WWE Writers Burst Out Laughing At Rusev's Work In NXT


Former WWE creative team member Kevin Eck is back with a new blog entry, where he provides fascinating insight into his time with the company. In his latest, he explains differing opinions within the team and with management regarding storylines and characters were the norm. He reiterated Vince McMahon was the ultimate decider.

Here, Eck looks at two Superstars. One that he was right on and one that he was wrong on. Eck remembers that he was right when it came to Tensai but that he was wrong when it came to Rusev.

In fact, Eck remembers bursting out laughing with other writers when they were shown clips of Rusev’s work down in NXT.

CLICK HERE to read Eck’s latest in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: We were all wrong on Rusev. I didn't think he had a chance but his work, along with the superior mic skills of Lana, completely changed that. Hunter was on an island by himself on this one but ultimately he knew what he was talking about. Great blog.

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