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WWE Wrestlemania 34 Results & Discussion (04/08/18)


WWE WrestleMania 34 Results
Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Coverage By: Sean Hopkins

The show opens with a wide shot of the crowd, and Jojo welcomes Chloe and Hallie, who she says are being described as the 'Future of Music'. The two ladies sing America the Beautiful. It's an interesting take on the song, and the crowd pops huge with a big 'USA' chant.

This leads into a video package taking a good look at the city of New Orleans, talking about the host city as a place for good times, and framing tonight's show as a party where we'll let the good times roll.

The video package is intercut with shots of Superstars competing in matches tonight, snippets of WrestleMania history, shots of fans, and shots of New Orleans.

The pyro hits, and the crowd is hot. Everyone is already on their feet as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Seth Rollins' music hits and Rollins makes his way down the aisle to a very warm welcome from the crowd.

The Miz is out next, and the crowd chants 'Awesome' along with Miz's entrance theme. Miz is accompanied by the Miztourage, and he's got some goofy sunglasses on. All three members of the Miztourage are dressed ridiculously, but you wouldn't really expect different for the Grandest stage of them all. Miz sends Dallas and Axel to the back, letting them know that he's got to earn it, and Miz gets a big pop for the decision.

Finn Balor is out next, and he's flanked by fans wearing his 'for everyone' shirt. Balor gets a large pop on his way to the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match
The Miz vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings and everyone is slow to start. Everyone tries for a quick start and Balor is able to get the drop on both men before Rollins and Balor both get quick rolls ups. Rollins teases the curbstomp on Balor, but Balor moves and Rollins connects with a superkick. Balor sends Rollins to the outside and he hits a tope con hilo out to the floor on top of both Rollins and Miz. Miz tries to roll up Balor and eats a low dropkick to the chest instead. Balor chops Miz in the corner, then turns around into a crossbody from Rollins. Miz sends Rollins into the corner and kicks Balor in the head for a twoc ount. John Cena is shown watching from the crowd.

Rollins scores with a double blockbuster on Miz and Balor, getting a quick two count on Miz. Miz recovers and tries for the SCF on Rollins, but Rollins fights it off. Miz connects with the corner clothesline on Balor. Miz climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a double axe handle to Rollins that's good for a two count. Miz goes right into a rear chin lock on Rollins. Miz tosses Rollins into the corner, kicks Rollins away and connects with a neckbreaker on Balor. Miz turns his attention to Balor, clamping on a rear chin lock. Balor quickly stands, but Miz sends him right back down to the mat. Balor fights to his feet again and Miz throws him into the corner. Balor fights back with a running forearm to the forehead, and a jumping doublestomp to Miz's chest. Balor chops Miz's chest in the corner, but then runs right into a big boot. Miz goes to the top turnbuckle and Balor kicks him in the side of the head, sending him out to the floor. Rollins enters the ring and connects with a sling blade on Balor. Balor heads out to the floor, and Rollins dives through the ropes on top of Balor. Rollins enters the ring and hits another suicide dive on Miz. Balor and Rollins head back into the ring and Rollins connects with a superkick on Balor, only to turn into a kick to the stomach and a low DDT from Miz that puts Rollins down for a two count.

Miz attacks Rollins' leg and tries for the Figure Four, but Rollins kicks Miz away. Rollins goes for a springboard move, but Miz kicks him in the side of the head to knock him down to the floor. Miz turns to Balor and attacks his leg before clamping on the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Balor reaches for the ropes, but Rollins leaps in from out of nowhere with a frog splash on Miz that's good for two.

Miz falls out to the floor and Rollins follows. Balor blocks a buckle bomb, the avoids a buckle bomb attempts from Rollins. Balor catches Rollins with a nasty kick, then he connects with a dropkick that sends both Balor and Miz crashing back into the barricade. Balor attempts 1916, but Rollins blocks with a knee to the face. Balor connects with a spinning forearm, but Rollins comes back with a knee. Balor shakes it off and connects with 1916, and Rollins is down for two. Balor heads up to the top rope, but Miz is right there to stop Balor. Miz heads up after Balor and tries for a superplex, but Balor hands on. Rollins pulls Miz down and sends him crashing across the ring with a buckle bomb. Rollins connects with a superplex on Balor, but Balor rolls through into a pin for two. Miz is right there to attacks Rollins with an SCF, but Rollins kicks out of a pin at two.

Miz tries for an SCF on Balor, but Balor counters with a roll up for two. Balor avoids a charging Miz in the corner and connects with a kick to the top of the head. Balor heads to the top rope and Miz shakes the ropes to cause Balor to crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. Miz heads up after Balor, but Balor fights him off. Balor teases a top rope 1916, but Rollins blocks the attempt with an enzugiri to Balor. Miz is able to surprise Rollins with a bulldog off the top rope, and Balor breaks up the pin with a Coup de Grace on both Miz and Rollins.

Balor hits a sling blade on Miz, then puts him down in the corner. Balor connects with the Coup de Grace on Miz, but Rollins breaks up the pin with a curb stomp to Balor. Rollins hypes himself up in the corner, then he puts down Miz with a curbstomp. Rollins pins Miz, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins

Rollins swings the title around overhead, much like WrestleMania 31. The moment isn't really lingered on as we move right into a promo for the upcoming Andre the Giant documentary.

