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Raw Results 12/22/14 – I Even Put A Bow On It!

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RAW Results December 22, 2014
From Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Pre-Raw Commercial

Ho Ho Hogan tonight, and Hot Rod is here with Piper's Pit!

Raw Starts

Announce Segment

Cole sets up the show with trees and gifts on stage with real fake snow falling!

In Ring Segment

Hogan's music and out comes HoHoHogan in full Santa gear and yellow shades. He seems to be having troubles keep his pants up. On announce King is wearing a shirt that's ugly sweater, shirt and tie in one. (It's horrific!)

HoHoHogan – Ho Ho Ho, brother. HoHoHogan is here to spread cheer over Monday Night Raw, brother!

"Hogan!" chants.

HoHoHogan – Hold on, it's not like that, it's HoHoHogan!

"HoHoHogan!" chants.

HoHoHogan – Ho Ho Ho! Tonight I'm giving presents to the WWE Superstars and 'Universe'. Tonight you're going to get to see the big, nasty, stinky, wart-infested big giant, Big Show go one on one against the bad man Roman Reigns. Believe that brother! And you're also going to see that kooky Bray Wyatt take on Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose in a Miracle On 34th Street Fight, brother. What ya gonna do when HoHoHogan...

Cena's music cuts him off. Out comes the other yellow and red. He shows off his towel on stage, then rushes the ring. HoHoHogan points to Cena. Cena is all smiles listening to the fans.

Cena – It's like we have some from both the naughty and the nice list, I like that! It makes for an exciting evening. One man we do have is HoHoHogan Claus, brother! Big week for the North Pole. Santa's a little busy, but if there's one man we can get a hold of, that is as iconic as Santa Claus, it's HoHoHogan, brother!

"HoHoHogan!" chants.

Cena – I've done my best to be good this year, and quite frankly, all I want is a Frozen Sing Along Play Set. (singing) Let it go! Let it go! (talking) That was, until this happened.

Video of Brock Lesnar in the cage, hitting the F5 on Cena, then Heyman getting in with Rollins, and shaking his hand. On Smackdown we learned that Rollins had put the whole thing together. Then a curb stomp on Cena. "We want Lesnar!" chants.

Cena – I think the WWE 'Universe' and I agree, I want to kick his teeth down his throat. (pop & heat) After something like that, normal people would rush down and reverse that decision, wasn't fair that Brock came in the cage, gave me three German suplexes and an F5, and my career and health were in jeopardy when Seth Rollins curb stomped me to the canvas. But those are the people who get coal in their stockings. I'm not here to do that. Last week I lost to Rollins, fair and square. After that I changed my Christmas list. All I want is a match, tonight against Rollins. And I promise you I'll be ready for Seth Rollins, J&J Security, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, a partridge in a pear tree, what do you say, HoHoHogan?

Rollins' music cuts them off. J&J Security in tow. Rollins hands his case to Noble. They stay well away from Cena and HoHoHogan by working from the stage.

Rollins – I can't believe what I'm hearing out here John. This is absolutely ridiculous! I mean, hey, I did curb stomp his head to the mat, maybe that's why he can't see what's wrong with this picture. Let me spell it out for your John. First of all, you're out here running your mouth again, and no one wants to hear your stupid voice! Look I didn't come out to disrespect you, or the man with you. Absolute legends. In your eras, you took this company to heights it's never seen before. But as you like to say, John, your time is up, and my time is now. I am the future of the WWE. I'm the new standard bearer of the ring you stand in. This is my business, and if you want to last one more day in the Seth Rollins, that's something you're going to have to accept.

"You sold out!" chants.

Rollins – You know what, that's not even why I came out, that's just icing on the cake. The real indictment on this entire company, the fact that HoHoHogan is running Raw tonight when it should be The Authority! Screw that guy, he's an imposter, a farce!

"HoHoHogan!" chants.

