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We open with a recap of last week and that we would get a recap of the Wrestlemania XI press conference.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and James E. Cornette

Shawn Micheals with Psycho Sid vs The British Bulldog:
The crowd is FIRMLY behind Bulldog and we can hear from the pop he got on his way to the ring. The match started off quick as The British Bulldog was firmly in control of the match. Michaels was then able to gain control for a second but The Bulldog gets right back in control throwing Micheals all over the ring. Micheals looks to take a breather but Davey Boy locks in a sideheadlock. Micheals is eventually able to break free and lock on an arm lock. Through the break Micheals is STILL holding on to the hold but Davey is able to pick him up with one arm and break the hold. Bulldis now forming a comeback. As the match progresses Shawn tosses Davey to the floor but he tweaks his knee on the way down allowing Micheals to regain control. The match has now gone DEEP. After 20 plus minutes Micheals would hit the superkick for the win.

Wrestlemania XI Press Conference Recap:
Diesel talks about how he ended up as the WWF Champion and says he is living the American Dream
Shawn speaks and says that he hopes Diesel fills both gas tanks and that he is ready for Big Daddy Cool
Bam Bam Bigelow says that no professional football player can stand up to him. He also says that Lawrence Taylor is a flash in the pan.
Lawrence Taylor says that he is better than Bam Bam. He thinks something could happen between them in the ring. He then calls him an Easter Egg. Lawrence Taylor then confirms the rumors and the match has been made official. It will be Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania.
Celebrities in attendance at Wrestlemania: Pamela Anderson, Nicholas Turturro, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jennifer McCarthy will be the timekeeper, and the music group known as Fishbone will perform America The Beautiful.

Bob Backlund vs Buck Quartermanie:
Before the match Backlund is looking for a handshake but doesn't get one. BREAKING NEWS: Bob Backlund vs Bret Hart in an I Quit Match at Wrestlemania XI. It was also announced that on the action zone it was announced that The Undertaker would face King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania. Bob Backlund locks in the Crossface Chicken Wing and makes Quatermanie say I Quit.

We get a video package about the match between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler that will go down next week. Apparently there is BAD BLOOD between them.

Steven Dunn vs The Dumpster:
During the match Vince and Cornette had Jerry "The King" Lawler on the phone. Lawler says that he doesn't think that Bret would show up next week. He also says that Hart is gutless and a racist. Cornette says that Lawler has proof that Hart is a racist. Lawler pokes fun at Bret's family. Vince says that Bret will mop the floor with Lawler and hangs up on him. Dunn has seem to be in control for the entirety of this match but The Dumpster comes back and hits a clothesline and a running powerslam for the win. After the match Dunn tries to attack The Dumpster with his trashcan. The Dumpster fights him off and picks up his trash to find a hundred dollar bill.

Back from break and we see a detective question Paul Bearer about the disapperance of Yokozuna who has been missing since November. Paul was wearing a wig and dress but the lights go out and come back on and the guy sitting next to him is now wearing the wig and dress. This turns out to be a commercial for Wrestlemania on April 2nd.

We then get highlights of this week's episode of RAW to close the show.

Shawn Michaels vs The British Bulldog: Shawn Michaels via Superkick
Bob Backlund vs Buck Quartermanie: Bob Backlund via Crossface Chicken Wing
Steven Dunn vs The Dumpster: The Dumpster via powerslam

My Take:
Overall this was a good episode of RAW. I really enjoyed the match between Shawn and Davey. We also saw some build up for the Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler match next week too. Overall good show.

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