The show opens with a video package about the Bam Bam Bigelow incident that happened at the Rumble and Vince says that Bam Bam will apologize tonight on RAW.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels

Mabel vs King Kong Bundy (Over The Top Rope Match):
The crowd was frimly behind Mabel here. The rest of the Million Dollar Corporation come into the ring and help King Kong Bundy win the match. After the match Lex Luger comes down to clear the ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow says that he isn't gonna apologize to Lawrence Taylor and challenges Lawrence Taylor to a fight anytime and any place.

Hakushi vs Ricky Santana:
Hakushi picks up the win. This was just a showcase match for Hakushi as he dominated the entire match. I had no interest in this match whatsoever.

A plug for Encore Plus

Man- O- War vs David Sierra:
This was a short and ok match. The only thing noteworthy about this match was Vince McMahon announcing Diesel vs Own Hart for the WWF Championship on The Action Zone.

King's Court:
This week's guest was Mr. Bob Backlund. Jerry apologized for the crowd booing them. According to Jerry Bob Backlund will not let go of the Cross face Chicken Wing until his opponents yell I give up or I quit during his matches. Bob agrees with Lawler. Backlund says no one is exempt from the hold. Lawler says that Bob can get the Cross Face Chicken Wing on anyone but him but Backlund disagrees with his statement. Backlund puts the hold on Jerry and he immediately says I quit Mr. Backlund. As Backlund leaves Jerry reiterates that he said he would quit the interview which Backlund hears and returns to the ring but Lawler leaves the ring.

1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly vs The Smoking Gunns(WWF Tag Team Championship):
This was a fast pace match as the kid dominated earlier on but The Smoking Gunns would eventually take control. A great back and forth match. A great combination of fast and slow pacing. The 1-2-3 Kid went for what looked to be a dive of some sort and comes up empty. The Kid seemed to be convulsing in the ring and the match is called off. The referees and trainers come into the ring to check on him. The good news is The Kid got up and walked out of the ring on his own power.

Kama vs Jumbo Berretta:
The match was all Kama who must be a big deal to have his debut match close out the show.

My Take:
This was an ok show and nothing too noteworthy to talk about besides the tag team title match. This was my favorite match of the night. I was legit scared and nervous after I finally realized what had happened to The Kid after coming up empty on his dive. 

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