Rollins – I don't want to be a Grinch, but Trip and Steph deserve to be here. They deserve to be here. (heat) That's not the holiday spirit. They deserve to be here, smiling, happy, all they have accomplished in 2014 and they are sitting at home sad and depressed as they watch people like Hogan running the show and company down the toilet! That all started at Survivor Series, John, when you and your stupid little team couldn't get the job done and had to get help in the most unlikely of places. From the vigilante, Sting. So regarding last week, I consider you lucky that I let you get up and walk out of that ring on your own two feet. Santa, if you don't grant me my Christmas present, you might not be so lucky! (heat) The Christmas present I want, and everyone in the WWE 'Universe' wants, is for you to force Cena to do the right thing, bring The Authority back!

Cena – Would you just shut up? Shut up! Shut up! You're putting these people to sleep! Shut up! This year you turned your back on your friends, you've lied, you've cheated, you've stole, you mastered the art of becoming a complete scumbag, you got the gall to run your mouth about Hulk Hogan. Usually that puts you on the naughty list, but if you come to the ring, I'll give you a pair of neon green sneakers right up your ass! (pop) I'm gonna hit you so hard, you be spitting neon green for a week! I'll cut to the chase, come down to the ring, or scurry away like the coward you are, I'm not bringing The Authority back! (pop)

HoHoHogan – Ho Ho Hold on a minute, brother. Cena is the only one who could bring The Authority back, and he's not going to do that, I guess I have to go with an alternative. That is Seth Rollins is gonna face John Cena, and that's the first match on Raw, so Ho Ho Ho!

Cena strips and tosses his gear to the fans. HoHoHogan puts his Santa hat on Cena.

HoHoHogan – What ya gonna do when Hulk Hogan, the WWE 'Universe' and all of Christmas cheer run wild on you, brother?

They both pose going to commercial.


Cena vs Rollins

They lock up. Side headlock on Cena. Dueling Cena chants. Cena pushes off and Rollins with a shoulder block. Running the ropes and Rollins into a hip toss. Rollins out to regroup with J&J Security, and telling them what they need to do. Rollins stomps Cena down, but Cena back on Rollins. Rollins whipped, gets an elbow up and takes Cena down for two.

Elbow to the back of Cena's head drops him to the mat. Dueling Cena chants. Cena into a corner and takes blows to the gut. Cena whipped so hard both are on the mat. Rollins basks in the applause of J&J Security. Cena up with a drop kick from nowhere. Rollins on Cena's left leg, then back him into a corner. Then back out with elbow drops to Cena's left leg. Rollins chokes Cena in a corner with a foot. Dueling Cena chants. Rollins tight on Cena. Cena free and on Rollins, but then Rollins fights back and both are down. Rollins grabs the case from Noble, as Mercury attacks Cena from the opposite side of the ring. Rollins gets two.


Chinlock on Cena Cena free with shoulder tackles. Cena sent flying from the ring. Rollins with a sick suicide dive on Cena. Cena left flat outside, Rollins catching his breath, J&J Security clapping. Cena rolled in. Rollins up top, Cena ducks. Reversals, Rollins back with a kick to Cena's face for two.

Cena manages to lift Rollins, but Rollins lands on his feet somehow. Cena slams Rollins, sets up. Rollins kicks, the leg is caught for an STF, Rollins reverses into an enziguri for a long two.

Rollins rushes Cena in a corner with a forearm to the face, but Cena out with a powerbomb for a long two.

Both slow to their feet. They exchange blows. Cena slams Rollins, 5 knuckle shuffle, Rollins up, but free. Cena after J&J Security on the apron. Rollins rushes from behind, so Cena lifts him up and over, onto J&J Security. Cena out, rolls Rollins in. Rollins climbs, drops his leg for another two.

Both men again are down. "This is awesome!" chants can barely be heard, but they are there. Rollins set up top. Cena climbs, but takes blows to the back. Rollins over the top, lifts Cena into his powerbomb on the opposite corner for two.

Rollins smiles. His bottom lip looks busted open. Cena ducks Rollins, locks on the STF. To the ropes, Cena pulls him back and locks on again. But J&J Security into the ring. Cena stacks them up in the corner, then clotheslines them both. Cena lifts both of J&J Security and lands the AA. Cena ducks the case, lifts Rollins for three.

Winner – Cena (15:54)

Cena celebrates in the ring.


Backstage Segment

Kane – Bah humbug!

Swagger vs Fandango

They lock up. Swagger takes Fandango down. Swagger tries the patriot lock, but Fandango flees the ring. A "We want ___!" chant, but the name can't be heard. Clothesline on Fandango. Fandango tries to block the Swagger bomb, but Swagger sees it, reverses, then hits the move for two.

