Man Standing Match, with one man left standing and not give him the title.

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