John Cena is shown taking selfies with fans in the crowd. The commentators don't waste any time, moving their focus on to the Smackdown Women's Championship match. We get a video package highlighting Charlotte's dominance over the Women's wrestling scene on Raw and Smackdown for the last couple of years. Of course we also get a look at the meteoric rise of Asuka, and her impressive undefeated streak.

Back in the stadium, Charlotte makes an impressive entrance using the more traditional version of her Father's theme. Charlotte's entrance is indeed reminiscent of the HHH entrance from a couple of years ago where she flanked him while he sat on his throne. Charlotte is flanked by gladiators, and they follows her down the aisle as Charlotte's regular theme takes over, and she struts to the ring wearing a very high collared robe.

Asuka makes her way out to a warm reception, and the WWE productions crew is making pretty liberal use of the graphics superimposed on the screen tonight.

After formal ring introductions for both women, we're ready to begin.

Smackdown Women's Championship Match
Charlotte vs. Asuka

The bell rings, and both women lock up pretty quickly. Asuka works on Charlotte's arm, and she works it over at every turn until Charlotte shoves her away. Charlotte struts for a moment before Asuka goes right back to work. Charlotte tries to roll up Asuka, but she ends up being kicked in the face and Asuka scores a near fall. Asuka takes Charlotte down to the mat and hits a hip thrust into the side of Charlotte's head. Charlotte is able to respond with a couple of big chops to the chest. Asuka sends Charlotte into the corner, and kicks her square in the chest when she tries to re-enter the ring. Asuka sends Charlotte crashing to the outside, shoulder first into the barricade.

Charlotte enters the ring and Asuka scores with kicks to the shoulder and the side of Charlotte's arm. Asuka clamps on an arm bar, but Charlotte fights up to her feet and out of the hold. Charlotte scores with a right hand, and she drives Asuka down, planting the back of Asuka's neck against her knee. Asuka tries for the Asuka lock, settling for a sleeper, but Charlotte breaks the hold by dropping down to the mat abruptly, forcing Asuka to break. Charlotte beats on Asuka's back in the corner before driving down with a knee across the back of Asuka's neck. Charlotte connects with another knee drop before heading to the top rope. Charlotte leaps off the top rope with a moonsault, but Asuka counters by pulling Flair down into a triangle choke. Charlotte is able to counter into a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Asuka counters into a roll up, and Charlotte counters with a roll up of her own.

Asuka grabs Charlotte's arm and wraps it around the bottom rope, wrenching away. Asuka grabs Charlotte's arm and kicks away at her face before attacking her in the corner. Charlotte shoves Asuka away. Asuka goes for the hip check while Charlotte stands on the apron, but Charlotte moves and kicks Asuka in the back instead. Charlotte pulls Asuka out to the apron and tries for a suplex, but Asuka fights it off. Asuka suplexes Charlotte off the ring apron and out to the floor.

Both women are able to break the count back into the ring. Asuka connects with a series of strikes that send Charlotte down to the mat. Asuka heads up to the top rope, leaping off with a giant dropkick that puts Charlotte down for two. Asuka grabs Charlottes arms and stomps away at her back repeatedly. Asuka kicks at Charlotte's arm while climbing to the top rope. Charlotte breaks the hold and chops Asuka repeatedly before she climbs to the top alongside Asuka. Charlotte connects with the Spanish fly, and she pins Asuka, but Asuka does not stay down for three.

Charlotte tries for the Natural Selection, but Asuka rolls through into a crazy submission, trapping Charlotte's head and ripping away at the arm. Asuka is able to avoid the Figure Four, but Chalotte comes back with more chops. Asuka drops Charlotte with a fireman's carry, and she tries for the Asuka lock, but Charlotte is able to fight it off. Asuka screams in Charlotte's face and she hits the ropes, running right into a big spear from Charlotte. Charlotte goes for the pin, but Asuka kicks out at two.

Charlotte goes quickly into the Figure Four, bridging right up into the Figure Eight in the middle of the ring. Asuka screams in pain and she is finally forced to tap out. Charlotte ends the streak!

Winner and STILL Smackdown Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is crying tears of joy, saying 'I did it'. Charlotte turns to see Asuka stand and limp over. Asuka stops in the middle of the ring and Charlotte walks toward her. Asuka asks for a mic. Asuka says Charlotte was ready for Asuka. She congratulates Charlotte, and hugs Charlotte while Flair's music plays. Asuka holds Charlotte's arm high before hugging her once more. Charlotte makes her way to the back, and she looks to be split open on her elbow. A ref is shown running down to the ring and he whispers into John Cena's ear. Cena shrugs it off for a moment before leaping over the barricade and sprinting to the back. The crowd goes nuts while the commentators try and figure out what this could mean.

After a quick commercial, we're ready for another match immediately as Bobby Roode makes his way out for the next match to a large pop from the crowd.

Roode's music is interrupted for that Aiden English can do a quick rap/song and introduce Rusev, who came to WrestleMania on Rusev day!