Fandango manages to kick Swagger in the head over the top rope, then Fandango climbs. Fandango hits a leg drop, but with his right leg, for three!

Winner – Fandango (2:04)

Rosa in to dance around Fandango.

Backstage Segment

Tom – Please welcome the IC Champion, Dolph Ziggler! Dolph, Luke Harper has invoked his rematch clause tonight, thoughts?

Ziggler – First and foremost that TLC was one of the most brutal matches of my career. I don't just mean physically, mentally also. It showed me what Harper would go through to get this Title back. He's a nightmare come to life. I'm no slouch either, 4 time IC Champ didn't happen by accident. Tonight, no Christmas miracle. I'm just going to give the WWE 'Universe' what they deserve, and go out there and do what I do better than anyone else in this business, that's steal the show. Luke Harper, it's too bad brother. I'm just too good. Merry Christmas TP



A New Day promo with all three of them.

Rose vs R-Truth.

Rose and Exotic Express to the ring. Video of the Bunny taking more abuse from Kane last week on Raw. Bunny is ringside in a neck brace. R-Truth is already in the ring.

Rose takes R-Truth down. Side headlock on Rose. Rose pushes off and R-Truth dances. Rose dances back, badly. Rose kicks at R-Truth, caught and rolled up for three.

Winner – R-Truth (0:54)

R-Truth from the ring. Bunny in to see Rose. Rose on the mat talking to himself. Rose up, grabs Bunny and lands a spinebuster. Rose stomps the heck out of Bunny, then kicks him from the ring. Rose out yelling at Exotic Express. Bunny against the stairs and takes a knee to the head that's nowhere near his head at all. Rose rips off the neck brace, then Bunny into the barricade. "One more time!" chants. Rose through the Exotic Express, pushing a couple of them down in the process. The Bunny is writing on the floor.



Hogan on Smackdown this week!

Big Show vs Reigns

Big Show to the ring, brushing aside the fake snow in his face. Video from last week when Big Show cut Reigns off. Big Show is pissed watching that. Split-screen -

Big Show – Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, blah, blah, blah, blah. Heck with Christmas. Reigns, I got your Christmas present. It's not a stocking stuffer, it's a face stuffer.

Reigns through the stands to the ring to huge pop. Split-screen -

Reigns – I believe the holidays are all about the spirit of giving. So, with that in mind, I'm going to give Big Show everything I have. You can believe that.

They lock up, Reigns tossed off. Again, Reigns tossed off. Big Show dives at him, Reigns moves. Blows on Big Show in a corner. More blows on Big Show, then Big Show comes out with a shoulder to drop Reigns. Head butt to Reigns. Big Show lifts Reigns high, drops him on the top rope, then slams into him for two.

Big Show stomps Reigns. "Daniel Bryan!" chants from a number of men. Big Show scoops and slams Reigns, then drops an elbow for two.

A kick to Reigns' ribs, then another. Reigns into a corner as JBL talks up Big Show in the ring compared to all other big men. "Boring!" chants from a few men in the audience. Big Show with a sleeper of sorts on Reigns. Reigns with blows to get free, but whipped. Reigns gets a foot up. Clothesline, then another, the third is flying and takes Big Show down! SICK Samoan drop on Big Show! Reigns readies, but Big Show blocks. Drop kick to Big Show, calf. Reigns with his running kick on the apron, then Reigns with his Superman punch sends Big Show over announce! Reigns rolls in and the ref counts Big Show out.

Winner – Reigns via Count Out (4:22)

Big Show shoulders announce over to get up. He's pissed over the loss. Video recap of the high points of the match. Reigns in the ring with a smile. Reigns poses for the fans.

Backstage Segment

Renee – Please welcome my guest, Dean Ambrose. Dean, what kind of preparation have you done for you Miracle On 34th Street Fight?

