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We open up with Vince McMahon showing us everything that led us to Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler tonight and everything else to expect from RAW tonight.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and James E. Cornette

The Head Shrinkers vs Jacob and Eli Blu:
The Head Shrinkers are replacing Bob Holly and The 1-2-3 Kid because they got caught in a traffic jam. In the beginning of the match The Blu brothers are in control and every time The Head Shrinkers would gain some traction The Blu brothers would put a stop to it. The Blu brothers would pull some twin magic during the match. Fatu would get the hot tag and go on a superkick party. The match would breakdown and both teams would fight to the back. Both teams were counted out.

We heard from Lawrence Taylor as he hypes up his Wrestlemania match against Bam Bam Bigelow. Vince then tells us who will be accompanying him to the ring. Carl Banks, Chris Spielman, Ricky Jackson, Ken Norton Jr., Reggie White and Steve McMichael are the members of Taylor's team. We then hear from Steve from McMichael who says he will be at RAW next week. We then hear from The Million Dollar Corporation.

We get a prerecorded interview with Vince McMahon and Ernie Ladd.

Jeff Jarrett vs Barry Horowitz(WWF Intercontinental Championship):
Before the match begins we hear from Jarrett's opponent Barry Horowitz backstage. Before the bell rings Jarrett gets the jump on Horowitz but it backfires as Horowitz is able to get three nearfalls on Jarrett. Jarrett goes to the outside and is able to clip the ankle of Horowitz and regain control. Commentary is really hammering home that Horowitz hasn't won a single match yet in the WWF. Horowitz is then able to regain control and lock in an arm lock with control of the wrist and shoulder. Horowitz would hit a high knee but would tweak his knee in the process allowing Jarrett to hit a chopblock and lock in the Figure Four to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

After the break we get a video package from two weeks ago on WWF Superstars showing Bret Hart eliminating Jerry Lawler from the battle royal setting up this match.

We hear from Bret Hart he says that Jerry has beening avoiding him for two years and that he is a disease and he has the cure.

Wrestlemania XI Report:
Three weeks away from Wrestlemania(April 2nd, 1995)

Match Card:

Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow:

Todd Pettengill announces that Salt N Peppa will be walking Lawrence Taylor down the aisle.

Diesel vs Shawn Michaels(WWF Championship):
We heard from Shawn Michaels with Pamela Anderson.

The Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy
Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund(I Quit Match)
Jeff Jarrett vs Razor Ramon(WWF Intercontinental Championship)
Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart and a Mystery Partner(WWF Tag Team Championship)
Lex Luger and British Bulldog vs Jacob and Eli Blu

Pamela Anderson
Nicholas Turturro(Guest Ring Announcer)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Jennifer McCarthy(Guest Time Keeper)

Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart:
Bull Nakano accompanies The King to the ring. Bret Hart comes to the ring with a THUNDEROUS ovation. Jerry tries to jump Bret before he can get his jacket off but Bret holds him off and takes off his jacket. Bret is firmly in control of this match fighting with two years of built up animosity. We see Bob Backlund in the audience during this match. All the WWF Japanese superstars are coming out in support of Jerry Lawler. Lawler is able to regain control of the match as the crowd is LOUDLY chanting Burger King. Vince announces that Barry Horowitz is asking for a rematch against Jeff Jarrett. Brett is able to catch Lawler coming off the top rope and regain control. Bull Nakano looked to get involved in the match but it backfires and she hits Jerry. Nakano is able to make up for it as she holds onto Bret's feet and give Lawler the countout victory. Bull runs to the back leading to a post match brawl between Bret and Jerry.

Next Week:
Razor Ramon vs Henry Godwinn
Smoking Gunns vs The Heavenly Bodies(WWF Tag Team Championship)

Vince holds a ringside interview with Jeff Jarrett and Barry Horowitz. Jarrett accepts the rematch and makes it a title match. Before Horowitz could sign the contract Bob Backlund attacks him and signs the contract. It will now be Bob Backlund vs Jeff Jarrett for the WWF Intercontinental Championship next week.

The Head Shrinkers vs Jacob & Eli Blu: Double Countout
Jeff Jarrett vs Barry Horowitz(WWF Intercontinental Championship): Jeff Jarrett via Figure Four
Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart: Jerry Lawler via Countout

My Take:
This week's show was solid as we got two good matches in the opening tag and the main event. I didn't like the fact that both matches ended in a countout though. Love that the show was built around Jerry vs Bret as they got tons of build up to the match.

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