Sunil Singh introduced Jinder Mahal, and Jinder makes his way out wearing a regal looking blue turban, and a military style jacket. Todd Phillips uses Jinder's entrance as a proper time to introduce the international announce teams.

The Champion is the last man out to the ring, and Randy Orton gets a very warm welcome as he makes his way down the aisle holding his title high.

WWE United States Championship Fatal Four Way Match
Randy Orton vs. Bobby Roode vs. Rusev vs. Jinder Mahal

The bell rings and Orton tries for and RKO on Jinder, but he pushes him away. Roode sends Jinder from the ring and Rusev sends Orton out. Rusev teases a dive to the outside, but Jinder stops him. Rusev knocks Jinder back out to the floor, and he cannonballs off the apron, taking out Jinder and Orton on the floor. Rusev turns to Roode and brings him back into the ring. Roode rolls up Rusev, but Rusev breaks out quickly. Roode kicks Rusev in the face, the connects with a blockbuster out of the corner. Jinder enters the match, but he's beaten back and forth by Orton and Roode before being sent out of the ring. Orton sends Roode into the ropes and connects with the snap powerslam for a two count. Roode rolls out to the apron and drives his shoulder into Orton's midsection before heading to the top. Orton stops Roode and he follows him to the top for a big superplex. Orton covers Roode, but Mahal and Rusev are in to break up the pin.

Jinder tries to strike a deal with Rusev, but Rusev attacks Jinder in the corner, stomping away at him repeatedly. English cheers on Rusev from the outside while Rusev picks him Jinder like a child, then suplexes him to the mat for a quick near fall. Rusev tries to slam Orton's head into the barricade on the outside, but Orton blocks it and connects with a belly to back suplex, dropping Rusev on the apron. Jinder enters the ring to square off with Roode and he runs right into a big spinebuster from Roode. Roode winds up and leads the crowd in a big Glorious chant. Roode tries for the Glorious DDT, but Mahal is able to turn things around. Orton is in the ring and he tosses Roode shoulder first into the ring post, sending Bobby to the floor.

Orton tries to the suspension DDT on Rusev, but Rusev avoids it and connects with a giant kick to the side of Orton's head. Rusev tries for a spinning back kick, but Orton ducks and Rusev crashes to the mat. Orton goes for another suspension DDT, planting Rusev on the mat. Orton drops to the mat and calls for the RKO. English tries to enter the match and eats an RKO. Orton turns around and hits an RKO on Rusev, then another on Jinder, but Roode is able to break up the pin attempt. Orton tries for an RKO on Roode, but Bobby avoids it and connects with a Glorious DDT. Jinder breaks up the pin, and Rusev comes in with a couple of kicks to the side of the head for his opponents. Jinder rolls up Rusev, but Rusev breaks out and kicks Jinder in the side of the head. Rusev stomps on Mahal's back and calls for the Accolade. Sunil is up on the apron and he causes the distraction. Jinder connects with the Khallas on Rusev, and he pins him for the three count.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Jinder Mahal

Fandango and Breeze are shown in a room standing in front of a cork board with lots of pictures and yarn. Mick Foley is shown and Fandango is letting him know that Foley makes him sick. Breeze apparently likes Foley's style. The whole things ends up being a Snickers ad.

We get a video package highlighting the recent history between Ronday Rousey, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, that really began back at WrestleMania 31 with Ronda embarrassing Stephanie and Hunter alongside the Rock.

Hunter and Stephanie are the first team to make their way to the ring, and they both ride very large motor cycles, led by a convoy of five women riding motorcycles to lead the way. They ride so slowly down the aisle, it's a bit comical. Both Stephanie and Hunter spit water out before entering the ring and posing in opposite corners. Cole notes that this is actually Stephanie's first ever match at WresteMania. He also notes that this is Hunter's 22nd Mania, the second most all-time.

Kurt Angle is out next, and Angle looks so thrilled to have a stadium full of people chanting 'You Suck' along to his music. Angle gets an impressive pyro display, and Corey Graves notes that things like this are why you should never say never.

Ronda Rousey is out next, and the crowd goes wild as she heads down the aisle in a kilt, leather jacket, and a 'Rowdy' top, in a very Roddy Piper inspired getup. Ronda won't be wearing the kilt during the match it seems, but the crowd is instantly behind Ronda, chanting her name loudly.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie pie faces Ronda before the match begins, then she pulls Ronda down from behind before the bell rings, running out of the ring right after. Hunter and Kurt look to start things off, and Kurt knocks Hunter down with a big clothesline before connecting with a series of right hands in the corner. Angle sends Hunter into the corner and connects with a back body drop. Angle goes to work on Hunter's arm, wrenching away. Hunter stands, and Angle pressures him right down to the mat. The crowd chants that they want Ronda. Angle transitions into a hammerlock, and Stephanie causes a distraction that allows Hunter to send Angle into the ropes. Stephanie pulls down the top rope and Angle tumbles to the floor. Angle is sent into the steps, and Hunter talks smack to Ronda, allowing Stephanie to slam Angle's head into the ring steps. Ronda tries to intervene on the floor, but the ref forces her back to the corner. Hunter suplexes Angle back into the ring from the apron, and he connects with a series of right hands in the corner. Hunter chokes Angle against the middle rope, and Hunter distracts the ref, allowing Stephanie to continue choking Angle.