Ambrose – I've been preparing all year long, because all year long I've been a really, really, really, really good boy! Hoping for a present, and opportunity like tonight. Today I went to see Santa at the Mall of America, but I don't think I found him, but I did find a security guard, and he had a white beard. So I said, Santa Clause, or Dude, you'll have to do. What I want for Christmas this year. All I want for Christmas is Bray Wyatt, and I'm going to get him. You know the old saying, (childlike voice) every time a bell rings, (mean and pissy) Bray Wyatt gets a beating! (Puts a hand on Renee's arm, and a sweet smile, looking down at her.) Happy holidays.


Nattie vs Brie

Nattie in the ring with Kidd. Brie to the ring with Nikki to Brie's music. Video of Nikki injured outside the ring, but Kidd went to her and not Nattie.

Brie behind Nattie with a hit. Nattie hits back. Nattie on Brie's arm, then takes Nattie down. Blows to Nattie's head. Knee to Nattie's back. Nattie whipped, gets an elbow up. Nattie looks to Kidd and Brie takes her down for two.

Kicks to Nattie's chest against the bottom rope, then a running knee to Nattie's face. Brie hits another knee. Brie pins for two.

Brie with a chinlock on Nattie on the mat. Brie yells through this whole thing. Nattie flips Brie over her head, Brie back with a clothesline to a sitting Nattie for two.

Brie back to the chinlock as Kidd yells support to Nattie. Nattie up with elbows and blows. Brie with a sunset, Nattie reverses, set up. Brie tries to roll through, but it was Nattie who got the three.

Winner – Nattie (3:16)

Nikki on the apron and Nattie knocks her off. Nikki holds her knee again. Nattie holds the Divas Championship high. Video recap of the high points of the match. Brie is seething outside on the apron with Nikki.



The Ascension! Welcome to the wasteland!

Stardust & Goldust vs Los Matadores & El Torito

They are in the ring. To a promo of them talking about Rudolph and Christmas in a typical wonky way. Los Matadores out to face them with El Torito with a red nose and antlers.

Stardust wants the bull! El Torito tags in. Stardust pushes him. El Torito kicks back. Stardust ends up flying out. El Torito flies out, is caught, ends up hitting a nice arm drag on Stardust! Stardust is upset. Goldust tags in, is butted in the bum. He chases El Torito who tags out. Fernando in and shoulder first to the post. Goldust stomps and drops a punch. Knees to Fernando. Stardust tags in. Goldust sent out, but Fernando taken down hard. Stardust off the corner eats a drop kick! Goldust and Diego tags in. Diego all over Goldust with kicks and chops. Horrible head scissors off the top on Goldust that never touched Goldust! El Torito tags in, flies on Goldust. Goldust spins with him and knocks Stardust out. Back stabber from Fernando, then a lionsault from El Torito on Goldust for three!

Winners – Los Matadores & El Torito (3:34)

Backstage Segment

Harper – This time of year people like to give. But not me. I like to take I like to take things away. Tonight I'm going to give myself a present. Dolph Ziggler, I'm gonna hurt you boy and take the IC Championship.

Harper then gives crazy eyes to the camera.

In Ring Segment

Ziggler to the ring. Stills from TLC.


IC Championship Match – Ziggler (c) vs Harper

Harper to the ring.

Harper hit Ziggler as Lilian announced his name. Harper with a suicide dive on Ziggler. Ziggler into the barricade. Ziggler free, but then slammed to the floor. Ziggler rolled in. The ref backs Harper off Ziggler. Harper has a HUGE fading bruise on his arm. He rips Ziggler's shirt off. Ziggler can't even stand but wants the match. Superkick, powerbomb, and Harper pins, but only gets two as Ziggler spatistically kicks out.

Upper cut on Ziggler on a corner. Ziggler hits the mat. Dueling chants for both men, but very quietly. Harper rakes Ziggler's face. Ziggler comes back, but caught by Harper and takes a slingshot up into the bottom rope.


Harper pulls Ziggler up. Ziggler stomps Harper's foot, fights back, then eats a sick drop kick from Harper. Ziggler rolls out of the ring. The ref stops Harper, so he goes out the other side. Harper blocks a superkick and bounces Ziggler off announce face first. Ziggler rolled in, Harper pins for two. Much heat from that one group of guys who have been heard through the whole show.

Ziggler fights back, lands a drop kick, but Harper side-steps and Ziggler eats corner for two.

Harper checks his mouth for blood. "Dolph!" chants from a small group. Cup handle fall away slam on Ziggler for two.

