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What Twitter Was Talking About During TLC

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During last night's WWE TLC PPV event Twitter was abuzz over quite a wide variety of topics, including Chris Jericho accusing The Miz of stealing everything, Kairi Sane being concussed, and Tazz calling out Corey Graves. Those are just a few of the headlines, below you can checkout what everyone what's talking about during TLC.

Chris Jericho says the "The Miz has stole everything else" this was in regards to someone making a comment about The Miz's jacket last night. You can see the tweet below:

CM Punk shows NO CARE for the Lashley-Rusev match

Tazz blasts Corey Graves for calling Raw announce team the "New and Improved Tazz and Cole"

Many believe Kairi Sane was concussed last night due to a monitor throw, it appears the monitor never hit Sane however it does appear she was injured last night

What was your biggest twitter takeaway?

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