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The show opens up with a video package showing highlights of all the past Wrestlemania events and all the celebrities slated for tonight's show.

Commentary: Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler

The British Bulldog and Lex Luger vs Jacob and Eli Blu:
The British Bulldog and Lex Luger come out a standing ovation carrying their respective country's flags. The match gets off to a hot start as the Blu twins try to get the advantage. Luger and Smith would get spinebusters in stereo on the twins. The match would eventually become a standard tag team match. The crowd is very into this match as they would cheer every time the babyfaces would hit a big move and boo every time the Blu twins would hit a big move. Davey Boy Smith would start the match and took the brunt of the offense from the Blu twins. The twins would even use twin magic. Luger would eventually get the hot tag and would clear house. The finish of the match was an assisted sunset powerbomb for the win. After the match Jim Ross would conduct an interview with Uncle Zebekiah as they were heading to the back and he claims that they pinned the wrong man and this isn't the last we'll see of them.

My Thoughts:
This was your standard tag team match nothing to write home about. This was just a way to get Luger and Davey Boy Smith on the Wrestlemania card as they weren't in any feuds. It seems this feud isn't over yet as the wrong man was pinned thanks to twin magic.

Vince throws it back to Pamela Anderson's dressing room as they try to get the scoop from Nicholas Turturro about the commotion but due to audio difficulties we go back to in-ring action.

Jeff Jarrett vs Razor Ramon(WWF Intercontinental Championship):
We hear from the 1-2-3 Kid who will be in The Bad Guy's corner for this match. He says that Razor is more than ready for this match and he himself will take care of The Roadie if he sticks his nose into the match. Razor then charges the ring and lays in a couple of stiff shots to Jeff Jarrett. Even though the bell has already rung Razor still hits his entrance and the referee holds up the title. The match was fast paced and Razor is still in control sending Jarrett to the floor. Jeff would then trick Razor by faking a lip injury to gain the advantage. The Bad Guy would regain control in a split second leadinh to a nearfall and a Razor's Edge. The Roadie would put Jarrett's foot on the ropes to break the count. Jarrett would then try to leave but the 1-2-3 Kid would toss him back in. The finish of the match saw Razor Ramon going for the Razor's Edge but The Roadie clipped the knee causing the DQ finish. The 1-2-3 Kid looks to make the save but gets a 2 on 1 beatdown. Jarrett would lock in the Figure Four until Razor would comeback and beat down Jarrett to break the hold giving him a bloody nose. After the match Jim Ross conducts an interview and Jarrett says there will be payback for what Razor did as Ross is saying that Jarrett should be ashamed of himself.

My Thoughts:
This was a really good and solid match. Eberyone played their part especially The 1-2-3 Kid who got involved on multiple occasions and almost cost Razor the match. I didn't like the finish as it was reminiscent of their match back at The Rumble. I think since it was Wrestlemania that we should've gotten a clean finish.

We go back to Nicholas Turturro who says that Pamela Anderson wasn't in her dressing room so he is hanging out in the green room. He bumps into Shawn Michaels and Pyscho Sid and gets comments from them about their upcoming championship match.

Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy:
The Undertaker turns his back on Bundy leading to Bundy trying to get the upperhand but Undertaker would side step him. The Undertaker would then go old school then hit multiple clotheslines to take down Bundy. Bundy would then get back up and hit a clothesline sending Undertaker to the floor but he lands on his feet. Undertaker would then turn to DiBiase and take the urn back. DiBiase would then motion to the back leading to Kama coming out and taking the urn back. Undertaker would then turn his attention to Kama but DiBiase put a stop to that and tell Kama to leave. On his way out Jim Ross would conduct an interview and Kama says that he is gonna melt down the urn and wear it as a chain. The finish of the match would see The Undertaker being whipped into the corner but getting the boot up leading a running leaping clothesline for the win.

My Thoughts:
This was a good match for what it was. I felt that it was too busy as the focus of the match and story was on the urn. People on the outside were focused on more than the competitors in the match.

We go back to Nicholas Turturro who is standing outside of Pamela Anderson's dressing. He says that her and Shawn got into a disagreement so she left the building. We then get comments from Lawrence Taylor's All Star Team Nicholas then finds Johnathan Taylor Thomas playing Chess with Mr. Bob Backlund.

Owen Hart and Yokozuna vs The Smoking Gunns(WWF Tag Team Championship):
Before the match starts we hear from the champions. They said that they are going in as the champions and leaving as the champions. Yokozuna brings out the Japanese flag and waves it around. Billy and Owen start off the match. They locked up and Billy shoots off Owen who comes off the ropes and slaps Billy with a right hand. The Smoking Gunns would regain control and work over Owen for the majority of the match. The finish of the match saw Yokozuna hit a belly to belly on Billy leading a HUGE Banzai Drop then Owen would tag in and get the pin. We now have NEW Tag Team Champions.