Ziggler with blows, takes a knee, but rolls up Harper for two.

Ziggler reverses on Harper, then eats a driver for another two.

Harper poses, reaches for Ziggler, Ziggler reverses, takes Harper down for a long two.

Ziggler again taken down. JBL compares Harper to Bruiser Brody. Harper sets up for his clothesline, eats a superkick from Ziggler, but then Harper finishes with his clothesline for two!

"Ziggler!" chants. Harper pulls Ziggler up, Ziggler reverses, then a famouser on Harper for two.

Ziggler looks about to cry on the mat as they're both barely moving. They exchange blows on their knees. Bray blocks the famouser. Ziggler with a superkick, Harper slingshots back up off the ropes into another superkick, and a zig-zag on Harper for three.

Winner – Ziggler (11:48)

Ziggler poses on the corner, screaming, then sells his pain from the match. Video recap of the high points of the match. King to the ring.

King – How does it feel to go through a match like that. Harper put you through hell and somehow you pulled it out. How did you do it?

Ziggler – I'll tell you exactly how I pulled it off King. Because of each and everyone one of these people out there tonight! It's been a long road King! Everything that's been put in front of me, I found a way! I found a way to crawl through, to scratch, and claw my way into the WWE and I'll be damned if someone will take it from me!

King – Dolph, go take a rest, you deserve it! Dolph Ziggler!

Ziggler poses on the corner again, pointing out at the fans. Video recap of the high points of the match.


12 Days of Attitude on WWE Network.


Piper's Pit!

Roddy Piper to the ring, kilt and sporran swishing in the breeze! He gets serious love from the fans. "Rowdy!" chants.

Piper – I love you too. Tis the season to have a Rowdy, Rowdy holiday time. I love being here with ya. Holy cow, it's great. Like this, tonight, are two people who asked to come down here because they have a special Christmas message for all Americans. (heat) We're judging! Are you ready? Lana and Russoff! [sic]

Rusev leads Lana to the ring. She's in a navy pinstriped suit this week.

Piper – Well, here in Piper's Pit, I like...

Lana – To get straight to the point. Christmas in America is a joke. It's the one time a year that you pretend to be good people. You put on your little fake smiles, and you have your phony holiday cheer, but what is worse is that you believe in a bloated old man that delivers gifts to your spoiled, ungrateful American children!

Piper's eyes are bugging out at her.

Lana – You fools believe in everything...

Piper – Hey lady! This is America! Land of the free! Where we believe in what we want to!

Lana – Okay.

Piper – Yeah, it's okay!

"USA!" chants

Piper – Yeah, it's okay!

Lana – Okay, then, then believe in this!

Video of Ryback being blindsided on Tuesday Night Super Smackdown by Rusev, and kicked off the stage.

Rusev – Do you believe now that I can crush your Ryback?

A "Feed me more!" chant slowly comes together, and Piper gives it the time needed to coalesce.

Rusev – Do you believe now that I can crush you?


Piper – Hey, hey, hey, hey. Now I am full of Christmas joy. There's no need for you two to become a couple of communist Scrooges! (pop) I mean, hey, communist Scrooges. I'm a nice guy, and I like ya, I think you're great. I like ya so much that I went out and personally and got you guys a Christmas gift, yeah I did, and just for you, I put a bow on it. Come on out here. You're gonna love it. You're gonna love it. Bring it on out here.

"Feed me more!" And out comes Ryback with a big red bow on the front of his shirt. Not as big as a car bow, but at least a foot wide. Off comes the shirt and Ryback heads to the ring. Rusev from the ring. Ryback runs through him and bounces off the apron. Ryback all over Rusev. Ryback sends Rusev into the barricade. In the ring Rusev with control, but Ryback stops him and plants Rusev hard on the mat. "Feed me more!" chants led by Ryback. Rusev struggles to his feet, but ducks and rolls out to avoid Ryback. Lana with Rusev on the apron as Piper raises Ryback arm to solid pop. Ryback and Piper lead the "Feed me more!" chants.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk up USA, 9 years on the top of ratings, as well as Raw leading the way. They go to the opening segment with HoHoHogan, Cena and Rollins, then the match Cena won.