Angle tries to fight back with a series of right hands, and Hunter comes up with a big spinebuster that puts Angle down for two. Angle fights against a front face lock, and Hunter tries to keep him from making the tag to Rousey. Angle gets very close, but Hunter whips him into the opposite corner. Angle catches Hunter with a big boot to the face as Hunter charges into the corner. Stephanie grabs Hunter from behind, and Hunter charges in with a big right hand, but Angle ducks and Hunter almost decks Stephanie. Hunter stops himself, but both he and Stephanie are shaken. Angle connects with a big suplex that puts Hunter to the mat, and he struggles to make it to the corner. Stephanie charges in on the outside and pulls Ronda down from the ring apron, sending her crashing into the ring apron face first. Angle is able to send Hunter crashing over the top rope and out to the floor. Angle crawls over and makes the tag, and the crowd goes nuts. Ronda forcefully brings Stephanie into the ring and wipes her out with a huge clothesline, and a big belly to back suplex.

Ronda punches Stephanie in the corner repeatedly before whipping her across the ring. Ronda takes a moment to pluck Stephanie's hair out from between her fingers. Ronda suplexes Stephanie across the ring, and Stephanie begs off in the corner. Rousey rolls Stephanie back into the middle of the ring, and she rolls over attempting the arm bar. Stephanie locks her hands and Ronda isn't able to complete the hold. Stephanie is able to fight out of it, but when she crawls toward her corner, Hunter is not there. Stephanie turns around and kicks Ronda in the chest before planting her with a big DDT. Stephanie gets a two count. Stephanie plants her foot in Ronda's back and yanks back on her arms. Ronda screams in pain, but she won't give up. Stephanie kicks Ronda to the mat, and Stephanie mocks Ronda before running in and getting caught by the throat. Ronda shoulders Stephanie, and drives her down to the mat in a DVD like slam. Ronda pins Stephanie, but Hunter pulls the ref from the ring. Ronda complains, and Hunter pulls Ronda from the ring to a big gasp from the crowd. Angle is in and he punches Hunter before fighting him up on one of the announcers tables. Hunter shakes off Angle and sends him across the Spanish announce table without breaking it. Hunter gets back into the ring to check on Stephanie.

Hunter sends Stephanie from the ring, and he turns around to see Ronda squaring up. Hunter pulls the ref into the corner, and tells Ronda to bring it on. Ronda lays in with a series of strikes before blocking a kick and taking Hunter over. Ronda pulls Hunter up on her shoulders, but Stephanie breaks it up and slaps Ronda. Ronda takes her time, but then proceeds to chase Stephanie around the ring. Ronda throws Stephanie into the barricade before trying to shoulder Stephanie. Stephanie is able to shove Rousey into the ring post. Back in the ring, Angle connects with a couple of belly to belly suplexes on Hunter. Hunter connects with a knee to the face, but Angle responds with a trio of German suplexes. Angle tries for the Angle slam, but Hunter attempts to counter in the pedigree. Angle tries for the ankle lock, but he's kicked away. Hunter tries for another pedigree, but he's slingshotted into the corner, then Angle follows with the Angle slam. Angle pins Hunter, but he only gets two.

Angle pulls down his straps, but he's interrupted by Stephanie. Stephanie berates Angle and she tries to kick him, but Angle blocks Stephanie and the crowd begins chanting 'yes'. Angle teases and ankle lock on Stephanie, but Hunter comes in to break things up with a pedigree. Ronda is able to break up the pin, and Hunter looks shocked that he wasn't able to score the win. Hunter pulls Ronda up and goes for the pedigree, but then turns it into a powerbomb attempt. Ronda counters with a hurricanrana and goes right into an arm bar in the middle of the ring. Stephanie comes in and traps Ronda in a sleeper hold. Ronda fights up to her feet and she flips Stephanie over. Ronda locks in an arm bar. Hunter tries to break things up, but Angle is able to apply the ankle lock on Hunter. Hunter is able to roll through and send Angle crashing into Rousey to force her to break the hold on Stephanie.

Hunter sends Angle shoulder first into the ring post, and Stephanie does the same to Ronda. Angle turns around and Hunter and Stephanie look for stereo pedigrees. Angle backdrops Hunter over the top rope, and Ronda fights out to apply the arm bar to Stephanie, dropping back as Stephanie pleads for Ronda to let go. Stephanie immediately taps out, and this one is over.

Winners: Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle

Angle and Rousey raise each other's arms in victory before hugging. Ronda points to someone in the crowd as she and Angle make their way out slapping hands on their way to the back.

After a couple of commercials, we're back in the stadium for Big E to tell WrestleMania not to dare be sour, and clap their hands. New Day make their way out accompanied by little people dressed like stacks of pancakes, carrying trays full of pancakes. New Day throw the pancakes out to the crowd and dance at the front of the ring while Xavier Woods plays trombone.

