WWE's Biggest Blunders - Which Is The Biggest In Their History?

Vince McMahon

WWE is running a humorous poll over on dot com. The official website asks - Which of these was the biggest blunder in sports-entertainment history?

The choices are as follows:

  • The Shockmaster's debut
  • Papa Shango's voodoo curse on Ultimate Warrior
  • The hiring of Mike Adamle
  • The Kennel from Hell Match
  • Sycho Sid speaking on the mic
  • The lights going out at In Your House 8: Beware of Dog
  • Mr. McMahon's Million Dollar Mania giveaway
  • WWE's Brawl for All tournament
  • Formation of The Dungeon of Doom
  • Scott Steiner speaking on the mic

Results are not available after voting but there are some real gems here. Ouch to Mike Adamle, Sid Vicious and Scott Steiner. Remember Vince McMahon's big giveaways? Sheesh, good times!

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