Santas Helpers Divas Match – Fox & Emma & Naomi vs Cameron & Summer Rae & Paige

Fox out in a Santa outfit. Emma and Naomi out, also dressed for it. Cameron out in white. Summer Rae out dressed for it. Paige in black with a Santa hat.

Summer Rae dances. Emma shows her how with a head butt, then pushed Summer Rae, then to her hands and knees to trip Summer Rae. "We love Paige!" chants from those guys. Cameron tags in and on Emma. Paige tags in to solid pop. Head butt to Emma, then Emma takes knees through the ropes. Paige pins for two.

Cole calls Emma, Summer Rae and King calls him on it. He says something about them being blonde. Chinlock on Emma on the mat, but barely touching her. Emma up and slammed down. Emma kicks Paige, then double clothesline and both are down. Naomi gets the tag, takes Cameron down with a flipping clothesline. Naomi flips over the ropes, kicks over the top on Cameron, then back over to take Cameron down hard. All into the ring. Paige sends Emma out. Emma trips Paige out. Fox gets the tag, they make a mess of their work, then Fox hits a sick new move, slamming Cameron face first hard for three.

Winners – Naomi & Fox & Emma (4:17)

The winning Divas celebrate in the ring together.



The Ascension next week?

Miz vs Jey

Miz and Mizdow to the ring. Mizdow getting the pop. Split-screen -

Miz – I've been generous with my close, personal friend, it's about time I offer that same spirit to my stunt double, Damien Mizdow. Damien, sing me Christmas jingle, like (singing) Jingle Bells. Take it. Woops, we're out of time. Merry Christmas everyone!

Jey out with Jimmy in tow.

"We want Mizdow!" chants before Miz and Jey touch. Miz points at Mizdow for pop. Mizdow up and more pop. Mizdow drops for heat. Jey rolls up Miz for two.

"Mizdow's awesome!" chants and Miz shoulder blocks. Miz out, Jey flies on him. Mizdow flops around outside. Knee to Jey, then Miz stomps him as they talk Larry The Cable Guy and Santino on announce. Miz covers for two.

Facelock on Jey on the mat. Jey up with blows on Miz. Miz slams Jey back. "We want Mizdow!" chants. Samoan drop on Miz. Jey gets the chants going. Miz takes Jey down, kicked off. Samoan drop is blocked. Jey rolls Miz up, Miz rolls through, pulls Jey's shorts off! Actually the screen goes completely black during the three because Jey bared way too much because Miz pulled his short off.

Winner – Miz (3:30)


Monday Night War – Have A Nice Day!



Next Monday will totally reek of awesomeness! E&C run Raw!

In Ring Segment

Bray to the ring through a serious amount of fireflies!

Bray – It's the most wonderful time of the year. Hahaha. I couldn't help but notice how people like to surround themselves with everyone they love during the holidays. Got me thinking, wondering why that is. I believe that people surround themselves with their loved ones because it makes them feel safe. ("What?") How about you. ("What?") Do you feel safe? ("What?") Do you feel safe? ("What?") Hahaha! I hate to be the one to break it. ("What?") But your safety is an illusion. ("What?") It's a facade to shield you from the truth. ("What?") The truth is, if you look out of your window, there is another world out there. ("What?") In this world there is no Santa Claus. ("What?") There are no sugar plumbs. ("What?") In this world, there is the real world. ("What?") And there is only suffering. ("What?") And evil. ("What?") And pain. ("What?") And sorrow! ("What?") This is my world. ("What?") This is the world that I thrive in. In this world, I, Bray Wyatt, am King! ("What?") I have taken Dean Ambrose to my world once before, and before your very eyes, I'm gonna do it once more! Hahaha! But that's not all, you too can feel this joyous moment along side me! ("What?") All you have to do is look to the sky, and follow the buzzards! Hahaha!

"We want Ambrose!"

Ambrose out with a red sick with a kendo stick in it. There's a ton of packages around the ring, trees too!