The Usos are out next, and they get a lukewarm reaction from the crowd.

The Bludgeon Brothers are out next, and Harper and Rowan don't get much of a reaction out of the crowd either.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
The Usos vs. The New Day vs. Bludgeon Brothers

Harper and Rowan are dropkicked from the apron immediately, and Kofi connects with trouble in paradise on Jey, but the Bludgeon brothers break it up. Jimmy Uso tries to take on Harper and Rowan on the outside, but they take him out immediately. Harper and Rowan take out Big E before looking over at Woods. Woods tries to defend himself, but Rowan picks him and and Harper assists with a powerbomb into the ring post. Harper and Rowan toss Kofi into the ring and Rowan splashes Kofi and Jey. Rowan shoulders Jey and dumps him out of the ring while tagging in Harper. Harper and Rowan are distracted by Big E, and Jimmy Uso sends Rowan out of the ring and surprises Harper with a flurry of offense. Jey connects with a frog splash, but Harper kicks out at two. Rowan pulls Jimmy off the top rope, but Jey connect with an enzugiri on Harper. Rowan blocks a dive from the Uso's, grabbing them both by the throat, but the Usos connect with a double suplex on the floor. Big E tries for a powerslam, but he can't connect. Kofi tags in and Harper plants him on the mat with a huge thud. Harper drags Kofi into the corner and Big E saves his parter, setting up dual superkicks from the Usos to Harper. The Usos go for a double superplex assisted by Big E, but Rowan breaks things up, sending the Usos to the floor and knocking Big E away. Harper blocks Kofi from suplexing him, and Harper and Rowan hit a nasty assisted powerbomb from the middle rope. Harper pins Kofi and this one is over.

Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions

After a couple of commercials, John Cena's music hits, and Cena makes his way down dressed for action while the crowd sings along to his music with chants of 'John Cena sucks'.

A ref runs down and whispers in Cena's ears, and Cena looks to head off disappointedly. The lights go out and everyone goes wild, and a lone guitar strums. Elias introduces himself to a ton of heat. Elias walks down the aisle before asking the crowd if they were expecting someone else. Elias says that someone else doesn't have the unimaginable talent and unmatched charisma that Elias carries with him, nor the unmatched talent that Elias has in his soul. Elias says is Cena thought this would be a walk in the park, not with Elias. Elias steps into the ring and tells Cena that he'll take it from here. Elias says he looks out into this sea of people who paid to see Elias do what he does best. Elias tells John to sit in that seat and be a spectator. Elias continues to play the guitar, singing that it's WrestleMania and John wants a fight. He's not what John expected, but it's Elias' night. He travelled the world, and he found the truth, John Cena sucks because he's like all of you.

Cena jumps into the ring and immediately puts Elias down with a suplex, five knuckle shuffle, and an AA. Elias crawls to the outside and the crowd chants for the Undertaker. Cena makes his way out of the ring again sadly. Cena's music stops, and he stops halfway up the ramp. The lights go out again, and this time a hat and jacket are shown in a spotlight in the middle of the ring. Lightning strikes the hat and jacket and they disappear. Cena looks shocked on the ramp. The Undertaker's gong sounds and the crowd goes wild.

Undertaker appears at the top of the ramp, and the crowd is very excited. Cena is dumbfounded, but he quickly makes his way back to the ring.

Taker slowly prepares for the match by taking off his robe and hat, and Cena is frozen in the corner.

Singles Match
The Undertaker vs. John Cena

The bell rings and Taker kicks Cena in the gut and pounds on him in the corner with clubbing rights and lefts. Cena whips Taker into the corner, and Taker responds with a leaping clotheline. Taker wrenches Cena's arm and connects with a shoulder block. Taker backs up while holding Cena's arm and connects with Old School. Taker clotheslines Cena a couple of times in the corner before connecting with snake eyes and a big boot. Taker calls for a chokeslam, but Cena goes behind and connects with a belly to back suplex. Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle, but Taker sits up. Cena stops cold and Take capitalizes by connecting with a chokeslam. Taker goes for the tombstone, planting Cena in the middle of the ring and getting the three count.

Winner: The Undertaker

Cole shouts that Taker is back, and as Taker makes his way to the back Cole talks about how it never gets old to witness the Undertaker in action. Taker looks back over his shoulder at the top of the ramp before turning around and raising his arm in victory.

Cole talks about that being the 'return' of the Undertaker, and how historic it was to see two of the greatest of all time in the ring at the same time. This leads right into a video package highlighting Friday's Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The Hall of Fame Class of 2018 is introduced one by one beginning with Jeff Jarrett. Mark Henry is out next, followed by Hillbilly Jim. Ivory is introduced and then the Warrior recipient Jerrius JJ Robinson, followed by the Dudley Boys. Finally, Goldberg's music hits, and he makes his way out to a large Goldberg chant. The entire class of 2018 is cheered loudly by the fans in attendance.

It's time for the next match, and it features the return of Daniel Bryan to in-ring action, teaming with Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. We get a video package that really highlights Bryan's return promo, along with some of the recent history between all four of these men that led to tonight's match.

