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We open up with Vince McMahon breaking down the two man battle royal from last week that has led to a six man tag team match.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels

Mabel, Mo, & Lex Luger vs King Kong, Tatanka, & I.R.S.(Six Man Tag Team Match):
A lucky fan was chosen to be the flag bearer for Lex Luger's entrance. Looks like Bundy and Mabel will start the match. Ted DiBiase didn't come out to the ring with The Million Dollar Corporation. This was an ok match as I'm not a fan of Mabel and Mo. The Million Dollar Corporation pick the win here.

We get a video package from Man Mountain Rock

We hear from Bobby Cupo who is a representative of Lawrence Taylor. Taylor declines the challenge of Bam Bam Bigelow.

Man Mountain Rock Debut:
He faces off against Charlie Hunter in a squash match to put him over in his debut. Man Mountain Rock picks up the win.

Sit Down Interview with WWF Champion Diesel:
Vince asks about Diesel facing both Bret and Owen. Diesel says that Bret is stronger but Owen makes up for it in submissions. Diesel also says that he has had NINE operations on his leg. Vince asks about the toll of all the commitments that Diesel has taken on as champion. He also asks if the schedule is too much for him and if Jeff Jarrett will beat him in two weeks time. Diesel is confident to retain against Jarrett. Shawn Michaels states that he will unveil his new bodyguard in two weeks time.

Mantaur vs Leroy Howard:
This was basically a squash match but Leroy Howard was able to get in some offense. Mantaur picks up the win.

Razor Ramon in Action:
This is Razor's first match back since losing the Intercontinental Championship to Jeff Jarrett at the Royal Rumble. Razor picks up the win.

Henry Godwinn vs Billy Weaver:
This is another squash match as Godwinn picks up the win.

Monday Night RAW will not be airing next week due to a dog show

RAW in 2 Weeks:
Diesel vs Jeff Jarrett(WWF Championship)
Bam Bam Bigelow Suspension Lifted
Shawn Michaels introduces his new bodyguard

Shawn Michaels closes the show by saying he is done with being on commentary.

My Take: This show was nothing to jump for joy about as it was riddle with nothing but squash matches. The six man tag to kickoff the show was ok for what is was. We got a debut and a sit down interview with the champion. Overall I thought this episode of RAW was terrible.

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