Commentary: Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon

Heavenly Bodies vs 1-2-3 Kid & Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly:

As soon as the other team hits the ring the Heavenly Bodies attack Kid & Holly from behind before the match even begins. This is a rematch from their tournament semi-finals match on Superstars. The Million Dollar Corporation made their way down the aisle to get a closer look at their opponents at the Rumble. Kid/Holly get the win. I would have to say that this match was used to set up for the hot tag to the 1-2-3 kid who is apparently really over at this point in time. Overall, it was a good match with Heavenly Bodies getting in 95% of the offense.

Backstage Interview with Bret Hart and William Shatner:

They ask Bret if he has ring rust and Bret kills that notice and says that there is no ring rust. Michaels ask Shatner if someone will be watching his back tonight since he will be watching the back of Bret. Shatner says that he doesn't need anyone watching his back and that Roadie better watch out or he will change his name to Roadkill. This was an ok segment two questions short sweet and to the point.

Mantaur(with Jim Cornette) vs Jason Ahrndt:

This is The Mantaur's RAW debut. Mantaur has officially entered the Rumble. This was essentially a squash match to put over Mantaur.

Royal Rumble Report:

This is the final Royal Rumble Report as the rumble happens this Sunday. Pamela Anderson is the host for the event. The rules for the rumble match is explained. The Rumble will only last for 30 minutes. The winner of the rumble gets a title match at Wrestlemania 11 and will be escorted to the ring by Pamela Anderson. Pettengill then runs down the Rumble match card. We then hear from UnderTaker and Paul Bearer. The finals of the WWF Tag Team Tournament have been announced it will be 1-2-3 Kid/Bob Holly vs Bam Bam/Tatanka. Pettengill then asks Jeff Jarrett if his match tonight against Bret Hart will put his Rumble match at risk. Jarrett says that he will send both Hart and Shatner back to Canada. Pettengill says that he's putting his money on Hart but Jarrett says he should be putting his money on "The Las Vegas Kid".

Bret Hart vs Jeff Jarrett:

Both Shatner and The Roadie are in their guy's respective corners. The narrative of this match is that Bret hasn't been the same since Owen cost him the title back at Survivor Series. Bret gets the win here is a great match. Bret got most of the offense in but still a great match. Bret got one of the biggest pops I've ever heard when he came to the ring. After the match The Roadie tried to attack Bret but Shanter takes care of him.

WWF Tag Team Championship Tournament:

Bam Bam and Tatanka vs The 1-2-3 Kid vs Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly for the tag team championship at the Rumble.

King's Court:

This week's guest or should I say guests are the entire Million Dollar Corporation. Ted DiBiase says that the Rumble will be the night of the corporation. He says that I.R.S. will bury the UnderTaker who has been a torn in his side. DiBiase then says that the tag tournament final is a shoe in for them to win. DiBiase says that they will defend the titles against The Smoking Gunns next week. DiBiase says Bundy will win the Rumble and then the world title at mania. This was a great segment to hype up the PPV and the corporation. I enjoyed it.

Mabel in Action:

This is essentially a squash match to put over the big man. This is my first look at Mabel and I have to say that he doesn't excite me.

Post match ringside interview:

Michaels and McMahon interview Mabel. Mabel says that he is the biggest guy in the match and will win the Rumble. Bundy comes down to break up the interview as he took offense to Mabel saying that he is the biggest guy in the rumble and going to win.

We get a video package showcasing the WWF Champion Diesel.

This was a great go home so for the Royal Rumble. A lot better than last week's show which just felt lackluster. This week we got hype for the PPV and a debut.

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