Shane McMahon is the first man to make his way into the stadium, and the ring announcer goes over the stipulation that if Kevin and Sami win they'll be reinstated on Smackdown.

There's a crazy hype package that plays before Bryan enters, covering a bit of the Yes phenomenon when Bryan rose to popularity. Back in the stadium, when Bryan's music hits, he makes his way to the ring to a sea of 'Yes' chants.

The crowd chants for Bryan, and Bryan soaks it all in happily. Kevin Owens' music hits, and Owens and Zayn attack from behind.

Tag Team Match
Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Owens and Zayn take Shane and Bryan out to the floor. Zayn connects with the Helluva kick on Daniel, and Owens powerbombs Bryan into the ring apron. Shane goes over to check on Bryan, and he calls for some help from the back. Owens screams that Shane made him do that. Shane enters the ring and calls for the bell, kicking off the match by knocking Zayn from the apron and fights Owens into the corner with a series of rights and lefts. Shane connects with another series of jabs before taking Owens down with a back elbow. Zayn tries to interfere and McMahon connects with another series of jabs. Shane DDT's Sami, and then Owens is able to catch his and put him down to the mat. Owens stomps away on Shane before tagging out to Zayn. Zayn blasts Shane with a big right hand before slamming into Shane hard and pinning him repeatedly for a couple of two counts.

Owens tags in and stomps away at Shane's chest before mocking Bryan on the outside. Owens drives Shane's face into the mat, dropping his knee into Shane's temple before tagging out to Zayn. Sami punches Shane in the gut before driving his boots into Shane's stomach in the corner. Sami drives his knee into Shane's ribs before suplexing Shane across the ring with an exploder. Sami connects with a right hand to Shane's forehead. Shane fights out of the hostile corner with punches to Owens and Zayn. Owens connects with a superkick from the apron to Shane, and Sami follows it up with a Blue Thunder bomb, but Shane is able to kick out at two. Sami waits for Shane to stand, but Shane avoids a Helluva kick, and he's able to tie Zayn up in the corner with a tree of woe. Shane side-steps Owens and sends him crashing to the outside. Shane climbs to the top rope, and springboards off with a coast to coast dropkick to Sami's face.

Shane goes for the pin, but Owens breaks up the pin with a senton. Owens connects with a splash from the top rope after tagging in, but Bryan is in to break up the pin and the crowd goes nuts. Bryan pulls himself up in the corner slowly, and Shane is able to avoid a cannonball, sending Owens crashing into the corner. Zayn tags in and clamps on a rear chin lock, taunting Bryan. Bryan hypes up the crowd, and Shane stands with Zayn on his back. Shane reaches out for the tag, and he breaks the hold by connecting with a belly to back suplex. Shane makes the tagm and Bryan enters the ring.

Bryan lands a series of rights on Zayn, knocks Owens from the ring apron, back flips over Zayn, and wipes him out with a flying clothesline. Bryan wipes out Owens on the floor with a flying knee from the ring apron. Bryan heads to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick, kipping up after. Bryan connects with a suplex on Owens, then takes it to both Owens and Zayn with repeated dropkicks in the corners. Zayn tries to beg off, but Bryan charges in with a running kick to the face. Bryan puts Zayn on the top turnbuckle and lands a huge hurricanrana. Owens grabs Bryan's leg and Zayn is able to connect with a Helluva kick on Bryan, but Bryan is able to kick out at two. Owens tags in and he superkicks Shane from the ring apron before turning to Bryan. Owens runs right into a big kick from Bryan twice, but he's able to catch Bryan with a pop-up powerbomb. Bryan is still able to kick out at two and Owens is stunned.

Shane low-bridges Owens and sends him to the floor, launching himself from the apron and taking out Owens on the floor. In the ring, Zayn punches at Bryan and asks how he could do this. Bryan blocks a punch from Zayn and lands a series of slaps and kicks to Zayn. Bryan lands repeated kicks to Zayn's chest, then winds up for a big kick to the side of the head. Bryan leads the crowd in the big Yes chant before connecting with the flying knee to Sami. Bryan transitions right into the Yes Lock and Zayn is forced to tap out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon

After the match, Bryan goes over and kisses Brie in the audience. Bryan heads back into the ring. Shane McMahon holds up Bryan's arm, before Bryan stands in the corner and leads the crowd in another Yes chant. Shane and Bryan go over to Shane's family as well before we cut immediately to a commercial for the upcoming movie based on Paige's life.

After a quick rundown of some of the stats of tonights show, we get a video package highlighting some of the recent history between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss leading up to this match.

Alexa Bliss is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, and Alexa is lowered down from a pedestal, and she brings out Mickie James as backup.

Nia Jax is out to the ring next, and Nia makes her way quickly down the aisle to square off with Alexa.

After formal ring introductions by Jojo, we're ready to begin.

