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Vince McMahon welcomes us to Monday Night RAW.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and James E. Cornette

We kicks things off with comments from the champion and challenger ahead of their championship match.

Bam Bam Bigelow in Action:
Bam Bam Bigelow's suspension had been lifted. During the beginning of this match we hear again the message we got last week from Bobby Cupo. Then Bigelow responses by calling Taylor a cowrd and challenges him again to step in the ring. Then we hear from Lawrence Taylor's lawyer who has sent the WWF and Bigelow a cease and desist order. Bam Bam Bigelow picks up the win. After the match Bigelow calls out Lawrence Taylor and says he's been hiding and calls him a punk and challenges him anytime and any place.

Adam Bomb vs Rip Rogers:
This was a solid outing for Adam Bomb. He dominant the whole match. Adam Bomb picks up the win.

We see a video from WWF Superstars where Bret Hart was awarded an award for Wrestler of the people and he claims that he will win the WWF Championship for the third time in his career.

King's Court:
Jerry's guest this year is Shawn Michaels who will be unveiling his bodyguard. Jerry first discusses Bret Hart winning the award and saying that the poll must've excluded all the Japanese voters and readers cause if they were included Bret wouldn't have won the award. Jerry says that Bret owens the Japanese fans an apologize and that he is a racist. Shawn Michaels makes his entrance to King's Court and Jerry introduces him as the future WWF Champion. Michaels says that he is a marked man and that no one can look and talk like him and also sates he can beat anyone in WWF one on one. Shawn Michaels reveals that Vicious Sid is his new bodyguard.

Jacob & Eli Blu in Action:
The Blus jump their opponents to start the match and dominate the entire match. During the match we got breaking news from Todd Pettengill that Lawrence Taylor will be live on RAW next week. Jacob & Eli Blu pick up the win.

Diesel vs Jeff Jarrett(WWF Championship):
Diesel comes out to a HUGE pop and the crowd is FIRMLY behind the WWF Champion. Diesel dominated the match for the first few minutes but then Jeff Jarrett rallied back and dominated like 90% of the match. Which lead to Diesel to make the comeback and retain his title. After the match Diesel took out The Roadie too. Shawn Michaels and Sid came out to get a good look at Diesel after the match.

Michaels and Sid make their way ringside for an interview and Michaels says he doesn't want to be in Diesel's shoes and that Sid can knock him clean out of his shoes.

Todd Pettengill announced Lex Luger vs Tatanka on the 100th epiosde of RAW.

My Take:
This was a solid episode as we got to see what being the WWF Champion entailes. I got to see Adam Bomb for the first time. I'm not to crazy about the gimmick but he is great in the ring. I liked Shawn revealing his bodyguard on King's Court. Talk show segments should be used for face to face confrontations and breaking news. The title match was good but not great.

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