My Thoughts:
This was a great tag team match. This match was the return of Yokozuna as the mystery partner for Owen. Having Yokozuna as his partner paid off as it lead to them becoming NEW tag team champions.

We then throw it back to Todd Pettengill who conducts an interview with Bam Bam Bigelow and we see footage of Bam Bam attacking Lawrence Taylor during a Pre-Wrestlemania workout. Bam Bam says that he will beat Lawrence Taylor.

Bret Hart vs Mr. Bob Backlund(Submission "I Quit" Match):
The Fink announces that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will be the special guest referee for this match. The bell rings and Bret goes right after Bob Backlund. Bret lays in the punches and an elbow to the head and tries to lock in the sharpshooter early but Bob Backlund kicks him off. Bret stays firmly in control of this match leading into locking in the Figure Four but Backlund would counter it but Bret stays in control. Backlund is able to gain control of the match and begins to work on the back and shoulders of Bret. The finish of the match saw Bret Hart reverse the Cross Face Chicken Wing and locked it in on Backlund and brought him down to the canvas and made him say I Quit for the win. After the match Jim Ross is trying to conduct an interview with Bob Backlund and all he says is he saw a light.

My Thoughts:
This was not a great match at all whatsoever. Piper was asking the superstars basically after every move if they quit. This was also a very quick match too. The finish was good as Bret used Bob's finisher on him.

We go back to Nicholas Turturro who says that Pamela Anderson is gone and that they have to move on.

We then hear from Todd Pettengill who is conducting a backstage interview with WWF Champion Diesel.

Johnathan Taylor Thomas was the special guest time keeper for the WWF Championship match. Nicholas Turturro was the special guest ring announcer.

Shawn Michaels vs Diesel(WWF Championship):
Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring with Sid and Jennifer McCarthy. Pamela Anderson finally shows up as she walks Diesel to the ring. Before the bell could ring Diesel charges Shawn who side steps him and looks to return the favor but back body drops him to the floor. He then poses with Pamela Anderson in the ring. Diesel looks for a lockup but Shawn ducks and kicks the midsection and lays in some punches but Diesel is able to fight back and takes down Shawn. Michaels is able to take control of the wrist and wrenches the shoulder. Diesel able to break free and gains control of the match irish whipping Michaels in the control and landing on one of the photographers at ringside. The finish of the match saw Shawn duck the clothesline from Diesel and hit Sweet Chin Music but the referee was down allowing for Diesel to kickout and recover leading to a Jacknife Powerbomb for the win. After the match Jim Ross conducts an interview as they walk to the back Sid says they aren't done with Diesel yet and that they were robbed.

My Thoughts:
This was a good match. Shawn got robbed of the title and looks to not be finished with Diesel and the title yet.

It's main event time

Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow:
Memebers of each compeitor's team made their way to ringside. Before the compeitors could even make it to the ring things were already breaking down between the teams. Bam Bam makes his way to the ring but intimidates Salt N Peppa before entering the ring. Lawrence Taylor makes his way to the ring. Bam Bam pushes LT before the match begins. LT slaps Bam Bam and the bell rings. LT comes out hot and takes down Bam Bam with a clothesline then he clotheslines him out of the ring. Bam Bam tries to slide back in and get the jump on LT but to no avail as Taylor hits the bulldog. The match spills to the floor but Bam Bam slides in the ring and LT follows allowing for Bam Bam to gain control with multiple stomps. Both guys start to trade punches but Bam Bam is too much and maintains control. The finish of the match saw LT lay in multiple forearms shots to the chinn then go to the top for a diving forearm for the win. After the match Jim Ross conducted an interview with Ted DiBiase on the way to the back and DiBiase says that Bam Bam has embarrassed him and the corporation.

My Thoughts:
This was one of the better Celebrity matches that we've seen in the WWF/E. Lawrence Taylor was crisp or perfect but he actually went out there and tried his best. I don't think this match should've ended the show though. This match was not Wrestlemania main event worthy.

Lex Luger and The British Bulldog vs Jacob and Eli Blu: Luger and Smith via pinfall
Jeff Jarrett vs Razor Ramon(WWF Intercontinental Championship): Razor Ramon via DQ
The Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy: The Undertaker via Leaping Clothesline
Owen Hart and Yokozuna vs The Smoking Gunns(WWF Tag Team Championship): Owen Hart and Yokozuna via Banzai Drop
Bret Hart vs Mr. Bob Backlund(Submission "I Quit" Match): Bret Hart via Cross Face Chicken Wing
Diesel vs Shawn Michaels(WWF Championship): Diesel via Jacknife Powerbomb
Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow: Lawrence Taylor via Diving Forearm 

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