Raw Women's Championship Match
Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

Nia takes out Mickie immediately, and follows her to the outside, driving her into the table before tossing her around the ringside area and into the barricade. Alexa tries to intervene but Nia scares her off and Nia shoulders Mickie, driving her to the floor. Nia makes her way into the ring and the bell rings. Alexa ties to slap Nia, then run away, but Nia pulls her back and proceed to throw her from side to side around the ring. Nia press slams Alexa overhead and tosses her to the side. Alexa rolls out to the floor and she goes to grab her title. Nia heads out and surprises Alexa with a quick forearm to the chest that drops her to the floor. Alexa rakes Nia's eye, then kicks away at her. Alexa is able to trap Nia's leg in the ropes and drive her knees across the back of Nia's calf. Alexa charges in and stomps down on Nia's back, grinding her face into the canvas.

Nia suplexes Alexa and Bliss pulls herself up slowly in the corner. Nia charges in and Alexa moves out of the way and Nia crashes shoulder first into the ring post. Alexa heads to the top rope while Nia recovers on the floor, and Alexa hits Twisted Bliss from the top rope out to the floor. Both women make it into the ring before the ten count. Alexa connects with a big dropkick that sends Nia face first into the turnbuckle. Alexa is able to take Nia down for another near fall, and Alexa isn't happy about that. Alexa slaps Nia repeatedly, screaming that she's nothing without Bliss. Nia slams Bliss to the mat before tossing her into the corner for a splash. Nia charges in for another splash, then she knocks Bliss back. Alexa connects with a big right hand, and she heads to the top for a big hurricanranca. Nia catches Bliss, and she slams Alexa down, clipping the back of her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Alexa connects with another thumb to the eye. She continues to attack the eye until Nia slams her down to the mat hard.

Nia shoulders Alexa, then climbs up to the second rope. Nia drives Alexa down into the mat with a huge Samoan drop, and she pins Alexa for the three count.

Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion: Nia Jax

Nia walks out with the title in hand, looking a bit shocked at the outcome. Alexa looks on sadly as Nia walks by, cringing away in fear.

Todd Phillips says it's time to make history as he turns things over to a video package for AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

Alice Cooper's guitar player is out to play the opening for Shinsuke's theme which is played by a huge group of violin players who line the ramp, and probably about 8 different drummers play along. It's pretty cool, and the crowd is singing along with the theme while Nakamura makes his way to the ring.

AJ Styles is out next, and the crowd give AJ a very warm welcome as he makes his way down the aisle.

After formal ring introductions for both men, we're ready to begin this match.

WWE Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and both men begin circling each other immediately. They shake each other off in the first lockup, and back each other around the ring before breaking in the corner. Nakamura kicks away at AJ, and Styles is able to slam Nakamura to the mat, but Nakamura kicks Styles away and backs him into the ropes. Styles blasts Nakamura with a forearm, and Nakamura responds with several of his own before driving his knee into Styles' chest, then down across his forehead. Shinsuke drives his foot against Styles' chest, and Styles is able to fight back, driving Nakamura down to the mat with a big knee to the chest.

Styles suplexes Shinsuke out of the corner and tries for the pin, but Nakamura kicks out at two. Styles goes for another suplex, but Nakamura backs Styles into the corner and blasts him with repeated forearms. Styles catches Nakamura with a backbreaker and follows it up with stomps to the back. Styles snap mares Nakamura over and kicks him in the spine before dropping a couple of elbows on Nakamura and going for another pin. Styles clamps on a rear chin lock and grinds away on Shinsuke. Styles drives Shinsuke down into the mat, but it's not long before Shinsuke fights back up to his feet and out of the hold. Styles puts down Nakamura with a big dropkick that sends him rolling out to the floor. Styles jumps out to the apron and Nakamura ducks a kick, sweeping Styles' legs out from under him. Nakamura makes his way back into the ring and takes AJ to the mat with a big single leg dropkick from the middle rope.

Nakamura tells Styles to bring it, and Styles comes in, hot, but finds himself trapped in the corner for a series of strikes and a knee to the gut that puts AJ down for a two count. Nakamura connects with a front suplex, hanging on with a front face lock. Styles breaks the hold by driving Nakamura face first into the mat. AJ connects with a low clothesline to Shinsuke, and he shoulders Shinsuke, but Nakamura fights out. Shinsuke finds himself on the bad end of a pumphandle gut-buster from Styles. AJ tries for the Styles Clash, but Nakamura backdrops him to the apron. Nakamura blocks the Phenomenal forearm and connects with a landslide, but AJ kicks out at two. Nakamura seats AJ on the top rope and kicks him hard, then he goes up for a superplex, but Styles slips through Nakamura's legs. Shinsuke makes it down to the mat safely, but Styles kicks him in the back of the leg hard. Shinsuke. goes for another suplex, but AJ is able to counter into the calf crusher.

Shinsuke is able to roll around and trap AJ in the triangle, but AJ refuses to quit. Styles picks up Shinsuke and drives him down to the mat on his neck to break the hold.

Nakamura kicks Styles, and grabs his leg in pain. Nakamura sets up AJ in the corner and goes for a running knee, but Styles avoids the shot by leaping out to the apron. Styles connects with a Phenomenal forearm, and he goes for the pin, but Nakamura kicks out at two.