Miracle On 34th Street Fight – Ambrose vs Wyatt

They stare at each other. They circle. Ambrose and Bray throw punches. Ambrose with a chop. Ambrose with more blows on Bray, then a head butt. Ambrose tries to rip Bray's nose off. Clothesline to Bray. Head butts to Ambrose. "Merry Christmas!" chants led by that group of guys. Ambrose throws his body at Bray in a cross body, then a sick drop kick on Bray leaning on the top rope. Bray whipped into a Christmas tree. Ambrose grabs a box, nothing in it. Or in the next. Ambrose throws the tree at Bray. Bray into the next tree! Ambrose lances Bray with a tree. Then slams it side first. Ambrose unwraps a monitor, then decides better. Bray into the barricade and Ambrose pulls out a table with a HUGE bow, but Bray attacks from behind. Ambrose rolled in, Bray does things outside. Ambrose with a suicide dive and they both go through the wall of packages. Ambrose sets up the table perpendicular to announce. Ambrose with a head butt on Bray. Ambrose pulls Bray to the table in a front facelock. Bray on the table, Ambrose climbs. Bray flees as Ambrose puts a wreath around his own neck. Ambrose out, puts the wreath on Bray's neck, and up the the stage. A box thrown hard at Bray's face. Ambrose opens a big package and pulls out a chair with a bow! Bray kicks Ambrose in the gut, sends Ambrose flying off the stage through a gift table.


Facelock on Ambrose in the center of the ring. To his feet and Bray slams him back. Snap mare and back to the chinlock on Ambrose. Ambrose struggles up, takes a head butt, but gets his feet up in the corner. Ambrose off the corner, but Bray moves. Back splash on Ambrose for two.

Ambrose struggles up from the facelock, pulling Bray's hair. Bray with a head butt, then telegraphs. Ambrose off the ropes and Bray with a sick elbow. Bray out sending Ambrose into the third tree! "One more tree!" chants, so Bray drops the package and sends Ambrose into it to solid pop. Bray grabs the tree and slams it on Ambrose. Bray doesn't grab the kendo, pulls a chair out from under the ring. Loading the ring with chairs. Bray grabs a candy cane kendo. Kendo to Ambrose's gut, then back. Another to his chest, and Bray poses with the candy kendo. "RKO!" chants. Kendo put into the corner, pointing in. Bray on Ambrose with blows. Ambrose blocks from the corner, then Bray blocks from the corner. Ambrose off the ropes into a sick clothesline from Bray for two.

"To hell we go Dean, to hell we go!" yells Bray. A chairs wedged in a corner, and Bray sends Ambrose into another corner. Bray again on the kendo pointing in, but Ambrose sends Bray head first into the chair in that corner. Both men are down to regroup! Both slowly up. They exchange blows. Ambrose with the upper hand of insanity. Clotheslines to Bray, then a running forearm in a corner, then a running bulldog on Bray. Ambrose pulls out another candy kendo, out of his sack. Ambrose smiles and nods. Bray blocks, then Ambrose blocks, comes out of the ropes with his clothesline! Ambrose with the kendo to Bray's gut, then back, over and over. Kendo Russian leg sweep on Bray. Ambrose puts a chair on Bray, then up top with his own. Ambrose off the corner with a chair to chair, but Bray kicks out!

Ambrose out, looks under the ring, pulls out a ladder and slides it in. Bray back bends behind Ambrose. Ambrose slammed onto the ladder leaning in the corner. Bray gets two for it.

Bray sets the ladder higher on the corner. Kicks to Ambrose's head as Bray yells at him to get up. Ambrose fights out of Sister Abigail and into the ladder for a long two.

Ambrose sets up the ladder and climbs. Ambrose flies on Bray for another two!

A chair on Bray, then Ambrose climbs the ladder again with a chair. Bray up and throws his chair at Ambrose, knocking him to the mat. Ambrose into the kendo stick and Bray pins for three.

Winner – Bray (21:25)

Bray from the ring, but then heads back to Ambrose. Ambrose with the fire extinguisher to Bray's face. Bray is laid out on the table. Ambrose flies and drops an elbow from up there, putting Bray through the table. What starts as an "Ambrose!" chant morphs into a "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Ambrose is laying on the broken table, but smiling. Video recap of the high points of the match. Raw goes off with the camera on Ambrose's faces as he's in pain, panting, and smiling through it all.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat

Most Festive
Ryback & his pretty bow!

Most What?
Bray Wyatt

Most Naked

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