Styles connects with a springboard 450, but Shinsuke gets his knees up to make the connection painful. AJ and Shinsuke trade right hands and forearms, and Styles connects with the Pele kick, and Shinsuke connects with a kinshasa to the back of Styles' head, but Styles still kicks out at two. Nakamura winds up and connects with repeated knees to the side of Styles' head. Shinsuke connects with a reverse exploder, then hypes himself up in the corner. Shinsuke runs into the Styles Clash, and Styles pins Nakamura for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: AJ Styles

Styles waves off the belt momentarily, and he walks over to hug and help Shinsuke to his feet. Styles and Nakamura hug, and Shinsuke grabs the belt from the ref, taking a knee before handing it to Styles. Styles holds the title up, and Shinsuke connects with a low blow. Shinsuke screams in Styles' face before kicking him repeatedly in the face and forcing him out to the floor.

Shinsuke kicks Styles in the back and in the face before being pushed back by the ref. Shinsuke waits for Styles to stand and connects with a kinshasa, laying him out one more time before heading to the back.

We get a recap of all of the pre-show matches including Matt Hardy winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Cedric Alexander taking the Cruiserweight Championship, and Naomi winning the Women's Battle Royal. This is followed immediately by the Bar being led to the ring by a New Orleans jazz band with some Mardy Gras style revelers.

Braun Strowman is out next, and he scares all of the revelers. He pushes the float off the entrance ramp, and the commentators continue to wonder who his partner will be.

Jojo does formal ring introductions for the Bar, then Braun, but Braun asks for the mic from Jojo, he says he knows everyone wants to know who his partner is. And that's why he waited until he got here to tell them who it is. It's not one person in the back or locker room. Braun says it'll be a fan and asks who wants to come into the ring for the match. Braun heads out and assesses his options. Braun wanders around looking for his partner through the crowd.

Braun picks a child out of the crowd, and he walks back to the ring with this kid.

Braun introduces his tag team partner, Nicolas. He asks if Nicolas wants to see the Bar get these hands.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Bar vs. Braun Strowman and Nicola

The bell rings, and Strowman takes it to Sheamus in the corner right away. Cesaro sneaks in with a series of uppercuts, but Strowman slams him to the mat. The pin is broken up by Sheamus. Strowman drags Sheamus into the ring by his mohawk, but the numbers catch up, and the bar connect with a double suplex before Sheamus drops a big knee from the middle rope. Cesaro stands on Sheamus' shoulder and leaps off with a senton on Strowman. Strowman blocks a double kick, misses a double clothesline, and is able to connect with a cross body that wipes out Sheamus and Cesaro. Strowman backdrops Sheamus into the ring post, before tagging in Nicolas for a moment. Cesaro looks angry, and Nick decides to book it out of the ring. Braun connects with a powerslam on Cesaro, and gets the three count.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: Braun Strowman and Nicolas

After a couple of commercials, it's time for the main event of the evening, as Michael Cole throws things to a video package highlighting the long-term history between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns is the first man to make his way to the ring for the Universal Championship match. Reigns gets a mixed reaction on his way down the aisle. Roman gets a good burst of pyro for his entrance.

Brock Lesnar is out next, and Lesnar also gets some pyro too and he makes his way to the ring flanked by his advocate Paul Heyman.

Jojo does formal ring introductions for Roman Reigns, and Paul Heyman interrupts, opting to do the introductions himself.

WWE Universal Championship Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

The bell rings and Lesnar backs Reigns into the corner immediately burying his shoulder in Reigns midsection. Lesnar connects with three German suplexes, then eats a couple of superman punches that send him to the outside. Lesnar heads back into the ring and Reigns knocks him over the top and to the outside. Lesnar tosses Reigns into the barricade before taking apart the commentators' table. Lesnar connects with another German suplex, and he tells Roman he'll be going to suplex city.

Brock connects with an overhead belly to belly suplex, then another. Reigns collapses to the outside. Lesnar follows and tosses Reigns into the barricade. Lesnar shoulders Reigns, but Reigns drops down and sends Lesnar crashing into the ring post. Reigns spears Lesnar, depositing him on top of the commentator's table. Back in the ring, Reigns hits a Superman punch and two spears in a row, but Lesnar is still able to kick out.

Reigns goes for another spear, and Lesnar connect with a knee right to Reigns' face. Lesnar shoulders Reigns and connects with an F5. Roman kicks out at two.

Lesnar connects with a second F5, and Roman still kicks out at two. Lesnar screams, and he shoulders Reigns a third time for one more F5, but Reigns kicks out almost immediately. Lesnar tosses Reigns to the outside and he follows, sending reigns through the commentators table with an F5. Brock brings thing back into the ring, and he connects with a fifth F5, but Reigns still will not stay down for three.

Lesnar takes off his gloves and Roman is busted open and pouring blood from his forehead. Brock shoulders Roman and Roman comes back with two quick spears, but Brock will not stay down for three.

Reigns hits the ropes and Brock shoulders Reigns for yet another F5. Brock pins Reigns and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar

Roman is shown getting cleaned up in the ring, and Brock busted him open badly as Roman's forehead appears to be bruised already. We get a recap video package that includes highlights from tonight's show.

Roman is shown walking to the back disappointedly, and his music begins to play as he walks up the ramp.

The show ends with Roman walking sadly off to the back.

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